How to Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

tips to find galaxy buds case

Do you remember the year when Apple revealed AirPods? So many of us thought it an incredulous design that we almost made a bet it would not last for long. How wrong were we? Just when iOS users began to appreciate the wireless feature, Samsung presented the world with Galaxy Buds. Now they are superior … Read more

How to Remove a Device from Google Home?

ways to remove a device from google home

When checking devices connected to your Google Home, you might notice some unknown ones. Sometimes the same device shows up twice. We cannot tell how it happens, but there is always a solution for such technical errors. Similarly, you can remove a device from Google Home that is no longer required or not yours. This … Read more

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Aluminum Laptop?

ways to remove deep scratches from aluminum laptop

What can be more devastating for a laptop user than a deep scratch on its chassis? When we purchase a laptop, we devote most of our considerations, budget, and requirements to that subject. But a mere scratch on a brand new unit can bring down so much emotional chaos it is hard to explain. Nowadays, … Read more

How to Reset Galaxy Buds?

ways to reset galaxy buds

Since the release of Galaxy Buds in 2019, many wireless earbuds brands have succumbed to its superiority. Besides, this pair of buds by Samsung is one of the top three brands in the tech world so far. Making it this far could not have been possible without the high vote of confidence by the users. … Read more

How to Record Without Background Noise on Android?

ways to record without background noise on android

Do you depend on your Android device when recording? Then you must have experienced the neighborly noise seeping into your beautifully crafted voice work. It is pretty annoying, and the thought of redoing it just because the next-door drilling could not keep it down is frustrating. If you have kids crying or playing in the … Read more

How to Downgrade Android Without PC?

ways to downgrade android without pc

Although you wish to know how to downgrade Android without PC, it is quite impossible to do safely. The device may face serious ramifications that cannot be recovered in the future. You see, downgrade requires your phone to be rooted or unlocking bootloader. It is an entirely different subject to work on. And it will … Read more

How to Connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV?

ways to connect mobile hotspot to smart tv

Our lifestyle has become exceptionally convenient with the presence of smartphones and smart TVs. You can achieve almost anything as long you get a steady internet connection at home. However, do you notice the Wi-Fi acting up more recently? That is a different issue, but how do you tackle the situation halfway through a show? … Read more

How to Transfer Photos from iCloud to Android Without Computer?

ways to transfer photos from icloud to android without computer

People always associate anything iOS related to Apple products and services only. However, a person might have both iOS and Android devices. With that in mind, one can use iCloud as well as Google Drive to store files. Has anyone ever thought to figure out how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android without computer? … Read more

How to Remove Phone Number from Facebook Messenger?

ways to remove phone number from facebook messenger

There have been so many updates and changes in the history of Facebook and its Messenger. There is no doubt that the company does it to secure your privacy further. However, some options are annoyingly useless. On the other hand, they might be beneficial for others. Today, I will show you how to remove phone … Read more