How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality in Android?

compressing video without losing quality in android

Ever noticed how bigger the video size has been becoming as you upgrade to a better Android phone? On top of that, if you want to transfer a recorded video from a DSLR to an Android device, you will require a mountain load of storage. Let us not even discuss the edited clips exported from … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Access Android Settings Menu

ways to access android settings menu

Is this your first time using an Android device? Do you feel the tablet has a different interface than the smartphone? While iPhone has a single manufacturer, Android comes with many. That is why different manufacturers apply unique designs to their Android phones. As a result, the section where you usually go for Settings might … Read more

How to Change YouTube Language Easily?

ways to change youtube language

Which platform is the main hub for billions of videos? Even a young kid knows the answer to that. Whether you are a vlogger, a viewer, or someone who enjoys versatile video content, YouTube brings the whole world under its digital roof. One simply cannot stick to a single genre/group on YouTube. The more you … Read more