iPhone backup has always been a daunting task for all iOS users. Earlier, Apple used to launch its basic iPhones with just 16GB memory; in its latest flagship iPhones (7 and 7 Plus), the brand has broken this tradition and released phones with minimum space of 32GB. Given the craze for taking photos/selfies and shooting videos on their iPhones and iPads, users need more space. While iCloud service from Apple gives a reasonable solution, the monthly subscription is a big headache for all users. In this situation, users need to backup iPhone or iPad while charging.

SanDisk has done an excellent job here. The brand famous for its flash drives, SSD, cards and readers has now come up with an iXPAND BASE, which automatically backs up your iPhone every time you put it to charge. In a day, you nearly abuse your phone by entering new contacts, photos, videos and more. In the evening, your iPhone is dead tired and needs battery juice. You can use your traditional adapter and lightning cable to charge your phone. But what about those memories you have created with your friends and colleagues? SanDisk offers the best solution to charge and backup iPhone simultaneously.

How to Backup iPhone or iPad While Charging Using SanDisk iXPAND Base

Benefits of SanDisk iXPAND Base Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

Yes, this product works like your iPhone flash drive as it backs up your photos and videos along with contacts. The most visible benefit of this product is that it stores data locally; you are not supposed to connect this base with internet. You can easily eliminate the need of using iTunes or iCloud by syncing your iOS device with Mac or Windows computer.

SanDisk has released this product in four different memory sizes. You can buy this SanDisk iXPAND flash drive for iPhone and iPad in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. I wish SanDisk had released 512GB or 1TB variants.

Apart from backing up your iPhone or iPad, this Base fast charges your device. With its 15W of power, the Base quickly charges your iOS device while your data is being backed up overnight.


A true-blue Apple use would not only like to backup photos, contacts, and videos. But their requirements are beyond these entertaining aspects of backup. What about Apple Music, Health app data, third-party app data stored on iOS devices? Music and Health data are something people love to cherish for long time.

For contacts, users can easily back them up on iTunes or Google Contacts. Moreover, Google offers its cloud service (Photos app) to store photos and videos. Though this service is limited to 15GB, smart users create multiple Google accounts to store more data. Dropbox is another free cloud-based service to store data. And not to forget other cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad.

For local storage of photos and videos, users can always use iPhone flash drives to get extra space. Moreover, external hard disk for Mac and SSD also offer a better and bigger solution.

Considering the price of SanDisk iXPAND BASE flash drive, people wouldn’t mind upgrading their iCloud storage plans, which starts with just $0.99 per month.

Where to Buy

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