Best AirPods Charging Stands: Elegance Has a New Manifestation

While every other Apple products enjoy protection and style with related accessories, AirPods should not lag behind. Spigen and Elago have taken a good initiative and introduced best AirPods charging stands for true-blue iPhone lovers. The charging station has always been the first choice of gadget-freaks; they like to decorate their workstations or desktop at home with elegant accessories. An Apple charging stands for AirPods provide them better options than some ostentatious and useless artifacts.

All the top rated Airpods Charging Docks listed here conveniently keep your AirPods charged; these charging cases have an opening through which users can insert lightning cable. Since the two products can be a part of a pilot project of Spigen and Elago, you may not use your AirPods with AirPods covers.

Best AirPods Charging Stands

Best AirPods Charging Docks

#1. Spigen AirPods Dock

Spigen AirPods Charging Dock

Spigen has always been leading the smartphone accessories market. This brand has many firsts in its kitty; this is the brand, which has launched AirPods Straps a couple of weeks back. Now, Spigen has come up with Apple AirPods Charging Case for discerning consumers. You can comfortably place your AirPods charging case on this dock. Enjoy the non-slip experience with its Nanotac feature. The AirPods stand is made of TPU exterior with polycarbonate interior; this keeps your charging case more durable and scratch-free.

Price: $13.99
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#2. Elago AirPods Stand

elago AirPods Charging Stands

Keep your AirPods charging case on this Apple AirPods Charging Station and put the stand on your work desk or nightstand. This charging stand is manufactured by combining aluminum and silicone. The base of this stand is made of nicely treated silicone; while the top is made to prevent scratches and scrapes. The aluminum used in this product is anodized and therefore, users get the elegant look that matches well with AirPods. This stand is compatible with AirPods, Siri Remote, iPhones, iPad Minis and Magic Mouse.

Price: $24.99
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#3. Juoos

Juoos Charging Dock for Apple Airpods

Juoos presents a charging dock stand for Apple AirPods; this dock is compatible with Apple’s lightning cable (which not included in the package). You can easily dock AirPods while charging it; its non-slip silicone pads provide better stability. The charging dock is made of high-quality aluminum with anodized finish. Designed and made in the USA, this Juoos AirPods dock can be used anywhere at your convenience.

Price: $12.00
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#4. Upow

Upow charging docks for Apple AirPods

Across the world, minimalism has spread like a wildfire. And there are all good reasons to believe this phenomenon that has influenced everything. Well, the design will never lag behind as it has begun with art and music. When you add luxury to minimalism, you get the best product as Upow’s AirPods stand. Your AirPods charging case is secure on this small cylinder made of aluminum alloy material. It features a groove on the top, and this allows you to place the charging case comfortably.

Price: $15.99
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#5. IVSO

IVSO charging docks for Apple AirPods

Stay organized with IVSO charging stand for AirPods charging case. Enhance the beauty of your workstation with this superbly crafted stand; this premium aluminum charging case dock is exclusively designed to offer your Apple AirPods wireless Bluetooth headphone case a specialized look. You can use a lightning cable that came along with your iPhone or iPad. This compact AirPods stand is lightweight and solid so that you can take it anywhere.

Price: $15.90
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#6. Kinnara

Kinnara charging docks for Apple AirPods

Kinnara offers a firm yet elegant AirPods charge dock for your AirPods case. One hardly finds such refined beauty that can elevate the overall look of an office desk. Kinnara has designed a charging dock that is functional and fine-looking, and therefore, it attracts all eyes. But mere attraction doesn’t help; you need stability and strength in this charging dock. This dock is made of spaceflight alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material, which imparts lasting strength and a touch of elegance.

Price: $14.99
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#7. YoFeW (Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods)

YoFeW charging docks for Apple AirPods

YoFeW brings a four-in-one AirPods charging stand for you. This product not only charges the AirPods case but also powers up other iOS products like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The product is a perfect accessory to beautify your night-stand at home and office desk. Moreover, YoFeW has rolled out the best AirPods charging stand that can be a perfect gift for someone you love. Keep all your Apple siblings close to each other – you will never miss any while rushing to office.

Price: $39.99
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#8. Bestand (iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods Charging Stand)

Bestand charging docks for Apple AirPods

Bestand offers you 3-in-one aluminum Apple iWatch stand, AirPods charging station, Qi fast wireless charger dock for your iPhone. Unlike YoFeW’s, Bestand’s charging dock doesn’t include any charging option for your iPad. Available in five different colors, Bestand charging stand impresses you with its irresistible design and craftsmanship. Once you put your iOS products on the stand, it firmly holds your products to give you a perfect visual experience.

Price: $29.99
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Apart from the above AirPods charging stands, a Reddit user claims that Belkin’s Apple Certified MIXIT charge and sync dock can also charge Apple’s AirPods charging case.

If this works, users can also use other iPhone 7 and 7 Plus charging docks and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus docking stations with speakers to charge their AirPods.

There are many iPhone and iPad users, who don’t like the idea of protecting their accessories, and therefore, they may not be interested in buying products like AirPods covers and AirPods carrying cases. As a matter of fact, such users are satisfied with AirPods alternatives and won’t fancy the idea of buying AirPods.

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