Best Alexa Skills for Business That Will Serve as Your Desk-Side Companions

Amazon Alexa is one of the few best smart assistants that have successfully marked their significance in all walks of life. Be it your living room, kitchen or business, Alexa is a prominent virtual assistant that you can’t afford to miss out for good. Here, we have created a list of best Alexa skills for business.

When it comes to Amazon Alexa for business, the Alexa skills serve to reduce the inefficiency, improve workflow, speed up the decision-making processes, and much more. In other words, it is your desk-side companion that assists you in getting through various daily laborious tasks with just a few set of Alexa voice commands. In this write-up, we will shed some light on the best Alexa skills for business.

Best Alexa Skills for Businesses That Will Serve as Your Desk-Side Companions

Best Alexa Skills for Business


#1. Edit Docs

Edit Docs is a great Alexa skill that enables you to edit Google Docs while you are on the go. All you need is a Gmail account and Google Drive synced together with Edit Docs. The skills will enable you to list the 10 files that were recently used and will allow you to create, open, and edit a Google Sheet, Doc, and Slide.

For example– To create a Google Sheet, you need to say “Alexa, ask Edit Docs to create a sheet named Project.”

#2. Chat Bot for Slack

This Alexa Skill will allow you to link your Slack accounts and make it easy for you to post on Slack with the help of your Alexa device with just a few commands. You just need to say your message and the channel on which you want your post to be published.

For instance, you need to say “Alexa, tell Chat Bot for Slack to post ‘I am late for work’ to the #status channel.”


#3. Email Assistant

If you are always on the go for business meetings, then Email Assistant is the skill that will enable you to manage your trips and meetings. You can easily ask about the flight, hotel, and car rental details that you have booked. It works effectively with accounts like Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.

For instance, just say “Alexa, ask Email Assistant ‘What is the check-in time of my hotel’.”

#4. Quick Events

If you don’t have dedicated time for scheduling your events, then Quick Events will surely be of great help to you. It enables you to add the events directly to your Google Calendar. It also tells you in case you have any conflicting events so that you can modify your Google Calendar.

For example, to add an event just say “Alexa, tell Quick Events to ‘Schedule a meeting tomorrow at 10 am with Stacy’.”


#5. Web Analytics

Web Analytics gives you real-time updates of your websites. It easily syncs with the Google Analytics and will give you regular updates on the website traffic and number of visitors that visit your website.

For instance, say “Alexa, ask Web Analytics the ‘Number of visitors on my website’.”

#6. Startup Signal

This skill is a boon or all the startup owners as it gives real-time updates of the business news. It will give you news flashes on venture capital firms, startups, investors, etc.

For instance, you just need to say “Alexa, ask Startup Signal the ‘Information about corporate investors’” for getting information about the investors.


#7. Task Master

It is an Alexa skill that works for your Wunderlist account. If you have a Wunderlist account, then this skill will directly get synced to it and will help you in managing your tasks.

For instance, say “Alexa, ask Task Master to ‘show the unread mails’.”

#8. Skill Finder

Developed by Amazon, it is a great skill that keeps you updated about the latest skills launched for Alexa. You can enable this skill to check the skills launched across various categories.

Say “Alexa, ask Skill Finder to give me the ‘best skills of the day’.”


#9. Authentic Digital Marketing Tips

For startups that cannot afford a dedicated marketing department, this skill will be the best tool for keeping yourself updated with the daily marketing tips.

For instance, say “Alexa, ask Authentic Digital Marketing Tips to give me ‘daily tips’.”

#10. Sales Talk

This is a skill powered by the Business Intelligence and CRM. Make use of this skill to know the sales data such as sales reports of your company or unit sales.

For instance, say “Alexa, ask Sales Talk about my ‘worst selling day of last month’.”

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