Digital assistances are becoming heavily integrated into our everyday lives. So why should they be left out from holidays? If you have Amazon’s amazing personal digital assistant Alexa at your home, then we bring to you some of the best Alexa Skills for Christmas.

Alexa, as you know, can be very helpful and fun. With these extra set of Amazon Alexa skills downloaded to its system, you will get every one of your friends and family in the holiday spirit in no time. So, without further ado, here is our list skills you can add and enable it on your Amazon Echo devices:

Best Alexa Skills for Christmas

Best Alexa Skills for Christmas

#1. Christmas Screensaver

Starting off our list of the best Alexa Skills for Christmas, we have the Alexa Christmas Screensaver. You will get access to a beautiful video based slideshow through which you can showcase beautiful holiday imagery coupled with classical and seasonal music.

Note that the skill can only be used by Alexa enabled devices that come with a screen. The slideshow is about an hour long, but if you want it to pause or stop it, just say “Alexa, go Home.” This is something we recommend you keeping while you are relaxing, cooking, or engaged in other relaxing activities.

#2. Christmas Radio

Songs and music are an integral part of our culture as well as our lives. Artists have specifically created songs and music for the festive seasons. So tune in to all of those wonderful tracks using Alexa Christmas Radio. After you have enabled the skill, simply ask Alexa to “open Christmas Radio,” and you will have all your favorite holiday and Christmas songs at your disposal.

#3. Christmas Sounds

Don’t you wish that your life, like in the movies, would be complemented with a background tune or musical score? Whereas, all we get is simply ambient noise. But with Alexa Christmas Sounds, you can create a magical atmosphere by enabling some of your favorite jingles to start playing, as you and your family enjoy your time together.

To use the skill, you simply ask Alexa to “play Christmas Sound” and there you have your Christmas atmosphere. Also, if you find it to be distracting or want it to stop, simply ask it to “stop,” and that’s it.

#4. Christmas Kindness

Santa Claus has got his eyes on you. So it’s time to improve your karma with some random acts of kindness. The Alexa Christmas Kindness skill will daily suggest you on some kind acts that you could consider doing that day. After all, it’s Christmas, share the smile. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, open Christmas Kindness” and Alexa will give you some ideas.

#5. Classical Christmas

Alexa Classical Christmas skill comes with some of your favorite classical tracks popular played during the holidays. From the staple – we wish you a Merry Christmas, to other tracks like Good King Wenceslas, or We Three Kings, you get them all.

Also, if you are playing any one of these tracks provided with the skill, then you can also control them with Alexa voice commands such as stop, pause, play or skip. It also remembers where you stopped the track, so the time you resume, it will start where you left off.

#6. NORAD Tracks Santa

This is an Alexa skill you should definitely get for your children. NORAD Tracks Santa offers the modern age children with an updated amusement and mystery about Santa Claus that we shared when we were young.

On 24th of December, you can use the skill to track Santa’s whereabouts. There are also a couple of top-secret Santa files bundled in with the skill which your kids will love to learn about. This can prove to be an amazing activity to entertain your kids until you tuck them away in their beds, so Santa can come and leave their gifts.

#7. Santa Claus

Here is another Alexa skill for your children’s delight. With this enabled you can use Alexa to “ask Santa Clause if i’m naughty or nice” and you will immediately find out.

#8. Christmas Jokes

Jokes are fun. It makes people laugh, can be an excellent ice breaker, and is simply fun and entertaining. So if you don’t know any good Christmas jokes, just use Alexa and enable this skill. Once you have done that, simply ask Alexa to “open Christmas Jokes” and some hilarious one liners will be up and coming your way.

Or else, you can also use the skill and learn some good jokes in private, to show off later.

#9. Ask Father Christmas

Are you in need of some words of advice, or simply need to talk with Father Christmas? Well, good news, now you can do so through Alexa. Father Christmas has answers over a hundred questions, and will prove to be great entertainment to your children.

Just tell Alexa to launch Father Christmas and that will open the app. Now if you wish to know all the things he can help you with, then tell “Alexa ask Father Christmas for help” and this will give you a list of things you can ask. Or you can simply ask to know about some random facts, because Father Christmas knows plenty.

#10. Christmas Song Quiz

This will prove to be a great holiday themed indoor game which you can play with your family and friends. Just enable the skill and ask Alexa to “open Christmas Song Quiz”. Once open, Alexa will read you a couple of lines from some Christmas carol and you will have to guess the title of the song, or simply finish the line. Think you know your Christmas Carols? Go ahead and test your confidence.

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