35 Best Alexa Skills to Make Your Life Easier Than Ever

Amazon’s Alexa is the new talk of the town that has taken technology a notch higher. Currently, you can find Alexa in the Amazon products such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Tap, etc.

And while all these devices already have a plethora of New Skills for Alexa in their arsenal, their utility can be further enhanced by the Alexa voice assistant skills, developed by various third-party companies and developers.

In fact, you can find across 20000 skills at your disposal. Check out some of the best Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo devices here.

To give your mind some ease, we have curated some top rated Skills on Alexa for Amazon Echo devices which include categories like finance, business, games, food, sports, health and fitness, Home Automation, Lifestyle, News, Taxi and Delivery services, travel and much more that you can use.

This list has both the old and the new Alexa Amazon skills. So, without further ado, let’s check out this list.

Best Alexa Skills


Best Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo Devices in 2018

Alexa Skills for Finance and Business

#1. Consumer Reports

This skill gives you an insight into more than 4000 product reviews done by the Consumer Reports. This report covers products ranging from electronic gadgets to baby products to dishwashers.

You can directly get a top-rated product from a list of thousands of similar products.

#2. CryptoCurrency

Want to check the current price of Bitcoin? This skill will keep you updated with the daily prices of Bitcoin without any hassles.

All you need to say is “Alexa, ask my crypto the price of Bitcoin?”

Easy, isn’t it?

#3. Mortgage Calculator

Do you get confused while calculating your mortgage? If yes, then enable this skill and it will calculate your monthly payments by considering the principal amount, the time of mortgage and the interest rate.

#4. Opening Bell

Easily check the stock prices by the company’s name rather than its symbol with the Opening Bell skill.

You just need to take care of your pronunciation while saying out the name of the company whose share price you want to know.

#5. Capital One

If you are a member of Capital One, then you can use this skill to know the details of your account.

Connect your account to Alexa and know your current balance, credit due date of credit card payment, recent transactions, and other details. You can even ask a question from the skill.

#6. Have I Been Pwned?

This skill helps you in learning whether your account has been compromised by a security breach or not.

You need to spell your account username and password and this skill will tell you the exact status. Remember to pronounce ‘pwned’ as ‘poned’.


Alexa Skills for Games & Sports

#7. NBA

A boon for the basketball lovers out there, this skill gives the playoff scores as well as schedule updates of the NBA. You just need to say “Alexa, ask the NBA for today score” and voila, you will get the scores.

#8. Abra

Play this game with Alexa by thinking about a real or a fictional character and let Alexa guess the character by asking you questions about the character. Unlimited fun guaranteed!


Alexa Skills for Foods and Drinks

#9. WineMate

Rejoice all the wine lovers!

Here is a skill that will help you in selecting the best wine that would go with the food you have chosen or the best food that would go with the wine that you love.

#10. The Bartender

Want to try your hands on different cocktails? This skill will recite the recipe of the cocktail that you wish to make. Now rock all the parties with your Bartender skills, courtesy of The Bartender.

#11. DineTime

If you are tired of waiting in long restaurant lines, then this skill is perfect for you. Get the exact line wait time in popular restaurants and even reserve a place in the line in the restaurants that have a tie-up with DineTime.

#12. Campbell’s Kitchen

Not getting any ideas what to serve for dinner or want to set up a quick meal? Whatever it is, the Campbell’s Kitchen skill will help you in picking out ingredients, will give you instructions and will teach you how to make the dish.


Alexa Skills for Fitness and Health

#13. Fitbit

Enable this skill for keeping a record of your health and fitness routine from your daily life. Ask Alexa about how many steps you took today, or how much you slept the other night.

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#14. 7 Minute Workout

This skill helps you in doing a 7-minute workout daily. You can find a variety of different 7-minute exercises like wall sit-ups, push-ups, jogging and much more.

It is an easy way to keep a check on your lifestyle and staying healthy.


Alexa Skills for Home Automation

If you have a lot of smart devices at your home, then you can connect all of them together with the Mosaic skill. You can easily control all your smart devices like Hue lights, Tesla car or your Nest Learning Thermostat.

#16. Thermostat for Echo

Alexa Skill - Thermostat for Echo

Control your Nest Learning Thermostat by enabling this skill in your Amazon Echo.

Easily do adjustments in the thermostat with the help of Alexa commands like “Alexa, ask thermostat to set the temperature to fifty degrees”.

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Alexa Skills for Lifestyle

#17. Voice Shopping

Alexa Skill - Voice Shopping

Want to grab the best shopping deals right from the comfort of your home? Use this skill to get a prime member-exclusive deal and order them from the device that has Alexa enabled in it.

#18. Bible

Don’t have enough time to recite the Bible verses daily? Well, you can easily listen to the Bible verses and chapters by enabling this skill in your Echo.

This way you will never miss out on your daily recital of the Bible verses.

#19. Eliza

Want to talk to a psychiatrist without stepping out from your home? Enable Eliza on your Alexa and start a self-revealing session with it.

Initiate the conversation with, “Alexa, I want to talk about my ex” and it will ask you to tell more.

#20. Dog Feeder

If you forget to keep a track on the timings of feeding your pet, then this skill will really help you out. It will tell you when you fed your dog the last time.

It will also remind you to feed your dog in case you forget to feed it for more than six hours.

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Alexa Skills for Delivery and Taxi Services

#21. Dominos

Order your favorite pizza from Dominos and track your order in a hassle-free manner with the Dominos skill. Ordering food and managing your order at Dominos is just a step away with this skill.

#22. Uber

Request an Uber ride without opening the app and selecting your location and destination with this skill. Just say “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride”. Booking your ride will be easier than ever with this skill.


Alexa Skills for News and Updates

#23. HuffPost

Keep yourself updated with the latest news and updates from HuffPost with this skill. Once you enable this skill, it will read out the latest headlines and news from around the world in just a few minutes.

#24. TechCrunch News

This is another skill that will help you in getting all the news headlines and updates without going through a newspaper.

Just say “Alexa, ask TechCrunch news for headlines” and it will get all the latest headlines for you.

#25. Big Sky Skill

Get the hyperlocal weather forecasts with the help of your street address. This skill will use the information from the Dark Sky and will share the weather details like the humidity, wind speed, etc. with you.


Alexa Skills for Travel

#26. Kayak

Get assistance in planning a trip with Kayak skill. It will help you to track the flights and check their prices. To personalize it further, you can even tell your budget to the skill and it will shortlist the options for you.

#27. Airport Security

Want to know how long is the wait timeline at the Airport? Enable the Airport Security skill and check the wait time at the airport from where you need to board your flight.

You can even check the last-reported wait time at the airport you need to go.


Alexa Skills for Messaging

#28. SMS With Molly

Register at smswithmolly.com, and then enable this skill in your Alexa. It will enable you to upload all the unique contacts and will let to send SMS without typing them.

Just say out the message that you want to send and the skill Molly will do that for you.


Alexa Skills for Learning New Things

#29. 1-2-3 Math

Although it is similar to the other education skills, this one is already gaining a lot of popularity.

This skill teaches basic addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division to the kids in the most interactive and easy way.

#30. Guitar Tuner

If you are not sure whether you are playing your guitar in the correct manner or not, enable Guitar Tuner for doing the same.

It will play a tune and you will have to keep trying until you play the same tune in the correct way.

#31. Yarn Over Skill

If you want to learn knitting or doing crochet, then this skill will help you out in doing the same. Got a question? Just ask Alexa and it will help you out by giving you instructions.

#32. What’s My Sign?

You can check your daily horoscope with the help of this skill. You can get horoscope of all the 12 signs. Just say, “Alexa, ask what’s my sign for Taurus?”

And, the good thing, you can ask for anyone’s horoscope with this skill.


Alexa Skills for Social Skills

#33. Smack Talker

Tired of talking courteously with your friends? If yes, then this skill here will help you in talking trash to your friends by using snaps like “Yo mama”. It’s time to have some fun with your friends out there!

#34. Twitter

This official skill of Twitter will enable you to hear the Tweets present on your Timeline, tweets that you liked, get the latest information, etc.

You just need to ask Twitter what’s happening and it will let you know about all you missed out earlier.

#35. Ask My Buddy

If you know someone with a disability, then recommend this skill to him or her. This skill will enable them to send distress messages and calls to their family members and friends in the case of an emergency.

These best Alexa Skills might seem a bit tiresome, but once you start using these skills you will realize the great potential Alexa has for all of us.

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