Thinking of making your home smarter! With multi-function Amazon Alexa, you can pair with unique and creative smart devices. So whether it’s the outlets, light bulbs, coffee maker, switches, Indoor  Security camera, outdoor security camera or thermostats, you can find some of the best Alexa compatible smart home devices to experience the world around you at ease.

Let’s look at an exhaustive list of Amazon Echo compatible devices which could be just the perfect buy for your home.

Best Alexa compatible Smart Devices

Best Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot and Echo Plus

#1. Philips Hue lights

Philips Hue lights

Amazon certified Phillips Hue lights are Alexa compatible light bulbs which recognize your voice commands to switch on/off or dimming the lights up to 50 percent. Available in 16 million colors and 50 thousand shades of white to set the right mood – blissful white for a quite dinner or a shade of pink and orange to rhyme a party theme. Simply command through your Alexa to change the color and enjoy the ambience.

Price: $139.99
Buy it from Amazon

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#2. Blink Home Security Camera System

Blink Home Security Camera System

One of the most popular Alexa compatible smart home devices, Blink Home Security camera system is a must to have which works efficiently with voice control mechanism you Alexa device. It has a built in motion detector which once connected with Wi-Fi, sends signals to your smartphone in case of any emergency. You can easily control this wireless camera via voice through the Amazon Alexa skill.

Price: $99.00
Purchase it from Amazon

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#3. Hive – Active Heating and Hot Water

Hive - Active Heating and Hot Water

Wouldn’t it be great if you can manage and control heating at home to save energy as well as mange hot water schedule! With Hive’s active heating and hot water system, control it with Alexa voice integration to set up to 6 daily time slots for a day and control hot water temperature. It doesn’t matter who supplies your energy, you can still avoid warming up an empty home resulting in heavy bills.

Price: $713.54
Order it from Amazon

#4. Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled

Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled

Brew coffee from anywhere while controlling it with your Alexa. You can enable all the brewing functions through its remote access. Simply sync it with the Alexa device to have all day access. You can set weekly brew schedules and prepare coffee faster than other products in the market.

Price: $72.96
Shop it from Amazon

#5. TP – Link Alexa Compatible Smart Plug

TP – Link Smart Plug

TP Link’s smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa with a remote access which control devices when connected with Wi-Fi and using Kasa app. Using Alexa connectivity, you can use voice to give instructions like switch on/off for electronics and can use away mode as well. For easy aces, assign name to each smart plug at home and instruct each plug with voice commands.

Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug for Alexa

WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Now you can control your smart plug with Amazon Alexa’s voice integration feature. You just need to pair your smart plug with Alexa to have remote access and to voice commands to turn on/off lights, appliances, electronics and what not. Hence, with instant Alexa commands, you can save a lot of energy and cost.

Price: $34.99
Order it from Amazon

#7. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

August smart door lock promises to take away the hassle of locking multiple rooms though number of keys. Now, you can safeguard your house through keyless access. You can pair the smart locks with Alexa to make it further simple for you and have a remote access through voice instructions which enables Alexa to take care of locking and unlocking the doors.

Price: $162.89
Shop it from Amazon

#8. Securifi Smart WiFi Router

Securifi Smart WiFi Router

Securifi’s Wi-Fi router pairs with Amazon Alexa devices to ensure you get remotely accessed router. With its powerful extended range, you can control your smart devices like smart plugs and smart locks with voice commands on Amazon Alexa. You can also control home/away mode and detect smoke and pollution levels at home.

Price: $79.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#9. Haiku Ceiling Fan

Haiku Smart WiFi Ceiling Fan

All new smart fan which works with Amazon Alexa to give voice commands for making changes in the fan speed or dimming the integrated LED lights, features 16 different settings. With a world class design and efficiency, you can save energy which is validated by Energy Star and awarded the most efficient in 2016.

Price: $600.00
Buy it from Amazon

#10. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung’s hub and outlet bundle makes it easy to control, monitor and secure home devices from anywhere you are. With Alexa’s voice controls, you can control appliances like coffee makers, heaters & fans and lets you save energy and the utility bills.

Price: $78.00
Purchase it from Amazon

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#11. WeMo Alexa Compatible Light Switch

WeMo Light Switch

WeMo’s light switch with Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with Amazon Alexa devices makes it even simpler through voice control system to replace old wall switches with remote free access. You can also sync on and off commands for sunrise, sunset, lights, fans and the list is endless.

Price: $46.90
Purchase it from Amazon

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#12. LIFX Alexa Enabled Smart LED Bulb

LIFX Smart LED Bulb

Connects seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, LIFX’s LED bulbs are designed to make your experience smarter. It is easy to set up and recognizes voice commands to dim the lights as well as exploring more than 1000 shades of white through color modulation settings.

Price: $40.00
Buy it from Amazon

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#13. Skybell HD WiFi Doorbell Camera Alarm

Skybell HD WiFi Doorbell Camera Alarm

Skybell’s doorbell features an integrated camera, microphone, speaker and a motion sensor. It can be paired with Amazon Alexa, it recognizes your voice commands to answer the door, talking to the visitors and setting automatic motion triggers. You can do all this whilst sitting in your living room or kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Price: $195.36
Order it from Amazon

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#14. Insteon


Insteon’s starter kit including a hub and 2 dimmer plugs could be just the right smart instruments for you to make your home smarter. You can control the hub and plugs through Alexa’s voice controls and manage other smart home devices as well like thermostats, light bulbs, fans, etc.

Price: $94.95
Shop it from Amazon

#15. Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Neato’s robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity which gives you ultimate control with its compatibility to pair with Alexa devices. Its Laser Smart mapping technology enables you to map and navigate real time object detection. It Alexa features lets you give voice commands to clean the floors with specifications of a particular area as well.

Price: $608.95
Shop it from Amazon

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Alexa Compatible Thermostats and Weather Tracking Devices

#16. Nest Thermostat

Nest Thermostat

Another Alexa compatible thermostat, Nest’s learning thermostats recognizes you from a distance and it lights up when it sees your coming to share an exact time and temperature across your room or living area. You can control the thermostat with Alexa voice control and manage the temperature through a mere voice command. It saves energy up to 15 percent and doesn’t require any programming, it recognizes your instructions and adjust to the settings.

Price: $240.89
Buy it from Amazon

#17. Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo’s weather station is now compatible with all the Alexa devices. Simply call out Alexa to get an answer to your weather related queries like what’s the temperature outside or is it going to rain today to decide upon how you day would look like. It also measures indoor levels for pollution though its CO2 sensor. Also, provides updates and insight trends for humidity, temperature and sound levels.

Price: $149.99
Order it from Amazon

#18. Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell’s touch screen thermostat with geofencing technology to have a 7-day flexible forecast or location based temperature control. With Alexa voice control mechanism, you can simply instruct the thermostat, to follow smart alerts like high temperature warnings, filter changes and also understanding how much time does it takes to reach the right temperature level at the right time. It adapts to your Alexa device to make it a hassle free experience.

Price: $100.99
Order it from Amazon

#19. Ecobee Wifi Thermostat with Sensor

Ecobee Wifi Thermostat with Sensor

Ecobee’s thermostats with sensor can be paired with Alexa devices and is Wi-Fi enabled as well. It recognizes voice commands and instinctively understands the usage requirement basis the energy consumption trend. Hence, contributes to lower energy bills and makes your home smarter.

Price: $239.13
Purchase it from Amazon

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Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices for Home Entertainment

#20. Logitech Harmony Hub

Logitech Harmony Hub for Control of 8 Home Entertainment Devices

Now, control your home entertainment devices with Alexa’s voice integration. With Logitech’s Harmony Hub, simply setup with your device and enjoy hand-free control for about 8 home entertainment devices including TV, cable box, game consoles and many more. You can turn on/off your TV, manage the volume control, play and pause with one touch or a voice command.

Price: $75.99
Shop it from Amazon

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#21. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Through Amazon’s bestselling Fire TV stick, you can launch and control its settings through Alexa voice control. You can stream on bog screen and watch more than 140 channels and apps amongst the various channels available including Netflix, Amazon Prime, FOX, etc. through voice commands. Also, can add your favorite channels to create a list for browsing.

Price: $39.99
Buy it from Amazon

#22. Gogogate 2 Alexa Compatible Garage Door Opener

Gogogate 2- Alexa Compatible Garage Door Opener

Now you can control your garage door with Amazon Alexa. It is easy to setup and once paired, it recognizes your voice commands to open and close the garage door with ease. You can create upto 10 users accounts for free. You can easily control two or three garage doors at the same time and can get real time alerts if the door is left open.

Price: 139.00
Shop it from Amazon

Monitoring vital health statistics has become a part of our lives and definitely Alexa has compatibility with these as well. Given are some of the options for Alexa enabled FitBit devices.

#23. FitBit Charge 2

fitbit charge 2

FitBit’s Charge 2 wristband has much more to offer now with its functionality to connect and take voice instructions from your Alexa devices. With a voice command via Alexa, get a summary of your cardio fitness levels, auto sleep tracking, to explore multi-sport modes to analyze your work out trends and to select exercise for you through it Smart Track feature. Alexa features has made the smart FitBit device even smarter.

Price: $129.95
Order it from Amazon

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#24. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

FitBit’s smart weighing scale is not only Wi-Fi enabled but also works with Amazon Alexa which post a simple set up recognises your voice to take commands and share the information required. A perfect amalgamation of advanced technology to track body fat percentage, weight and body mass to move towards the healthier lifestyle. It recognizes multiple users and is water resistant, so don’t worry if it is exposed to humid environment.

Price: $179.00
Purchase it from Amazon

The given options are some of the products which you may not use on regular basis but are either good to have or support your Alexa device for extended performance.

#25. Logitech Car Mount

Logitech Car Mount

Place your Logitech’s car mount with voice assistance to automatically launch hands-free Zero Touch app. You simply need to control you phone with a High-Five and say ‘Alexa’ to connect to your device and then can operate Alexa the way you always do to explore the digital world including music, jokes, navigation, weather reports, news and the list goes on.

Price: $59.96
Buy it from Amazon

#26. Orion Labs Onyx Smart Walkie Talkies

Orion Labs Onyx Smart Walkie Talkies

With Alexa compatible speakers, Orion’s walkie talkie has an unlimited range of channels. You can send voice messages over any distance and can make calls whilst connecting it with Wi-Fi. These are extremely lightweight and can easily be tagged along you, wherever you go!

Price: $199.00
Order it from Amazon

#27. Fremo Evo – Intelligent Battery Base for Amazon Echo

Fremo Evo - Intelligent Battery Base for Amazon Echo

With wide range of Alexa compatible smart home devices, its utility has expanded. With Fremo’s power bank, you can charge the device whenever needed. You can take your device along with you with a smart battery base. The product allows Alexa to have 6 hours of play time and has indicator lights to display the battery status.

Price: $27.99
Shop it from Amazon

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#28. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio’s water sprinkler is the bestselling equipment in automatic irrigation controller’s category. With Alexa compatibility, you don’t need to worry about water wastage since it automatically adapts the weather and recognizes voice commands for adjusting the sprinkling system ensuring lesser water bills.

Price: $199.00
Purchase it from Amazon

Hope you have been able to finalize some of the devices from the above exhaustive Alexa compatible smart home devices list and we’ve been to give you an insight of how can you make your home as well as well as the world around you, a smarter place to live

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