Best Amazon Alexa Skills for Kids: Keep Your Little Angels Happily Occupied

Amazon Alexa is one of the best intelligent personal assistants that can be used on devices like Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, and Show. To interact with different devices, there are countless Alexa Skills and to use them, you have to add and enable Alexa Skills to Amazon Echo and other devices. In its attempt to cover different skills under several categories, Amazon has also paid serious attention to kids. Here is a list of the best Alexa Skills for kids.

It is universally accepted that kids are sometimes difficult to handle. Moreover, they belong to a generation that uses smart devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart speakers as mentioned above. Fortunately, Amazon Alexa has come up with a good solution. By using some of the top rated Amazon Alexa Skills for children, you can keep those little angels busy and entertained. This list of Alexa skills includes few games which will improve your child general knowledge and mathematics too.

Best Amazon Alexa Skills for Kids

Best Alexa Skills for Kids of 2018

#1. Christmas Kindness

If you have an iota of doubt that your kid is showing rudeness to others, you can teach him/her how to be kind to people. Simply enable Christmas Kindness on your Echo and you can teach your kids to be kind and selfless.

Command: Alexa, ask Christmas Kindness for an idea.

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#2. The Magic Door

Every night, you have to create a bedtime story to put your kids to sleep. Now, assign this task to Alexa Magic Door skill. It is the best story time skill for your kids. The skill uses imagination and your choices to generate enjoyable results. However, this skill needs some more stories so that kids don’t get tired of listening to the same stories again and again.

Command: Alexa, open the Magic Door.

#3. Spelling Bee

You can inspire your kids to prepare their spelling skill by launching Spelling Bee. This skill is designed for kids who are in grade 4 and 5. Your kids can practice as many words as they want, and Alexa patiently listens to them.

Command: Alexa, launch Spelling Bee.

#4. Ditty

If music can pacify your kids, Ditty is your best choice as Alexa skill for kids. Ditty can turn any message into a song; so if you say any message to Alexa, Ditty will turn that message into a song. And then you can share those songs on your Twitter as well. There is one demerit: you have to be very attentive to listen to the song as the sound produced by Alexa may not be clear.

Command: Alexa, ask Ditty to make a fast song.

#5. Math Mania & 1-2-3 Math

The two skills help improve your kids’ basic math like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Slowly and gradually, your kids will learn to cross different difficulty levels on the skills. Alexa will not always understand your answer, so make repeated attempts.

Command for Math Mania: Alexa, Ask Math Mania to Play.

Command for 1-2-3 Math: Alexa, open 1-2-3.

#6. Tic-Tac-Toe & Hangman

Though the games are best played on a device with a screen, Alexa made its sincere efforts to keep your kids happily occupied. Tic-Tac-Toe & Hangman are two classic games for your kids. Hangman gives your kids games by word length or category.

Command: Alexa, Ask Tic Tac Toe for a Game.

#7. Curiosity

Entertainment and facts are combined together to create this Skill called Curiosity. This Alexa Skill gives your kids facts on thousands of different topics. Your kids would love to learn new things with the help of Curiosity, which provides some basic facts about the subject you select.

Command: Alexa, open Curiosity.

#8. Superheroes

Your kids continuously watch superhero movies on Television and tablets; they want to know more about their favorite superheroes (like adults love to gather trivia on James Bond, my favorite character). This skill has some shortcomings as it is difficult for Alexa to understand wake word ‘Superhero’. Moreover, Alexa doesn’t have enough info on each superhero.

Command: Alexa asks Superheroes who is Batman.

#9. Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock jokes are popular everywhere. Alexa offers clean jokes customized for kids. When Alexa asks ‘Knock, knock’, your kids can say, ‘Who is there’. This interactive approach will surely make this skill popular among kids and parents as well. After some time, you will find jokes stale, so Alexa needs to add more humor.

Command: Alexa, open Knock Knock.

#10. Short Bedtime Story

How difficult is it to fabricate stories for your kids every night? Now you can leave this task to Alexa’s Short Bedtime Story skill. The skill creates a short story by including your kid’s name (exciting). However, unlike Magic Door, this skill doesn’t have a sound effect. Moreover, the skill quickly tells a story, and your kids may not enjoy it to the full.

Command: Alexa, open Bed Time Story.

#11. Cat/Dog/Dinosaur Facts

Bring your kids close to animal world by using this skill. Alexa will provide enough information about animals liked by your kids. Your kids will easily remember details provided by Alexa.

Command: Alexa, open Cat facts.

Command: Alexa, open Dog facts.

Command: Alexa, open Dinosaur facts.

#12. Guess the Number

This will happily occupy your kids. As the name suggests, this skill asks your kids to guess a number from 1 to 100. Alexa will tell you whether the number is higher or lower each try.

Command: Alexa, launch Guess the Number.

#13. Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is one of the best guessing games offered by Alexa. Your kids would love to play this game with entire family. In this game, your kid would guess an animal, mineral, or vegetable and someone (mom, who else?) will ask questions to figure it out. Your kid normally would reply with ‘yes, no, sometimes, or I don’t know’. Next, it will Alexa who makes a guess.

Command: Alexa, Twenty Questions.

#14. Capital Quiz

Help improve general information of your kids with Capital Quiz. This skill will educate your kids about the state capitals of the United States of America. During the quiz, Alexa may end the test if she fails to understand you.

Command: Alexa, Tell Capital Quiz to Start Practicing.

#15. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a tricky game popular among all generation. And now you will have the fun of this game with Alexa. This skill will ask you 100+ ‘Would You Rather’ questions. You will never get tired of this skill.

Command: Alexa, play Would You Rather.

#16. Earplay

Again, it is a story-telling skill from Alexa. But unlike other such skills, Earplay has excellent audio effects and engaging story-telling elements. Moreover, Alexa involves you by letting you make the decisions. After listening to this skill, you wish you could have enjoyed it on your Echo Show.

Command: Alexa, start Earplay.

#17. Laugh Box

Your kid would like to know how different people laugh in different styles. This skill offers multiple laughing options from baby to sinister laugh. There is one problem: it is difficult to exit the skill.

Command: Alexa, Ask Laugh Box for a Baby Laugh.

#18. Boo/Applause

Alexa has realistic sound effects to boo or applauds something or someone. The skill is easy to open; however, you should be careful about right wake word. You can use either ‘Ask Boo’ or ‘Ask Applause’.

Command: Alexa, ask Boo/Applause.

#19. CompliBot

Feeling depressed? Listen to this CompliBot skill from Alexa. The skill offers you a daily dose of encouragement if you are down in the dumps. Create a positive vibe around you by listening to the positive messages. This skill can be a great help when your kid is facing exam stress.

Command: Alexa, open CompliBot.

#20. The Name Game

A ripple of laughter will run around the room when you play this game with Alexa. Tell Alexa your name and she will give a cute little phrase. Make sure you pronounce your name clearly as Alexa may not pronounce your names correctly.

Command: Alexa, Open the Name Game and Use Alexa.

#21. Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a popular TV show, and now it is on Alexa. This game can be repetitive, and hence it is time-consuming. You can waste your time on weekends.

Command: Alexa, Play Deal or No Deal.

#22. PokeyFinder

I am sure that adults would also love to play this game. Pokemon has created a huge fan-following recently, and now this game on Alexa offers information about 721 Pokemon including their special abilities.

Command: Alexa, ask PokeyFinder to Find Pikachu.

#23. Sheep Count

If Short Bedtime Story and Magic Door fail to put your baby to sleep, try Sheep Count. When your kid can’t fall asleep, you can ask him/her to count sheep. The robotic sound effect is funny, and this can get your baby to sleep.

Command: Alexa, start Sheep Count.

#24. 4A Fart

This might sound crude or course for some snob, but kids would love to hear the funny sounds of fart.

Command: Alexa, ask for a Fart.

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