Best Amazon Echo Battery Bases: Take Your Echo Outdoors

Amazon Echo is one of the best home assistants that you could ever lay your hands on. Voice-controlled by Alexa, Echo surpasses all the smart devices and serves to be a one-man-army that works hand-in-hand with you. Right from playing music to reading out a recipe, preparing your schedules for giving traffic updates, there is nothing that Amazon Echo cannot do. With so many features in its arsenal, it is obvious to worry about its battery life. Amazon Echo needs to be constantly plugged into a wall outlet for charging and turning it on. But what if you want to take it outdoors? We have solutions: best Amazon Echo Battery Bases.

A Portable battery base for Amazon Echo enables you to place your Echo on it and charge it for a span of 6-7 hours. You can easily make your Amazon Echo portable with the help of a battery base and use it wherever you like. No chaos of managing connecting cords and keeping it plugged in a wall outlet.

Let’s have a look at some of the intelligent battery bases for Amazon Echo available in the market right now.

Best Amazon Echo Battery Base

Best Amazon Echo Portable Battery Bases

#1. Smatree Amazon Echo Battery Base

Smatree Portable Amazon Echo Batery Base

We would place this in the second position on our list. It has a capacity of 9000mAh and gives up to 4-8 hours battery for Amazon Echo. Its base gets easily connected to Echo with the help of a DC charging connector. It has an intelligent battery charging technology that automatically distinguishes between the working states and determines the time it will take in charging the Echo completely. You can charge this battery base by two methods- Echo’s Original AC Adaptor as well as by a USB Adaptor.

Price: $36.99
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#2. Esimen Battery Base for Echo

Esimen Portable Amazon Echo Batery Base

Fitted with 2 flat head battery Model 18650, this charging cradle is specially designed for charging the Amazon Echo. The capacity of this charger is 5000mAh. For charging the cradle, you can easily use a micro USB of 5V. The battery base is connected to Amazon echo smartly by a magnetic power connector, thus avoiding the troubles caused by cable connectors. The stand provides stable support to your Amazon Echo. What’s more, the battery charging stand of this charger can be used as a power bank for charging your mobile and tablet as well. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Price: $36.99
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#3. Mission Cables Portable Battery Base for Echo and Echo Plus

Mission Cables Portable Amazon Echo Batery Base

This is the most basic portable battery base for charging Amazon Echo. It gives a battery backup of 6 hours to Echo. This battery base gets easily attached with Echo. It consists of soft padding at the bottom that gives extra protection to your Echo in case you accidentally drop it. This intelligent battery base for Amazon Echo is based on advanced battery system designed by the Texas Instruments. Therefore, you can easily leave the adaptor plugged into the battery base without worrying about damaging the battery at any cost.

Price: $39.99
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#4. EagleTec P070 Portable Battery Base for Echo

EagleTec Portable Amazon Echo Batery Base

This battery base for Amazon Echo is one of the best portable chargers that you can get for Amazon Echo. With a high battery capacity, i.e. 10080mAh, it is surely the best in its genre. Once charged, the Echo can operate uninterrupted for about 6-10 hours. IT gets securely attached to the base and makes your Echo easily portable. It comes with rubber pads that give it cushiony support to safeguard it, in case it falls. It contains Lithium-Ion Battery.

Price: $38.99
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#5. Mpow Power Bank for Echo

Mpow Amazon Echo Battery Base

Mpow is a leading accessories maker known for its Bluetooth headphones. This time, the brand surprises Echo users with a battery base for their artificially intelligent speaker: Amazon Echo. This high-performance 10000mAh battery base enables your Echo to play about 6-8 hours before the next charge. The battery base is your perfect partner when you are celebrating your mini vacation in the countryside. Check out its semi-circle silicone pads that ensure the stability of your Echo; this means, you should not bother about the balance of that smart cylinder. Note that Mpow battery base is not for Echo Dot.

Price: $66.89
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