Best Amazon Echo Wall Mount: Protect Your Investment from Nonchalant Pets

When you are looking for a smart speaker for your home, Amazon Echo is perhaps the first name which hits your mind. With the launch of Amazon Echo Dot – 2nd generation, there is an extension to the existing technology. Its concise and sleek design makes it the first choice for millions of customers. No doubt, its sleek design needs its due protection as well! And therefore, we present the best Amazon Echo wall mount.

Hence, let’s look at some of the best Amazon Echo and Echo dot wall mounts to protect your investment from daily wear & tear and sudden drops. Also, there are some of the wall mount options for your Amazon Echo Dot as well, in case you have one or thinking of buying one! First take a glance at the best Amazon Echo wall mount.

Best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Wall Mount

Best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot Wall Mount

Best Amazon Echo Mount Best Amazon Echo Dot Mount
Fintie eBoot
Oeveo Fintie
Wasserstein Amaz247
The Spot
#1. Fintie

Fintie Amazon Echo Wall Mount

Amazon Echo Protective Wall Mount by Fintie is designed to hold your device with enhanced strength, durability and stability. Its perfect fit ensures that the sound quality is not affected. You can mount your device on the wall, furniture or anywhere else at any height. For more realistic sound quality, mount Amazon Echo horizontally and preferably facing to your sitting area so that it can recognize your voice instructions clearly.

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#2. Oeveo

Oeveo Amazon Echo Mount

Especially designed for Amazon Echo, this Amazon Echo holder is one of the best in its price range and utility. It is highly durable and extremely easy to install with 2 black screws and 2 wall anchors to ensure that it has all the mounting features to make it convenient for you. Its black powder coat finish safeguards your device and the holder from scratches and its minimal design blend really well with the device.

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#3. Wasserstein

Wasserstein Amazon Echo Mount

One of the best Amazon Echo wall mount, ensures that your Echo device is safely mounted on the wall to keep it secured from the kids and pets. It has a sleek design which ensures that your device is not touching the wall and can receive clear instructions from you. Its matte powder coated steel material makes it highly durable and is available in black and white color to suit your home interiors.

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#4. HIDEit Mounts

HIDEit Mount Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Ceiling Wall Mount designed by one of the leading manufacturers, has a perfect fit to make you home interiors look smarter. Its sleek design which would match with your home décor. It ensures that the Echo device still hears you clear and there is impact on the sound quality while mounted on the wall or the ceiling. It black matte powdered finish to the steel body ensures extreme strength and durability.

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Best Amazon Echo Dot for Wall Mount

#5. eBoot

eBoot Amazon Echo Dot Mount

Especially designed Amazon Echo Dot, 2nd generation, eBoot’s Amazon Echo Dot holder is made from durable steel plate which makes it highly durable which safeguards the device from scratches. It has improved stability and keeps the device away from pets and kids. The product sticks firmly to the wall without any impact on the sound quality. Available in 2 colors: black and white.

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#6. Fintie

Fintie Amazon Echo Dot Mount

One of the finest and best Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount for your brand new 2nd generation Echo Dot. It perfectly fits your device and ensures that it has a firm grip so that your device can cradle easily and at the same time stays stable and safe from the reach of kids and pets. The hook clips are designed to keep your Echo Dot locked securely without any interruption to it sound flow and voice commands.

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#7. Amaz247

Amaz247 Amazon Echo Dot Mount

A protective case cum wall mount to place your Amazon Echo Dot on the wall, ceiling or any form of furniture. If placed horizontally, it can receive and transmit more real sound ensuring no interruption in voice recognition. It has hook clip which locks your Echo Dot firmly, so you can place it the way you to without any worry of slipping down.

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LANMU Amazon Echo Dot Mount

The simplest design ever made for any wall mount, Lanmu’s wall mount for the Amazon Echo Dot works on a triangular principle i.e. being strong, stable and practical. It perfectly fits your device and is made from ultra-thin yet fine steel which enhances the look of your device as well provide strong durable support. Easy to install anywhere at home including your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and where not. You get 6 months of free return cargo service as well.

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OYOCO Amazon Echo Dot Mount

Oyoco’s ceiling wall mount for your all new Amazon Echo Dot – 2nd generation helps improve steadiness with protection from scratches. Its superior quality steel support makes it highly durable. It has 4 non-slip rubber base at the bottom which is soft like a cushion to safeguard your device from daily wear and tear. It is extremely easy to install and uninstall and you get 24 years of warranty from the manufacturer with friendly customer support.

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#10. The Spot

The Spot Amazon Echo Mount

Available in 5 different colors including black, white, grey, espresso and aqua to suit your home interiors. With amazing cord management, you don’t need to hide long cords to maintain the look. It uses the Echo Dot’s existing plug to operate. Easy to install and no need to drill the wall for its placement. You can place it vertically as well as horizontally as per the space available. Place it anywhere you like so whether it’s your living room or study.

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#11. Aobelieve

Aobelieve Amazon Echo Dot Mount

Amazon Echo Dot Ceiling Wall Mount from Aobelieve features wall mount, celling mount and desktop stand with great strength and stability to support your Echo Dot 2nd generation anywhere you want. It has a clear ring which supports the device and ensures that it recognizes the voice commands even from a distance. Along with the wall mount, you get wall anchors, screws, rubber feet and 18 months warranty from the manufacturer.

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Hope you have finalized the best Amazon Echo or Echo Dot wall mount for your investment! Don’t think much, simply buy now. And don’t forget to share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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