If you love playing games on your TV and love to have long gaming sessions with your friends, then the Amazon Fire TV Stick can be a great choice for you. Along with this TV, you must also get one of the best Amazon Fire TV gaming controllers to make your living space a true gaming hub.

Getting one of these fire tv stick controllers can expand your gaming options and versatility by leaps and bounds. Without worrying about compatibility issues, you can go ahead and select one of the following gaming controllers for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Best Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controllers

Best Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controllers

#1. Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa

Obviously one of the best gaming controllers for the Amazon Fire TV comes from Amazon itself with this all new accessory.

This controller is fully compatible with the new Fire TV stick, last iteration of the Fire TV stick and of course the Amazon Fire TV. You can usher in a new age of gaming in your home with this wonderfully designed controller that fits in your hands with comfort.

The controls are extremely responsive to suit long-lasting hours of gaming. You can simply speak with the controller to quickly discover games, and other content as you want. There is smart power management that lets you play for about 90 hours without headphones.

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#2. Matricom

Matricom Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controller

This Matricom accessory is an excellent Amazon Fire TV game controller alternative that provides highly accurate variable resistant joysticks for seamless, fluidic gameplay functioning, letting you enjoy your gaming a lot.

The controller is made with the best quality ABS plastic material offering durable life. The design is efficiently ergonomic and makes for comfortable gaming.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you almost non-stop hours of gameplay without having to recharge in between. You can also use the mini USB cable to intermittently charge and keep playing.

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#3. Mad Catz

Mad Catz Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controller

The Mad Catz controller gives you integrated media buttons adding remote-control features for major streaming media services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora Internet Radio, etc.

The controller has multi platform Game Smart technology which along with the travel clip lets you link a smart device and start gaming. You get three gaming modes great for touchscreen interaction .

The mouse mode imitates mouse control by allocating navigation to the action buttons and analog stick present on the left side. You also get the PC mode and the Android mode. This controller also works fabulously as a secondary game controller for multiplayer gaming.

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#4. Microsoft Xbox Controller

Microsoft Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controller

This Xbox 360 controller for Fire TV by Microsoft lets you enjoy convenient gameplay with a slim and ergonomic shape to hold on to.

Due to this design, long hours of gaming will feel very cozy with the controller. There is vibration feedback which enhances the gaming experience significantly.

Additionally, there are accurate thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers and an 8-way directional pad to let you always maintain your control. There is a powered USB port and a very thin and flexible cord to give you a feeling of almost going wireless.

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#5. Sony

Sony Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controller

Sony’s new Fire TV PS4 controller is a result of thoughtful design with the DualShock 4 giving amazing game control due to its fantastic analog sticks and trigger buttons.

The feel, shape and responsiveness of these analog sticks and trigger buttons have been boosted for precise control.

The share button is a nifty little addition as it lets you share your winning gaming moments with ease. You can upload gameplay videos and screengrabs straight from your console without obstructing the game progress in any way.

There are some innovative features such as touch pad, integrated light bar and inbuilt speakers that give you enticing ways to enjoy and play your games.

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#6. SteelSeries

SteelSeries Amazon Fire TV Gaming Controller

With the SteelSeries controller, you can play over 2000 controller supported games using your steam account.

This controller is designed to plug and play right out of the box and is perfectly compatible with the Fire TV.

This Stratus XL controller is actually a blend of the best aspects of two of the most popular and familiar controllers and thus resulting in an ultra-controller.

This is a wireless controller with Bluetooth being the connecting medium. There are four easily readable LEDs that let you know the status and connectivity of the controller with clear visibility. With the presence of two AA batteries, you get over 40 hours of gaming.

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Which are the best gaming controllers for Amazon Fire TV according to you? If you know any other third party controllers for Amazon Fire TV, do share them with us. Share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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