Best Android Games 2017: Free the Excitement of Virtual World

In the world of smartphones, we are constantly surrounded by thousands of apps and games. The world of Android gaming technology has been growing and improving at a faster rate and you will find regular updates of your favorite gaming apps every now and then. Hence, we have created a big pool of best Android Games available on Google Play Store. So, if you are confused which game to download, we bring to you an exhaustive list of 10 best Android Games 2017 to make your search easy and quick!

Best Android Games 2017

#1. Hearthstone

One of the most popular free Android games, in Hearthstone, you are the lead star who crafts it strategies in this fast-paced creative card game. It is extremely easy to understand, which makes you become a master of the game within few minutes, and you start being an expert of using these powerful cards and taking control of an ever-shifting battlefield. If you are playing it for the first time, you can try your hand on some of the test matches to understand the game and then start your real adventure!

Price: Free
Download Hearthstone

#2. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Whether we like it or not, Pokémon’s free games for Android are still quite popular in the gaming world and with its recent upgrades, Pokémon is a part of this list. A second generation of Pokémon is introduced in this version and the developers have plans to further introduce up to five generations. With more than 650 million downloads already done, this game has been recognized as ‘best Mobile Game’ in one of the Game Awards. So, if you think you were bored with the previous versions, the adventure has just begun!

Price: Free
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#3. Star Wars : Force Arena

Star Wars: Force Arena promised to give you the best of Star War games for Android. In the game, you will be leading a team of Star Wars including recently introduced Rogue One and other 80 upgraded characters which will fight battles leaving a real expression on you. Players are expected to plan the battle individually; however you can invite your friends to fight in Guild mode. You earn bonus points for participating and leading the scoreboard as well!

Price: Free
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#4. PinOut

PinOut is a reinvented version of the popular Pinball. You would be expected to kick the ball as hard as possible wherein a constant countdown to track the time follows you like crazy. It definitely keeps you high on excitement but tense as well since clocking is ticking all the time. The table is basically a huge corridor with defined ramps. Each section is a miniscule table which you need to carefully assess before you go for the perfect shot.

Price: Free
Download PinOut

#5. Meganoid 2017

Meganoid 2017 is a reinvented version offered by Orange Pixel. It is one of the best Android games with 5 star rating from its users. Meganoid constantly challenges you to win over and keeps generating new levels which makes it unique, interesting and always keeps you involved in the game. Procedural changes, alternate routes and many expendable tools like jetpack, anti-gravity boots, etc. makes you be fully equipped for meeting the challenge!

Price: $3.99
Download Meganoid 2017

#6. Board Kings

Board Kings

Board Kings sounds simple and easy to understand, yet is one of the popular play store games for the way you are required to strategize and build a skill to win over other. It is a multi-player board game where you can create your own city wherein you attack your friends or say competitors to protect your own board. You can get more point for safeguarding your city, along with building new avenues and this increasing the population of your town.

Price: Free
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#7. Reigns

Reigns has been recognized as ‘Play Store Most Innovative Game of 2016’ and continues to make news and more downloads in 2017 as well! As a kid, did you ever dreamt of becoming a King of the nation? Then, Reigns can definitely make your dream come true virtually! Every decision of yours impacts the kingdom so whether it’s the people or the security concerns.

Price: $2.99
Download Reigns

#8. After the End : Forsaken Destiny

It’s a puzzle game which revolves around desert world. You are required to solve the complex rounds in a mysterious world with a father-son duo experience. It’s in a 3D format, hence promises an enhanced view. Simply begin your journey to discover what happens once it’s ended. Since, it’s a paid game, there are no distractions in terms of ads and in-app purchases, for your enjoy its ancient scenic beauty.

Price: $3.99
Download After the End: Forsaken Destiny

#9. Impossible Road

Impossible Road version 1.3.1 is recently launched in March, 2017 and has already started making among the new games for Android this year. As the name suggest, it has built-in structure of impossible roads which promises to give a roller coaster ride, hence you can yield more rewards with a degree of risk involved on scary roads. Just remember that keeping the ball on track is the key, simply ensure that you are able to act quickly on the sharp turns, bumps and other road blocks.

Price: $1.72
Download Impossible Road

#10. Deep Town : Mining Factory

Deep Town Mining Factory

Deep Town: Mining Factory will give you a complete archaeological experience whilst you exploring your planet by digging and finding ancient caves, hidden stories, etc. It’s a science fiction platform wherein you are the only person who has a solo aim to gather, construct and replicate what you build. You can make buildings, auto-mine resources which you discover on your journey to craft different kinds of metal products.

Price: Free
Download Deep Town : Mining Factory

Here’s our list come to an end. If you are looking for some of the best offline Android games to save your data usage, you can also search for Limbo, Mine craft Pocket Edition, Smash Hit, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the list goes on.

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