Best Android Icon Packs That Add a Unique Spark to Your Smartphone

One of the primary reasons for the immense success of smartphones is the wide range of personalisation and customization options that these phones provide.

This facility to personalize your mobile phone is particularly crucial for a number of users. Among the different personalization options present in a modern smartphone, be it Android or iOS based, the common ones often include launchers, widgets, fonts, lock screens, themes and icons.

Icon packs are among the earliest, most diverse and also the most popular customizations available to an Android user. With many wonderful Android icon packs, choosing the appropriate one can be very difficult and confusing. As launchers are ubiquitous on an Android phone, most of the icon packs need the installed presence of a launcher first.

Some of the best icon packs for Android work with most of the popular launchers and compliment the launcher’s looks and features. Using an icon pack is quite simple as all you need to do is download one of these packs after ensuring its compatibility with your preferred launcher and install it. Let us get started by knowing the best Android Icon Packs

Best Free and Paid Icon Packs for Android

1) CandyCons

Candycons are made with Google’s Material Design language including the color palette used. Each icon is handcrafted with great attention to detail and look absolutely great on your home screen. Usually most icons in a pack are designed to be uniform in shapes and lines, but CandyCons are designed for fun and they are different. The set consists of 1030 nicely designed icons in different shapes and colors that make your smartphone exciting and vibrant. It supports 24 of the most popular launchers and comes with about 20 wallpapers bundled with the pack. You are also given alternatives for some of the icons and switching them is very easy.

Price: Free
Download CandyCons

2) Silhouette

If you prefer simplistic or minimalistic designs, then you can try out the Silhouette icon pack. Silhouette is a unique icon pack that sports a dark glyph with a floating shadow. This provides your icons a lovely looking silhouette, with the app’s normal color being the shadow and the front being black or white based on your chosen version. This is an artistically designed free icon pack that uses shadows, outlines and colors to create a silhouette of an icon. The pack contains over 800 icons and 16 HD wallpapers along with a fully featured Material dashboard. Using this dashboard you can request new icons and manage existing ones.

Price: Free
Download Silhouette

3) Polycon

One of the most creative icon packs available for Android, the Polycon pack is a great open for those of you interested in material iconography. Designs are inspired from Google’s Material design language with a few minor changes to differentiate from the crowd. This pack provides over 600 vector icons, 12 folder icons and 14 app drawer icons. It also provides 20 beautiful wallpapers to go with the icons. This pack supports a wide variety of launchers including most of the popular launchers, OEM specific and custom ones.

Price: Free
Download Polycon

4) Voxel

Voxel icon pack juxtaposes shadows with bright colors to give you a unique set of voxel icons that definitely stand out from the rest. The concept is to stay simple with the design while playing around with colors and shadows. This pack gives you more than 2500 192×192 resolution icons arranged on your home screen and achieve that organized tiled look. If any app icon is missing Voxel can mask it to fit into the theme. This pack also offers about a dozen wallpapers and an icon request tool. This icon pack supports almost all popular launchers.

Price: Free
Download Voxel

5) Glasklart

Sometime monotone can be more interesting than a myriad of colors. Glaskart icon pack believes in this design principle and offers you monotone icons that showcase your wallpapers. Additionally the icons are square in shape with gently rounded corners and a soft transparent background that accentuates any dark colored wallpaper. This pack provides over 1320 icons with 10 HD wallpapers and an icon request tool. Glasklart supports most of the popular launchers.

Price: Free
Download Glasklart

6) Urmun

Urmun is designed in Google’s material design language with strong emphasis on being visually expressive, creative and very well detailed. The design is shapeless and the colors are pleasing with slick looks particularly with Material design wallpapers. This pack offers more than 3780 HD icons and a number of alternatives. It also offers many folder category icons and 73 QHD wallpapers. Urmun supports most of the well-known, popular launchers.

Price: $ 0.99
Download Urmun

7) Cryten

Cryten is another android icon pack that provides beautiful, clean, flat and round icons with pastel palette of colors. The icons look crisp and have fantastic details. This pack is made by the developers of the Urmun pack and offers over 3780 icons with over 60 HD wallpapers. Many alternative icons and folder category icons are also provided in this pack. Icon masking option is available and the pack supports almost all of the popular launchers.

Price: $ 0.99
Download Cryten

8) Materialistik

Just as its name shows, Materialistik is a manually drawn icon pack for android based on Google’s material design guidelines with the material color palette. This pack offers over 3400 icons with more than 126 QHD wallpapers and supports over 29 launchers. This pack offers full manually vector graphic processing icons along with smart icon request.

Price: $ 0.99
Download Materialistik

9) Moonshine

Moonshine is the original material design icon pack and is completely imbued with material design language. This pack is great for those of you who have not yet experienced material design or material design icons. With over 900 vector designed icons in HDPI resolution and 28 homemade wallpapers, the moonshine is a nice vintage material icon pack. Moonshine supports all the regular popular launchers.

Price: Free
Download Moonshine

10) Stealth

Stealth is among the most popular dark icon packs for android. This icon pack is filled with dark colors intermingled with rich textures. The icons are shapeless following old school design concept using vibrant colors with dark shadowing with a beautiful sleek style. It has a unique 3D style to help the icons seem emphatic on various wallpapers. The icon pack offers over 2600 premium icons with 10 HD wallpapers with icon masking for unthemed icons. Stealth supports a vast range of popular launchers.

Price: $ 1.99
Download Stealth

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