Women’s Day Special: Best Android and iPhone Apps for Women

There is no such thing as an ugly woman. Vincent Van Gogh undoubtedly celebrates the inherent beauty of all women, who are born beautiful. Joining this bandwagon, Indabaa also salutes the spirit and substance of women. Writers, most of them men, have written reams to eulogize strength and splendour of women.

Well, we wouldn’t like to gild the lily. But we want to modernize the modern women with apps on their smartphones. The list includes the best apps that a damsel can use in distress. Take a look at the apps and download on your Android and iOS devices.

Best iPhone and Android Apps for Womens

1) OPI

OPI App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidAre you choosy about the colours of nail polish? Then download OPI. The app from polish maven OPI allows you to test out colour on your nails without any sort of commitment. Now, never cry on the spilt polish!

Download OPI for iOS | Download OPI for Android

2) Lyft

lyft App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidGet home safer with the help of Lyft. Why should you wait anxiously on a street or waving the public transport late at night? Lyft is your companion that tells you when your cab is coming; it also makes it affordable, convenient and trackable way to get home.

Download Lyft for iOS | Download Lyft for Android

3) SitOrSquat

SitOrSquat App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidIf you are stuck in an unknown area and want to use restroom immediately, SitOrSquat helps you find suitable restrooms. The app is created by toilet paper brand Charmin; also get user-generated rating system for all restrooms. This will give you information about clean and hygienic facilities.

Download SitOrSquat for iOS | Download SitOrSquat for Android

4) Clue

Clue App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidKeep an eye on your menstrual cycle with Clue. Get to know when your period is on its way. The app also tracks symptoms and fertility window; all the information is presented in a simple design which is easy to browse. The app doesn’t overtly tell anything about your period, so you can keep the app on the home screen of your smartphone.

Download Clue for iOS | Download Clue for Android

5) Companion

Companion App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidSafety of women is given priority by students of the University of Michigan, who have designed the app to be the real companion of ladies. Just enter your destination and select the contacts, who can be your ‘companion’. From anywhere, you can follow your route home with the help of live map.

Download Companion for iOS | Download Companion for Android

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6) myPill

MyPill App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidmyPill is to help you ensure you are as safe as possible by reminding you when you need to take the pill or swap other contraceptive devices. The app also updates you on when you need to schedule a check-up with your doctor. Also track symptoms and prediction when you will be on your period.

Download myPill for iOS | Download myPill for Android

7) Nike+ Training Club

Nike+Training-Club App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidStay fit with the help of Nike+ Training Club. The app offers you more than 100 workouts to motivate you to get off the couch. Check all the activity or difficulty level. The female-oriented Nike+ Training Club offers you great solutions.

Download Nike+ for iOS | Download Nike+ for Android

8) Mint

Mint App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidWomen can be good financial planners. Dump everything in the app and it will help you organize your finances. Keep a keen eye on your investments, credit card bills, bank accounts, and daily/weekly/monthly/yearly expenses on a lucid interface. It saves you from falling into debt trap.

Download Mint for iOS | Download Mint for Android

9) Audible

Audible App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidIf you don’t have time to read good content, you can at least listen to the same. Download Audible on your smartphone and stay tuned with your choice of literature while you are commuting, doing household chores, driving or working out. The app is free with a monthly subscription.

Download Audible for iOS | Download Audible for Android

10) ShopStyle

Shopstyle App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidShopping and women go hand in hand, in real sense of the word as they can check everything on the app in their smartphones. Choose items, brands or categories and get an email alert when the same goes on the sale. The sale alert option is the best companion of women, who love to shop till they drop!

Download ShopStyle for iOS | Download ShopStyle for Android

11) Starbucks

starbuck App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidStarbucks is woman’s best food partner. A hungry woman would always look up to Starbucks, which offers rewards points, special deals, location finder, mobile pay, and more. Coming up on Starbucks’ menu is pumpkin spice latte season….now you can’t wait for the Fall, can you?

Download Starbucks for iOS | Download Starbucks for Android

12) Flipboard

flipboard App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidGet all the breaking news, articles, blogs and important content at one place. Download Flipboard to browse easy-to-digest news and social media content in a magazine format. Customize the platform to read the best articles that interest you.

Download Flipboard for iOS | Download Flipboard for Android

13) Spotify

Soptify App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidMusic is the soul of women’s life. Let them enjoy this soulful app. Put all your favourite songs in your clutch with Spotify, which offers free version as well as a premium one that allows you to download songs offline.

Download Spotify for iOS | Download Spotify for Android

14) VSCO

Vsco App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidVSCO is an amazing platform for women, who love their photos more than their life partners. Oops! Sorry for the exaggeration. The app helps you turn your amateur photos into highly museum-worthy. Now you can shoot, edit, and post your beautiful photos in its growing community.

Download VSCO for iOS | Download VSCO for Android

15) ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidWomen are the best bargain hunters, and this ShopSavvy is especially designed and developed for such women shoppers, who love to compare prices before they bring home anything. Never regret to know that your bandanna was available at cheaper price at a store nearby. The app tracks sales from your favourite stores; moreover, it offers a barcode scanning feature to scan the barcodes of items you are planning to shop.

Download ShopSavvy for iOS | Download ShopSavvy for Android

16) Evernote

Evernote App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidThe best note taking app for every woman, who has developed habit of jotting down all their expenses, notes, ideas, tasks, to-do lists and more. The app offers facility of syncing all notes with other devices. Evernote is the best personal assistant of any woman.

Download Evernote for iOS | Download Evernote for Android

17) Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow App for iPhone, iPad and AndroidEve by Glow was earlier known as Ruby by Glow; the app is made for women who want to take decisions of their personal lives. The app helps women to take charge of birth controls, contraception, ovulation, fertility, menstruation, cycle symptoms and trends. This is the only tracker resolves the issues regarding women’s intimate life, menstruation and reproduction health. It is your complete guide to stay healthy from head to toe.

Download Eve by Glow for iOS | Download Eve by Glow for Android

So ladies, download your favorite app and celebrate your day…Happy Women’s Day!

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