If you are using an Android smartphone and want to don a hat of pro-Android user, you should download at least one launcher app on your phone. Launcher apps efficiently organize all your apps on Android phone; Yahoo Aviate is arguably the best Android launcher every user likes to have. But then there are other launchers for Android available on Play Store. Explore this list and download the best launchers for Android.

Launchers for Android phones are must for pro-users, who keep downloading different apps on their smartphones. Launchers easily manage all the apps according to their nature; for example, if you have downloaded Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other such apps, the launcher will manage all these apps in a single folder so that you can easily access these apps.

Launchers for Android were believed to consume more battery, but this should not bother you if you are using the best smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 and Galaxy S7 Edge/S8 +, which run the latest Android N. Basically, these launchers tweak the home screen of your Android devices – smartphones and tablets. Until now, you have had tough time in searching within your phone; not any more. Download any one of the best launcher for Android and quickly operate your smartphones.

Best Launchers for Android

Note that we have selected the best Android launchers of 2017, so that you don’t have to explore Google search engine and you could save some time to write feedback or comment on this list.

#1. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

This one is my favourite and hence it has got first position in the list of Android launcher apps. What started out as a start-up project is now one of the best launcher apps. It stands out with its contextual elements (which you find in EverythingMe Launcher too) that launch apps you need them on particular location and time of day. You can compare its Smart Stream feature with Google Now. Also appreciate its elegant and simple design, which make it a powerful launcher in the category.

Price: Free
Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher

#2. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 never lets you feel that you are using a launcher because this app comes with a stock Android kind of look. But the features will definitely tell you that you are far away from the stock Android. People particularly like its Quick theme, Quickpage and Covers – the three major features of this launcher. Quick theme uses the background to decide the theme accents; Covers has revolutionized folder management and Quickpage is similar to a hidden home page.

Price: Free
Download Action Launcher 3

#3. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher sets itself apart from other launchers (including Action Launcher, which with Apex is normally compared) with features like transition animations, scrolling, and scrolling dock. If you have already checked Action Launcher, you will be able to gauge striking similarity between the two launcher apps. If you are in the habit of playing with themes, Apex Launcher provides you many themes available on the Google Play Store. The launcher also supports icon packs.

Price: Free
Download Apex Launcher

#4. Buzz Launcher

With 800,000 downloadable configurations, Buzz Launcher offers you to change Home screen of your Android phone every day, and still you can spend your entire life with different theme. With the help of Homepacks, you can customize and theme Android smartphone’s home screen. If you are not a pro-user, you need some time to get acclimatized with Buzz Launcher as it is complex.

Price: Free
Download Buzz Launcher

#5. CM Launcher

If you wonder that this launcher has something to do with CyanogenMod, you are mistaken. This app is developed by the developers who created CM Security. If you are always in hurry, you should use this CM Launcher as it is light, fast and stable. You can directly integrate this launcher with CM Security as it has built-in antivirus. Like Yahoo Aviate, this launcher also tries to tell you which apps you need based on your location and time of the day.

Price: Free
Download CM Launcher

#6. GO Launcher EX

More than 100 million installations speak volumes of the success, popularity, and usefulness of GO Launcher EX. Credit goes to its simple and extensive theming options. Even though the launcher has extremely simple set of features, it is well adopted by users as it boasts tons of themes with the accessibility of icon packs. Quite easy to use so that naive Android users have happily accepted this GO Launcher EX.

Price: Free
Download GO Launcher EX

#7. Google Now Launcher

If you adore Google as brand, you would certainly like to develop some fascination with Google Now Launcher, which gels well with your Android device. Just speak “Okay, Google” and you are on; appreciate hot word integration, translucent theming elements, and other cool features. The minimalist attitude of this launcher is quite evident for Nexus users, who turn on their smartphones for the first time. This minimalism prevents the launcher from being powerful or highly customizable; but it has its own takers for it is slim and quick.

Price: Free
Download Google Now Launcher

#8. Launcher 8

Convert your Android device into Windows Phone. This proselytizing deprives your phone from any Android disposition. Build widgets into Windows Phone like live tiles by using this launcher; it gives you similar experience as you would have on any Windows Phone. Explore other beautiful features that actually make it a superior Android launcher app.

Price: Free
Download Launcher 8

#9. Lightning Launcher

It is certainly not popular among the class but has successfully impressed the mass, and hence, it has found place in this list. This launcher uses minimum of resources from your Android device. The number of features is less but they can surely amaze you with limitless home screens; moreover, the launcher can be installed on any Android device irrespective of its low-end price or date of manufacturing.

Price: Free
Download Lightning Launcher

#10. Nova Launcher

Nova is touted as “Everyone’s favorite launcher”. It is highly customizable launcher for the latest Android devices. Start with the configuration of rows and columns by tapping on Custom Grid; place all your apps and widgets in this Custom Grid. This launcher app allows you to use scrollable dock to keep all your preferred apps on the dock; you can put seven icons per page and you can use up to 3 pages. Also use Infinite Scroll, Folder Icons, Backup/Restore features for free. Gestures, Hide Apps, Icon Swipes, and Drawer Groups are for prime users.

Price: Free
Download Nova Launcher App

#11. Next Launcher 3D Shell

Developed by the developers of GO Launcher, Next Launcher 3D Shell is the unique Android launcher apps in the list. Admire its 3D style home screen design that exploits the scroll tab on the right side to go to any home screen you have created. This 3D launcher for android also boasts exclusive icon designs, themes, and a distinctive list of widgets; if you are ready to shell out some bucks, you will have more stuff. Buy anything from in-app purchases of the free version and you will have to pay less than the list price.

Price: Free
Download Next Launcher 3D Shell

Launcher apps have got wide recognition worldwide simply because of their usefulness and convenience they offer to make the most of Android phones. If you have been using any best launchers for Android, you can share your experience and feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.



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