When it comes to travelling, what is the first concern that creeps up to your mind? Well, it’s always security of yourself and your belongings. No matter, the destination you are heading to, it is advisable to take your security seriously. What if your essential belongings like passport, money, and other stuff get stolen during travels? Well, we are not trying to scare you off from travelling, but it’s always better to adopt preventive measures rather than facing a troublesome situation. To keep yourself and your possessions protected, check this list of best anti-theft travel bags in 2017.

These best anti-theft backpacks will safeguard your belongings from being stolen while you are travelling. Let’s have a look on this list of best anti-theft travel bags in 2017.

Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags

Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags in 2017

#1. Kopack

Hanke Anti-Theft Travel Bag

The stealth zipper design of this Kopack anti-theft travel backpack, makes it completely secure from the thieves while you travel via busy stations or places. The scan smart feature will be fully open at 90-180 degree. You can pack all your stuff easily in the 10+ slots provided in the bag. You can securely keep your laptop in the back side of the bag for additional security. The pocket at the back bottom and the private pocket at the side will keep your phone and wallet safe. It is water-resistant and comes with 2 luminous linings that glow in the dark.

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#2. Oscaurt

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Bag

Made with the anti-theft design technology, this backpack has a completely hidden main pocket in the back. This makes it difficult for the thieves to open your backpack and thus your belongings will be highly secure while you are travelling. It also consists of a secret pocket in the backside. The external USB along with a charging cable in the bag will provide convenient charging for your smartphone with the help of your power bank. This bag is very light-weight and since it will provide good ventilation, you will not feel hot while carrying this bag. A great bag if you are travelling in summers.

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#3. Travelon

Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Bag

This is one of the best anti-theft travel bags combines both fashion and function together and gives the best security for your belongings. It is made of slash-resistance design, compartments that can be easily locked, and strap that can be easily locked and are slash-resistance. The main compartment is very roomy and it has a RFID blocking card as well as passport slots, to keep them safe from being stolen. The wall pocket is zipped and it has a key clip with a LED light. A hidden slash pocket, suitable for smartphones is present under the flap of the bag.

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JOYELIFE Anti-Theft Travel Bag

It has an invisible zipper design that will protect your laptop and other valuable stuff from a theft, while you are travelling by public transports or travelling to a new place. It has one main compartment whose zipper is hidden against the user’s bag. The zipper is durable and strong and will not unzip in the case of a theft. You can put your wallet, smartphone, passports, and other important stuff in the main pocket secured by the zipper. It also comes with a power cord and charging point.

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#5. CoolBell

CoolBell Anti-Theft Travel Bag

It is one of the best anti-theft travel bag designed with an anti-theft design. The main compartment present inside the bag is kept hidden, so that no one can see what you have kept in your bag, while you unzip and zip it. It does not have any zippers present on the outside and thus no worries of taking acre of the items kept in an outer pocket. It comes with a compartment for laptop, 2 compartments for tablets, four slots for pen, etc. It’s safe for a city life as well as while you travel outside the city.

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#6. Uoobag

Uoobag Anti-Theft Travel Bag

Manufactured by Uoobag, this is a professional anti-theft backpack, which has dual-zippers that make your belongings safe and secure. It is a light-weight bag which makes it easy for you to carry your belongings while travelling. It consists of one anti-theft laptop pocket, one pocket for keeping your iPad, one main compartment, two side pockets for keeping bottles, and other pockets for storing your wallet, passport, pens, and other stuff. It is one of the best anti-theft travel bag for men and women both.

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#7. Mancro

Mancro Anti-Theft Travel Bag

The Mancro anti-theft bag gives private space to your belongings by offering theft-proof metal zippers having a combination lock. It protects your laptop, wallet, passport, and other valuables by theft incidents. It contains three main pockets, two sealed pockets for extra security, and nine small pockets. It is equipped with an external USB that has an inbuilt charging cable, which when connected with a power bank/portable charger will easily charge your phone.

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#8. Hanke

Hanke Anti-Theft Travel Bag

This anti-theft backpack has a hidden zipper design which hides the compartments from thieves in the case of potential theft. Hence, this will keep all your belongings safe and sound, without making you worry about them. The left side contains a hidden pocket that is not visible from the outside and can be used for keeping your phone safely. The back side also consists of a zipper pocket that can be used for keeping your important items. You can keep valuable items like laptop, wallets, iPad, passports, etc. in the hidden compartments to keep them safe from thieves.

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#9. Susoon

Sosoon Anti-Theft Travel Bag

Sold by Susoon, this backpack consists of a main zipper pocket that cannot be unzipped by a thief while you are traveling. You can easily keep all your items like laptops, wallet, clothes, shoes, etc. without any mess. It also has a quick-access pocket, which you can use for keeping your passport, ID card, travel card, ticket, etc. in a secured yet easy to access place. It can be used for business trips, for going to college, or for going for trips.

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#10. Bopai

Bopai Anti-Theft Travel Bag

This is a brand that is loved for its best anti-theft travel bags for women and men both. The concealed zipper design makes it impossible for the thieves to unzip your backpack while you are travelling in a crowded place. It has a hidden zip pocket on the back, which you can use for keeping your wallet, passport, etc. safe. It also has a card pocket which is not visible and you can use it for keeping your ticket, passport, subway ticket, ID card, etc. for accessing them easily.

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