Even though Mac users around the world are lucky enough to dodge some of the most notorious viruses and ransomware like WannaCry, this does not imply that they will never ever get to face such cyber attack in the near future. There is no doubt in the fact that the Mac developers go an extra mile in ensuring that there are always fewer threats for the Mac users from virus and malware. But prevention is better than cure, and therefore, you should buy the best Antivirus software for Mac.

We have created a list of top rated paid and free Mac Antivirus software to protect your Mac. In this digital world, nothing is highly secured and even the most technically competent users might fall prey to these malicious viruses and malware. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the Mac users can also encounter a phishing attack or their systems might also get hacked by malware while downloading a file or simply by going online.

Best Antivirus for Mac

Why Antivirus Software?

While working on a presentation for a very important business meeting, the last thing that you will want to happen is a virus attack on your system. Therefore, it gets really essential to ensure that you install an antivirus on your Mac in order to safeguard it from ransomware or any virus attack. In this article, we have compiled some of the best antivirus software for Mac that will save your Mac from these gifts of Satan himself, i.e. the viruses.

Best Antivirus Software for MacBook Pro and Air 2018

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Avast Norton Security
Bitdefender Kaspersky
ESET Intego Mac
AVG McAfee
Sophos F- Secure


Ok folks, now it’s the time to discover some of the best antivirus software that you can install on your Mac. This list has been compiled by installing these antiviruses in our own Mac and doing a thorough research on their features. Have a look.

#1. Avast!

The first antivirus software that made it to our list is Avast. This antivirus guard against the malware with real-time protection and keeps a check on the malicious viruses and malware. When performing a scan, it checks emails, folders, subfolders, and even attached devices and shows the possible threats to the user for taking further action. What’s more, it is absolutely free of cost and has a highly interactive and simple user interface.

Download Avast on Mac

#2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is antivirus software that will keep a check on your entire Mac data as well as the attached devices. It has a very less system impact, which means that it will keep on protecting your data and will not even get to know about it. It makes use of both signature and heuristic detection; it gives protection against all kinds of threats. It keeps checking on your Mac while you browse the web and makes sure that no malware or virus escapes its security check.

Download Bitdefender on Mac

#3. ESET Cyber Security

The ESET Cyber Security antivirus software offers everything that you could have asked in antivirus software. Right from the parental controls to educational modules; web browsing protection to firewall protection, it offers a plethora of features to the Mac users. By selecting a 2-year license, you can save as much as 25%. If you want to try your hands on this antivirus software, then you can give a try to its trial version that is made available free of cost for a period of 30 days.

Download ESET on Mac

#4. AVG for Mac

AVG is one of that antivirus software which successfully managed to detect 100% malware that was made to pass through it. Since it has a bigger impact on performance i.e. it came into notice while running in the background doing malware detection. It is available in two versions – Trial and Pro. The trial version offers a few features and the Pro version gives your Mac the complete security it deserves.

Download AVG on Mac

#5. Norton Security

With a 99.17% detection of malware and viruses, we have placed Norton Security at the 5th position. Even if it’s not the fastest (as compared to the ones that have 100% detection power), it’s surely antivirus software that we would like to recommend. You can buy this Semantic’s product for a single Mac and for some additional amount; you can even extend its protection to up to 5 Mac systems. Moreover, you can also save some bucks by buying the 2-year license.

Download Norton Security on Mac

#6. Kaspersky

This antivirus gives around 99.17% detection of threats from the virus, malware, and other harmful data for your Mac. In addition to this, it ensures safer banking software and for a very less amount of money, gives you full Internet security. You can try your hands on its trial version that is provided free of cost for 30 days. Isn’t it cool?

Download Kaspersky on Mac

#7. Intego Mac

In addition to the basic firewall protection and parental security, this anti-virus offers a set of features like scheduled scanning, quarantine suspicious files, scanning email files and much more. It can even scan the attached OS X tools easily. You can get all these features at a decent pricing.

Download Intego on Mac

#8. McAfee

Even though it comes at a higher pricing range, McAfee offers features like safe web browsing, firewall protection, malware blocking, removing viruses from files, etc. which makes the software worth buying. It is highly recommended antivirus software as it is a complete package for overall protection of your Mac.

Download McAfee on Mac

#9. Sophos

If you want to pick out the best free antivirus software for Mac, it is this. It just asks for some personal details from your side and detects around 99.17% of threats to your Mac. You will get all of this for free. Yes, you heard it right free. Depending on the system specs you have, the performance might differ a bit. But all in all, it is a great product.

Download Sophos on Mac

#10. F-Secure

This is free and low-featured anti-virus software that does a pretty decent job while scanning a Mac for viruses and malware. It scans the entire Mac for viruses and reports if finds any. In addition to this, it also offers Firewall protection. For all those who want to stick to antivirus basics, this is a decent option.

Download F-Secure on Mac

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We hope that you liked our selection of the best antivirus for Mac in 2018. In case, you think we missed out any other better antivirus in the list to add then feel free to let us know about it in the comments section below. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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