Accessories makers take great care of all gadgets you are using. For iPhone users, they get the best products to protect all their devices, including iPhone accessories. Recently, Apple launched its two flagship phones – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With the two smartphones, Apple also introduced AirPods, which are high quality Bluetooth earbuds.

Apple has designed the AirPods in such a way that if you lose one pod, the other one becomes useless. This forces users to keep the two pods together always. And to keep the two together, Apple gives users a charging case. But this constant friendship obviously causes friction between the two AirPods. After a long time, you pods begin to age and you need to replace them.

It is better to protect your pods with some smart accessories. This list includes the best AirPods cover and skin cover that work as protective layer on the pods. Check the material, design, and colour used in making these Apple AirPods covers. Each Apple AirPods cover is unique in style and design. (Check this article if you are looking for best AirPods Carrying cases)

Best Apple AirPods Covers

1. Pcerb

Earpods Apple AirPods Skin Cover

For your Apple AirPods, Pcerb brings soft and comfortable Apple Airpods Skins. The lightweight covers are easy to carry; in fact, you don’t need to carry them, simply cover your Apple earpods with the skin covers and protect the pods from dust and dirt. These skin covers are perfect companion of fitness freaks, who workout every day; it is great for running, cycling and other fitness activities. The headsets will firmly stick in your ears and therefore, the pods will not fall.

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2. EarSkinz

EarSkinz Apple AirPods Skin Cover

Experience superior level of comfort in your ears with EarSkinz Apple Airpods Earbuds Cover for Apple AirPods. Apple has made all products comfortable except the earpods. And therefore, this third-party pair of cover for AirPods was a long-standing demand from users. The covers easily fit in your ears; now, you don’t need to worry about earbuds while you are chasing your fitness goals every morning. EarSkinz’s patented design stabilizes your Apple EarPods and keeps them snug.

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3. Trampoline Tents 4 U

EarPodz Apple AirPods Skin Cover

If you are tired of adjusting Apple AirPods during your fitness activities, it is time you bring home Trampoline Tents 4 U earpod covers. These skin covers quickly remove the hassle of adjusting Apple AirPods, especially while you are listening to your favourite songs and music during exercise. Made of superior quality elastomers, these skin covers firmly settle in your ears and give you extra support by conforming to the groove of your inner ear. Just install the covers on your Apple AirPods and enjoy the freedom to move carefree.

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SIKAI Apple AirPods Skin Cover

If you care about your Apple AirPods, which are quite costly, you need to buy the best skin covers. Sikaicase presents skin covers made of soft silicone, which stops your earpods from dropping or falling. At the same time, these covers protect your earpods from accidental drops and scratches. You can use your AirPods for long time and get the best of them. The anti-slip quality of these skin covers tightly secures your earpods in your ears.

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5. Earplus

Earplus Apple AirPods Skin Cover

Experience extreme fit for your Apple AirPods with Earplus skin covers. Stop adjusting your Apple EarPods while you are busy in your fitness activities at gym or home. These skin covers easily remove the hassle of fiddling with Apple’s earbuds that were introduced during the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These earpods are made of the best quality elastomers, which provide comfortable grip in your ears and also supply extra support by adjusting to the groove of your inner ear.

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6. EarBuddyz

EarBuddyz Airpods Skin Cover

When you buy an iPhone or an iPad, you get hands-free with the package. Everybody knows that earpods of those hands-free are slippery and do not fit properly into ears. To solve this problem, EarBuddyz brings iPhone/iPod earpod covers to get rid of the fuss and hassle of adjusting those earpods. These covers can be perfect companions of joggers and fitness freaks, who do a lot of exercise every day. The earpod covers securely fit into your ears and give extra support to the groove of inner ear. The covers are made from UltraSoft Elastomers and therefore, you get extreme comfort while you are listening to music or watching videos.

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Which Apple AirPods cover are you going to buy from the above list? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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