Best Apple AirPods Straps: Potent Safekeeping Accessories for AirPods

AirPods are the new wireless headphones from Apple that are supposed to do a fair job of replacing your older 3.5 mm jack headphones. Although AirPods are quite a new product, there are already many best Apple AirPods alternatives available in the markets like the Yikeshu Apple AirPods to rival Apple’s latest creation.

AirPods straps are best used as guards of your pricey AirPods. The problem, however, with these itsy-bitsy Pods are that it’s difficult to keep track of them. Thankfully, you can now Find Lost AirPods Using “Find My AirPods” on iPhone.

Some of the players in the accessory market have introduced a very simple yet apparently useful product in the form of the Apple AirPods Straps.

Before knowing about them if you are an AirPods user, then get to know more about the AirPods by reading how to pair Airpods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV and pair Airpods with Android, Windows and other Bluetooth devices.

Basically, this product consists of a wire between your AirPods enabling you to let them hang around your neck. This wire’s design is very reminiscent of the regular wireless in-ear headphones from other popular brands.

For instance, if you own an AirPods Strap for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, you will find that it will be like an attachment letting you link the two AirPod pieces together so that you don’t lose them easily. Given below is a list of the different Apple AirPods strap products available on the market.

Best Apple AirPods Straps for iPhone

12 Best Apple Airpods Straps

1. Spigen

Spigen Apple AirPods Strap

Spigen have come up with this AirPod strap that’s quite lightweight and very compact. This helps you take your AirPods out with you on your travels without the worry about getting them lost.

Being equally durable, this Spigen AirPod Strap firmly holds your AirPods for improved steadiness and safety.

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2. Shalwinn

Shalwinn Apple AirPods Strap

This strap is made of robust yet feather light silicone material. It is very easy to use, install and remove when not needed. This AirPod Strap is a useful companion to keep your Pods in place connecting both the pieces.

The tangle-free wire is easy to manage and store. You can just roll or wind it off without fearing formation of kinks.

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3. Alpaca

Alpaca Apple AirPods Strap

This strap is great for usage with your AirPods, especially during workouts or on a long run. When you are not listening, just put them on your shoulders without the need to remove and re-install again.

The cable’s design is flat and is made to be pocket-proof without causing any knots when stored in pockets. The fit is streamlined without any kind of obstructions whatsoever.

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4. Amavasion

Amavasion Apple AirPods Strap

This Amavision product is a well-made utility accessory that helps you make the transition from your regular earphones to AirPods. Even if you drop the AirPods by mistake, the portable strap helps you find them back with ease.

With a solid build, durability is excellent and this makes it a perfect accessory for your more rigorous activities.

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5. Proboths

Proboths Apple AirPods Strap

Proboths offers an AirPod strap that is made of cotton and has a length of around 75cm. It is nicely long enough to easily hang around the neck or stay within your pocket without getting tangled.

Another advantage with these straps is that you get vivid colors to choose them according to your tastes. The high quality material used makes the straps very soft and convenient.

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6. AirEars

AirEars Apple AirPods Strap

These are among the more secure strap available out there. Even during strenuous physical activity such as during running or working out, the strap keeps your AirPods firmly in place.

The look and feel of the strap is premium enough to go right along with Apple’s plush AirPods. You can even use the strap to listen with one AirPod while keeping the other connected end within your pocket thereby getting a lot of flexibility in the method of usage.

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7. iAbler

iAbler Apple AirPods Strap

Listening to music can at times make us get lost in our own little world and we may forget that the AirPods are quite unlike the regular earphones, leading to possible misplacing or even losing of these products.

AirPods strap, especially very good ones like the iAbler, makes it easy to keep your AirPods from getting lost. iAbler helps you keep your AirPods safe with a nicely made compact strap.

These are long-lasting due to the high quality of their build.

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8. i-Blason

i-Blason AirPods Strap

i-Blason’s behind-the-ear design provides you ultimate comfort and protection to your AirPods. Now you can continue your workout session without having to worry about accidental drops or falls.

The ear-fitting strap is 18-inch long and offers universal reach and function. You can select your favourite colour from five different colours. Install the strap fast and easily.

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9. EloBeth

EloBeth Apple AirPods Strap

EloBeth does the usual safekeeping in a bit more trendy way. Aside from the necessary tangle-free wire, easy storage and no knotting, you also get to choose on among the two styles on offer.

The night luminous model is great for a night time functioning. Well suited to iPhone 7 and 7 plus, these straps are perfect for freedom of movement of the AirPods. There is a simple clip design aiding with organization and storage.

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CONMDEX Apple AirPods Strap

If you are an Apple AirPods user and also an avid enthusiast about physical activity such as running, cycling, or other forms of extreme sport, then you should try getting this AirPod strap on Amazon.

These are made with environmentally safe material in silica gel that also adds to its durability and firmness. The form factor is very elegant and fit for matching the looks of a premium Apple product.

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11. Stouch

Stouch Apple AirPods Strap

Stouch is among the most graceful AirPod strap that keeps the AirPods safe in an intelligent manner. It is also quite fashionable in the way it connects the AirPods.

The silicon buds quite easily attach the tapper to the Apple AirPods. This accessory is great for all kinds of users right from those who love a quiet time with their music to those live life at a frenzied pace.

Made of edible silicone material it is very much skin-friendly and non-hazardous.

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12. Brooklyn Audio Labs

Brooklyn Audio Labs AirPods Strap

Brooklyn Audio Labs provide compact and comfortable AirPods strap that are extremely durable. Made from light silicone, this clear colour strap is almost invisible. When you want to charge your AirPods, you can easily take them out. The straps offer incredible grip on your pads so that you can comfortably wear the pods during workout and daily life.

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What is your take on these best Airpods Straps? Do you want to use your AirPods like the regular high- end earphones? Try one of these straps and let us know. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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