Best Apple Pencil Accessories: Expand the Scope of Your New Digital Companion

Apple Pencil has acquired a constant stream of admirers right from its launch in 2015. The amazing range of features such as the pressure and tilt sensitivity and a lovely clean surface makes it distinct from its competitors. With its popularity, the Apple community as well as the third-party manufacturers have come up with some of the best Apple Pencil Accessories that add interesting functionality to the device.

As the device is extremely sleek and has a slim design, it makes carrying the Pencil a difficult task. Best Apple Pencil accessories give your stylus extra features, enhance its already good looks, and most importantly keep it safe during travels. Let us take a look at our list of best accessories for Apple Pencil to help you select the ones that suit your needs.

Best Apple Pencil Accessories

Best Apple Pencil Accessories

#1. TechMatte Charging Adapter

The TechMatte charging adapter is a flexible accessory that can be connected to the Pencil at its charging end. The other end goes into the iPad Pro, charging it simultaneously. The charging adapter allows you to place the Pencil beside the iPad Pro during charging instead of inserting it into the iPad Pro port. This makes it easier to charge your Pencil in a convenient and direct manner.

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#2. MoKo Pencil Holder Case

MoKo Apple Pencil Holder Case

The MoKo Apple Pencil holder case is aptly made for your Pencil. It helps in shielding the tool from shocks and scrapes and also keeps it safe from dirt and other regular hazards. Made with top class PU leather combined with a scratch-proof microfiber interior, this case is convenient as well as protective. There is an inbuilt leather pocket and elastic strap that provides safety and storage space for smaller accessories.

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#3. Cozy Industries Cap Case

Cap case for Apple Pencils

This Cap case fits Apple Pencils neatly and is a well-designed stylus cover providing great protection with refinement and robustness to your Pencil. This Cap case helps to keep the Pencil steady and prevents it from rolling off from uneven surfaces. You get to choose from different attractive colors to make it more exciting. Constructed with durable silicone rubber, the cap wraps around the Pencil body perfectly and gives a compact fit.

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#4. Plus Ergo Grip

Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

This is a well-made, ergonomically designed, Apple Pencil grip. It is almost two times wide as the Apple Pencil. Delicate and supportive silicone is used to make this accessory and it offers excellent traction for ensuring a stable grip. Plus Ergo fits the Pencil like a glove and does not come off even during dynamic movements.

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Pigma Micron Pen is ideally suited to those of you interested in graphic art, illustrations, freehand art, and other such creative endeavors. It is also useful for fabric design using a complete cotton fabric, giving wonderful results. This meets the ASTM and ACMI non-toxicity regulations and gives archive level ink that stays indelibly without fading. The ink is also waterproof and chemical proof. This fits perfectly as an Apple Pencil clip.

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#6. Fisher Chrome Clip

Fisher Chrome Clip for Apple Pencil

Sometimes, even a simple accessory can provide you with a useful functionality that you may have been looking for on your Pencil. This Fisher product is one such accessory. It is a compatible Apple Pencil clip. It is actually a chrome bullet clip accessory that can be added to your Pencil for additional convenience particularly when you carry it.

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#7. G-Case Case

The G-Case is a soft leather case for the Apple Pencil made with original leather. It suits and wraps around the Pencil flawlessly and provides impressive protective cover. The design is graceful with a small G-Case brand logo embossed on it. It gives your Pencil a royal look with the true leather feel.

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#8. FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve

FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil

FRTMA Apple Pencil sleeve has 6 magnets embedded into a silicone sleeve side. These magnets are responsible for attaching your Pencil to the front portion of the iPad Pro or any other magnet friendly surface. This sleeve possesses two added self-attaching metal strips that you can link to any surface for rapidly placing your Pencil wherever you desire to. The sleeve is quite easy to install and adjust on your Pencil. You also get five different colors to choose from as a bonus.

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#9. Stylus Sling holder

Stylus Sling holder for Apple Pencil

This is an Apple Pencil holder to be used with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It fits the Pencil perfectly well and also offers easy access. The pocket is nicely sized so that you hold the stylus when taking it off and not the cap. It has a patent-pending design that also comes with a USB adapter pocket for multipurpose usage. Overall, you get quick access to your Pencil with this sling holder and it also comes with a chic design to remain sleek without adding pocket bulk.

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#10. Thankscase Charging Stand

The Thankscase Charging Stand is a type of Apple Pencil dock that has an aluminum stand and an inbuilt charging adapter cable. It lets you charge the device directly using the USB socket. The design is compact and the coloring is pretty with a neatly textured design.

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