If you have iPad Pro, we know how tough it gets to use it without a digital stylus. I bought one last week and it got really difficult to work on the iPad. However, the problem does not lie in buying the Apple Pencil, but the money that one has to invest in order to buy it – $99. Yes, you read that right, the official Apple Pencil will cost you $99, which to be very honest is overpriced. And therefore, it is wiser to buy the best Apple Pencil alternatives.

If you are one of the users who want to enjoy the benefits of a digital stylus but are not eager to spend so much on a digital stylus, we got you covered. In this write-up, we have brought some of the best alternatives for Apple Pencil that you can purchase without spending a huge sum of money.

Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

#1. FiftyThree Digital Stylus

FiftyThree Apple Pencil Alternative

It is one of the best alternatives to Apple Pencil for iPad Pro styluses available in the market. In addition to iPad Pro, it is compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 3+, iPad 4s and other models as well. You can draw lines of variant sizes without going through the hassles of changing the settings. While drawing the lines, in case you make a mistake, just flip the pencil and it will work exactly like an eraser. It is pressure sensitive, and supports palm rejection. This means that you will not need to make a lot of changes in the settings.

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#2. Navitech

Navitech Apple Pencil Alternative

It is a fine-point technology and mid-range stylus, which is easily recognized on multiple touch platforms. It might not be as good as FiftyThree but it performs well for daily usage. The Navitech stylus does not need Bluetooth for operating. Once the battery is placed in the stylus, it is ready for sketching and writing on the iPad Pro. It has a fine-point stylus with a tip of 2.3mm and delivers the best writing experience on all the smartphones and tablets available.

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#3. Besgoods Stylus Touch

Besgoods Apple Pencil Alternative

If you are up for a bulk deal of the Apple pencil, then Besgoods’ 10-piece collection will be the best alternatives to Apple Pencil. It is a basic stylus and it would be better for daily use rather than professional usage. It has a soft padded tip and thus, it will leave no scratches on the surface of your touch devices. It also has a clip that makes it easy for you to clamp it in your pocket. It is available in 6 attractive colors and its body is filled with sparkles. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC, Google Lexus and much more.

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#4. MoKo Stylus

Moko Apple Pencil Alternative

It is similar to Besgoods stylus but you will not get any combo deal with it. It is a great alternative for Apple Pencil as it works on almost all the touch screens like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. It is designed in the shape of a pen and hence it can be easily used for taking notes. The soft tip of the pen will save your iPad’s touch screen from scratches and will function very effectively on your devices. It is available in a lot of colors like black, red, silver, etc.

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#5. iKross

iKross Apple Pencil Alternative

Available in a 3-pack set, the iKross stylus is stylus set that comes with replaceable tips. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use on all the touch devices. The soft tip does not leave scratches in the surface of the iPad and is suitable for both small and large hands. It is perfect for typing, drawing apps, writing, browsing and even playing games. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and smartphones like Microsoft, HP, Acer, Asus, etc. It is one of the most used alternatives to Apple pencil for iPad.

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