Best Apple TV Wall Mount: Use Wall Mount Bracket for Better Stability

The new Apple TV 4k is definitely a looker on any TV stand with its all black coloring and a compact form factor. However, you may come across some issues with wall-mounted, ultra-minimalist setups with exposed cables. Moving Apple TV from a regular stand to the back of your HDTV lets you reduce the cable clutter by using an extremely short HDMI cord directly to the player. This will result in a cleaner looking setup with the best Apple TV mount behind TV.

Any top quality wall mount works similarly with the player sliding into a harness attached to the back of your HDTV using clips or adhesives. As part of being in the Apple verse you would already be used to specific device based accessories such as Apple TV Gaming Controller and Apple TV Speakers.

Similarly, these wall mounts are particularly important if you are sick of your Apple TV just hanging from its cords or accumulating dust on your TV stand.

With a proper Apple TV Wall mount, you can display it properly and enjoy your favorite entertainment. Given below are some of the best Apple TV mounts for you to choose from.

Best Apple TV Wall Mount

Best Apple TV Mounts

#1. Total Mount Compatible with the Apple TV 4K

TotalMount Compatible with the Apple TV 4

This Total Mount provides a great solution for safely positioning your Apple TV at just the right spot so that you don’t have to tunnel an HDMI cable or have to take other time-consuming, expensive efforts. This is designed exclusively for the new Apple TV 4K and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Apple TVs. It is apt for wall-mounted televisions and attaches the Apple TV to the back of the television. This mounting shelf is also compatible with some of the older Apple TV versions.

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#2. Total Mount Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs

TotalMount Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV

This Apple TV wall mount that is also compatible with the 2nd generation requires no tunneling through the wall. By simply attaching your Apple TV to your TV you can get direct HDMI port access on your television. This makes for a quick and easy installation. This is not compatible with the latest black 4th gen Apple TV, but works flawlessly with the older versions. You just need to have about 2.5 inches of clearance space behind the TV for wall mounting bracket.

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#3. ReliaMount

ReliaMount Apple TV Wall Mount

Reliamount’s newly designed Mount for Apple TV 4k and 4th Generation helps people to place their Apple TV at just the perfect place. Using a special adhesive, you can attach the Apple TV to the rear of your TV and enjoy the clutter-free appearance. This way you also don’t have to bore a hole in your wall for HDMI cables as you can get access to the TV’s HDMI port with ease.

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#4. HIDEit

HIDEit Apple TV Wall Mount

With this Apple TV 4 mounting shelf, you can save space and also safeguard your media device from critters, liquid spills and mischievous kids. This is a strong and stable mounting Shelf with cold-rolled heavy-gauge steel build. The presence of black matte powder coating protects components from scratches and nicks. The design is perfect and you get complete access to ports and connectors. The design also lets you to mount in direction for added flexibility.

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#5. QualGear

QualGear Apple TV Wall Mount

This QualGear Apple TV Wall mount has a very easy installation and gives you multiple mounting options. You can attach to your HDTV or you also mount to wall or ceiling surface depending on the clearance and space available. The package comes with proper pre-sorted hardware that makes the installation process a whole lot easier. There is mounting included in the package for attaching to wooden studs or wall surfaces.

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#6. MountPlus

MountPlus Apple TV Wall Mount

MountPlus gives you a single glass shelf cable management system. This can be put to use with or without a Plasma or LCD mount. The mount unit is very well designed to get accommodated under the display and provides an on wall solution for other components. The shelf is made of tempered glass with metal wall plate. There is a solid steel structure framing the black glass. This is a perfect aesthetic and dimensional fit for your apple TV.

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Apple TV mount is an important accessory that lets you place your entertainment setup in a comfortable and uncluttered way. Which wall mount you are going to buy from the list of best Apple TV mounts?. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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