Given the extraordinary features loaded on Apple Watch, the device is likely to drain battery fast. Unlike Fitbit Ionic smartwatch (which battery lasts up to 5 long days), Apple Watch battery enjoys meagre 24 hours or less lifespan. It is obvious that you have to carry a charger to charge your Apple Watch battery. Though Apple supplies its own battery charger, users would always like to explore other best Apple Watch chargers with magnetic charging cable compatible with Apple Watch 1, Series 2, and Series 3.

Apple Watch chargers are not as simple in design as iPhone chargers. The magnetic charging feature changes the design. The third-party magnetic charging cables are useful when you are travelling abroad or anywhere in your home country. It has been a long-standing complaint of users that the default chargers tend to break from both ends. And therefore, it is your smart decision to buy the best Apple Watch charging cables.

Best Apple Watch Charger with Magnetic Charging Cable

Best Apple Watch Charging Cables [Compatible with Apple Watch 1, Series 2, and Series 3]

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#1. Apple Watch 3M Magnetic Charging Cable

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable


To start off our list of the best charger, we have Apple’s own 3M magnetic charging cable which combines MagSafe technology with Inductive charging. This is the exact same charger you get with the box. The entire system is sealed, with no chances of outside/exposed contact which means total security and safety – something we can always expect from Apple.

The process of charging your watch is also intuitive and user-friendly. All you have to do is take your watch near the magnet, and it will snap in place automatically and start charging.

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#2. OPSO Magnetic Charging Cable

OPSO Apple Watch Charging Cable

If you want something different from the default charger, then you might want to try out this one, which is Apple MFi Certified. It is similarly easy to use, as the stock charger, with magnets that snap onto the back when you take it close. However, this one is bigger than the stock charger which makes room for more absorption. Also, since it is Apple certified, it also uses the same MagSafe technology with inductive charging to recharge your watch’s battery.

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#3. Poweradd Magnetic Charging Dock and Stand

Poweradd Apple Watch Stand With Magnetic Charging Cable

This one is two in one pack of an Apple Watch stand and a detachable 3.3ft magnetic Apple Watch charging cables. This makes it portable, travel-friendly, and more stylish. The stand can also be adjusted to 90 degrees and 37-degree angles for comfortable viewing, even when it is in charge. The stand is made using premium soft silicone padding which makes it scratch-free. Now this one also comes with Apple MFi certification, so you can rest assured that technology authorized by Apple itself is being used to charge your expensive watch.

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#4. Eastern Collective 3 in 1 Apple Watch Charging Cable

Eastern Apple Watch Dock With Charging Cable

With Eastern Collective’s Apple Watch charger, you will get a 5 ft long Nylon cable which adds style and durability over the regular Apple Watch charger. Then there is the Solid Aluminum Dock which can be used as a phone stand to rest your iPhone together with your Apple Watch. And finally, there is the Magnetic Apple Watch Dock. It easily fits onto the docking base. It is intelligently designed so you won’t have to waste time in confusion as to which side of the magnetic cable attaches to your watch. Also, it has a non-slip base making for a better grip with the Dock.

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#5. SiFREE Apple MFI Certified iWatch Charger with Stand

SIFREE Apple Watch Charging Stand

Another one of the Apple Watch Charger with Magnetic Charging Cable, this one also has an aluminum alloy stand bundled with it. The structure is also detachable, making it easily portable. The charging cable is also 3.3ft long, as the original cable, and the charger comes with Apple MFi certification, so you will be getting quite an identical experience. However, the included stand is something which makes it stand out from the default charger, and you can also use it as a place to keep your iPhone as well.

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#6. IQIYI 1.0ft Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch

IQIYI Apple Watch Series 1, 2 and 3 Charging Cable

And now, finally coming down to the last entry on this list. This one is for you if you find the long charging cables unmanageable and need something shorter. With this, you will get a simple 1 ft long magnetic charging cable with Apple Certified magnetic charging module. It also has bigger dimensions in comparison to the stock charger, so it will be more convenient to use with more area of absorption.

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