Best Apple Watch Nike+ Bands and Straps

Gone are the days of health and fitness trackers; bring home the best Apple Watch Nike+ and measure all your fitness activities on daily basis. In collaboration with Nike, Apple has manufactured an exclusive smartwatch especially for fitness enthusiasts. Like other smartwatches, you can personalize your Nike+ with the best Apple Watch Bands. We have sourced the best Apple Watch Series 2 Bands that have nice features.

During installation, you are not supposed to take off Apple Watch Series 2 screen protectors. It is quite easy to remove and install the bands on your smartwatch. Moreover, the watch bands do not prevent you from charging your watch on Apple Watch Charging Stand.

Since we have compiled list of third party Apple Watch Nike+ bands, you won’t find Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel Bands or Apple Watch Series 2 Leather Bands in this collection.

This assortment of Apple Watch Nike+ replacement bands showcases products that are perfectly compatible with Apple Watch Series 2 Case. Check a variety of best Apple Watch Nike + bands and buy the best for you.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Nike+ Replacement Bands

1. Lamshaw

Lamshaw Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Lamshaw brings a beautiful Third Party Apple Watch Nike+ Bands for your Apple Watch Nike+. To match with the sport profile of the watch, this band has got a row of compression-moulded perforations. This design gives ventilation to your skin and provides you much-needed air during your fitness regimen. Since Lamshaw has made this strap with high quality TPU material, it gives you safe and soft feeling when you wear your smartwatch.

Price: $18.39
Buy it from

2. Lwsengme

Lwsengme Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Personalize your Apple Watch Nike+ with this replacement watch band made by Lwsengme. Users can quickly adjust the buckle of this watch band while they are on the go. This band is made of new users and therefore, it can be installed and removed easily. This breathable band is perfect companion of users, who spend more time in gym and other fitness activities.

Price: $19.99
Purchase it from


OULUOQI Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Give your wrist a soft pampering with Ouluoqi’s wrist watch band, which boasts strong yet soft material. Appreciate its pin-and-tuck closure that makes installation and removal quite a breeze. Perforated band offers the best possible ventilation that leaves sweat effect to zero.

Price: $21.99
Order it from

4. ViTech

Vitech Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Low quality watch bands can cause skin allergy or irritation, which further spoils your Apple Watch experience. Thanks to ViTech’s innovative hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel that loves your skin. All the metal parts of this watch band are made of nickel free stainless steel.

Price: $15.98
Shop it from

5. EloBeth

Elobeth Apple Watch Nike+ Band

EloBeth presents an extensive range of Apple Watch Nike+ Straps, from which we have picked up this red/black band. Unlike other watch bands, this never adds weight as it is made of lightweight fluoroelastomer. Crafted from durable material, this band improves ventilation through several holes adjusted in rows.

Price: $18.88
Buy it from

6. Moretek

Moretek Apple Watch Nike+ Band

This replacement band boasts porous design that flaunts an exemplar sport profile. Fitness lovers would certainly love to display this band, which is light and flexible. It is more breathable while you are indulging in sport and fitness activities at gym and outdoors. Moretek has used superior quality silicone material to make it strong and lightweight. The band is a cool companion for climbers, runners, joggers etc.

Price: $10.99
Purchase it from

7. iMiWell

iMiWell Apple Watch Nike+ Band

iMiWell helps you customize your Apple Watch with its completely adjustable silicone sport Apple Watch Nike+ Replacement Bands exclusively designed for Apple Watch Nike+. Display the sportilicious look of your Apple Watch with iMiWell sport watch band that is made of soft silicone with elegant finish. iMiWell has equipped this band with lugs on both ends to help you lock onto your watch securely. Enjoy its effortless and direct installation and one-button removal technology.

Price: $18.99
Order it from

8. Huishang

Huishang Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Huishang gives you the best Apple Watch Nike+ bands that precisely fit on the watch. Fashion forward users like to personalize their Apple Watch with Huishang’s unique replacement band. Huishang has sourced the best durable yet soft material to manufacture a lightweight and strong watch band. Since the band is made of silicone, it is lightweight and removes weight.

Price: $17.99
Shop it from

9. Top4cus

Top4cus Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Top4cus presents a medium and large sized Apple Watch Nike+ bands that perfectly fit on different wrist sizes. This watch band has many holes to fit on small and large size wrist. The band is compatible with Apple Watch first generation, iWatch Series 2 and Nike+. Top4cus has manufactured this band from premium quality TPU material, which is safe and soft.

Price: $19.99
Buy it from

10. FanTEK

FanTEK Apple Watch Nike+ Band

FanTEK offers a highly elegant watch band for your Apple Watch Nike+. Available in medium and large size, this replacement band for your smartwatch personalizes your watch with its beautiful design and eye-catching colours. Unlike ordinary Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ Bands, FanTEK’s lightweight fluoroelastomer reduces weight and gives you better ventilation through its perforations. The built-in lugs on both ends of the watch help you tightly secure your Apple Watch.

Price: $18.88
Order it from

11. Yaber

Yaber Apple Watch Nike+ Band

When you buy this Apple Watch Nike+ band, you buy peace of mind. Yaber has double checked the quality of this replacement band, and therefore, you get the best product and value for your money. Yaber gives you comfort of locking and unlocking the watch band.

Price: $16.98
Shop it from

12. Otmake

Otmake Apple Watch Nike+ Band

Otmake provides a replacement watch band for your Nike+ smartwatch from Apple. Omtake lays special emphasis on the aesthetics of this watch band; this is why, it is great to personalize your Apple Watch Nike+ with Otmake sport band that reduces weight and makes ventilation better through its compression-moulded perforations.

Price: $48.99
Purchase it from

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