Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers: Stay Mobile While Charging Your Smartwatch

Gone are the days when we used to get battery changed for the wrist watches. With frequent technology updates, nothing is left unaltered. Apple’s creation of iWatch is just an extension of this most successful brand out in the market wherein you can simply charge your watch’s battery like you charge your phone. So here we have listed down some of the best Apple Watch portable chargers. (We have also created an awesome list for best Apple Watch Power banks)

These portable chargers for Apple Watch Series 3 and 2 will enable you to make the most out of your watch and its accessory. Since you are buying Apple Watch accessories, you should go for the best products. And therefore, we have sourced the best Apple Watch portable chargers for you.

Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers Compatible With Apple Watch Series 3 & 2

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#1. Oittm

Oittm Apple Watch Portable Charger

Ottim’s best Apple Watch keychain charger is Apple MFi certified. The product boasts a compact design, wireless charger with a capacity of 700mAh and a portable keychain. It makes super easy to charge your iWatch charger via USB charging cable. You simply need to press the on/off button for 3 seconds and when the lights turn blue, you can charge your iWatch. The built-in battery is made polymer with Li-ion specific charging management IC, which protects your device from overheating, excessive current and short circuit. It is a perfect fit for using at home and during travels.

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#2. Smatree

Smatree Apple Watch Portable Charger

Smatree’s best Apple Watch Series 3 & 2 Portable Charger has a built-in battery with a capacity of 3000mAh to charge your iWatch 4-5 times without any interruption. Its compact size enables you to use it wherever you need. However, please note that it is not compatible for Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour bands and you would require to assemble it yourself since it doesn’t have a magnetic charging cable. You get a micros USB cable and a user guide along with the charger.

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#3. Nomad

Nomad Apple Watch Portable Charger

Nomad’s POD charger is one of the best apple watch portable charger which is stylish yet highly efficient to keep your watch charged up for a long weekend. It features an 1800mAh capacity lithium ion battery which charges your watch enough to keep it going for a couple of days. Its twisted Pod’s aluminium top off via two powerful magnets which ensures easy alignment and maintaining a firm grip. With 5V/1A Type A for both 1m and 2m versions of Apple Watch magnetic charging cable, it ensures higher speed. It also features pass through charging which charges the device first and then itself.

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#4. Pantheon

Portable Apple Watch Portable Charger

Pantheon’s portable and wireless keychain charger with a 700mAh battery capacity charges the Apple Watch Series 1 for 3 consecutive times and for Series 2 Apple watch, it charges twice. The battery is made from lithium ion material which makes it highly durable. It is extremely light weight and easy to carry it along, simply hook it to your backpack while travelling and get away with the loaded chargers. The product is certified by Apple to ensure that your Apple Watch is getting high quality accessories. To add on, Pantheon provides 100% money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product.

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#5. MoKo

MoKo Apple Watch Portable Charger

MoKo presents one of the best Apple Watch Series 2 Charging Stand; this charging wallet is made from soft and flexible silicon with anti-scratch properties, keeping your Apple Watch from scratches. It has a secured holder and a wallet design which protects watch’s screen from contact with surface and unnecessary dust particles. It is also compatible with other range of Apple Watches including Series 1. Easy to operate, you simply need to open the protective layer and place your watch on the magnetic charging sensor to fit into the slot.

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#6. Flagpower

Flagpower Apple Watch Portable Charger

Available in two colors including grey and gold, it gives a glossy matte finish to add to your personal style. One of the best Apple Watch portable charger has a microcomputer electronics system to reach wireless charging by simply getting your Apple Watch in touch with the magnetic point. Its metal shell provides best visual and optical experience. It is a patent design and Flagpower guarantees safety of the product with premium construction and certification. The manufacturer also offers 3 years warranty and 60 days money-back guarantee in case you don’t find the product satisfactory.

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#7. Archeer

Archeer Apple Watch Portable Charger

Convert your Apply Watch Magnetic Charging Cable into an Apple Watch charging dock by simply wrapping the cable to its internal winder. This is one of the best Apple watch portable charger that has a built-in 1500 mAh Lithium ion battery pack. You just need to connect the dock to a lightning cable which charges the battery pack and Apple Watch. It is designed for maximum efficiency and safety and also features multiple safeguards to protect against overcurrent, overheating and short circuit which makes it totally safe and efficient.

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#8. Griffin Travel Power Bank

Griffin Apple Watch Portable Charger

Griffin Apple Watch keychain charger has an ultra-portable 1050 mAh rechargeable battery which provides 2.5 hours of charges for your Apple Watch. Apple MFi certified, its magnetic charging surface aligns your watch to fit the charging slot where cables are not required. It charges battery via 5-volt USB charger or a USB port. It also has an LED indicator which reflects the charging status. You can simply tag it along with your backpack while you are travelling or simply keep it in your briefcase or handbag.

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#9. Twelve South

Twelve South Apple Watch Portable ChargerTwelve South Apple Watch Portable Charger

Twelve South’s Apple Watch portable charger has set a standard for all the accessories available in the market with its unique design and ideal utility. It is compatible with all Apple Watch Models including Series 1 & 2. It is complemented with a compact travel case and holds magnetic charging disk, power adapter and extra bands to make it a complete package deal for you. It has a built-in coil to manage the extra cable while charging. You can open the case for a multi-angle charging stand. Please note that it does not include charging cable, USB charger or Apple Watch Band.

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The best part of any portable backup battery charger for Apple Watch is that it keeps your smartwatch fully charged wherever you go.

Hope you have found what you have been looking for. Buy the most compatible, stylish, and best Apple Watch portable chargers compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and series 2! Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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