Best Apple Watch Power Banks – Keeps Your Time from Running Out of Power

The Apple watch is one of the most innovative and utilitarian tech devices out there. As with any of the modern smart devices, the innumerable numbers of features cause the battery life to be an issue to be dealt with. This is especially a worry for those of you constantly on the move while using your smart watch extensively. With the best Apple Watch power banks available, you need not fret constantly about the battery level of your watch. (Don’t forget to explore our list of best portable chargers for Apple Watch).

Apple Watch power banks come with different features and in a variety of options just like the Apple Watch Charging Stands, Apple Watch Cases, Apple Watch Screen Protectors and Apple Watch Bands. As the screen usage is primary in a smart watch, the need for power is also equally proportionate. Since the Apple Watch consumes a fair bit of power due to the usage of its revolutionary features, it makes sense to go for the best Apple Watch power bank.

Additionally the existence of accessories like Apple Watch Nike Plus Bands only makes you use your watch infinitely. Choose the best Apple Watch power bank from our following list by deciding on which suits your needs.

Best Apple Watch Power Banks Compatible With Apple Watch Series 3 and 2

Best Power Banks for Apple Watch – Table of Contents
Zens Oittm
UGreen Upow
Smatree Ozzie
ClearGrass Flagpower

#1. ZENS

The Zens Power Cube is a fascinating Apple Watch Power Bank with incredible portability and efficacy. It is quite tiny and provides your Apple watch with up to three times of recharge. This power bank is very easy to use with self-contained functioning, letting you charge on the go effortlessly. With other nifty features such as LED charge indicator, quick magnetic snap and having a compact, cord-free charging, this 1300 mAh power bank definitely offers a lot of positives.

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UGREEN Apple Watch Power Bank

UGREEN offers the best Apple Watch Power bank. This beautifully crafted external battery pack for Apple Watch looks like a keychain, but can charge your Apple Watch and iPhone too in emergency. This magnetic charger is an excellent and mobile way of charging Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition at home, in office or on the way. Its magnets align with connectors automatically when you place your watch on the magnetic charger module. The inductive charging quickly begins to charge your smartwatch. Moreover, you can charge your iPhone simultaneously with Apple Watch.

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#3. Smatree

Smatree Apple Watch Power Bank

This Smatree Portable Apple Watch Charging Case is designed with sole purpose of charging and storing for your Apple Watch. This is a unique product that combines the utility of a case along with the primary functionality of charging your watch. The case design provides natural protection along with convenient carrying when on the go.

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#4. ClearGrass

ClearGrass Apple Watch Power Bank

An aesthetically stunning Apple Watch charging case, the ClearGrass Amber is wonderful for portability. Being designed like a case, it safeguards your watch nicely. With the design ensuring no tangling of wires and also keeping the charging cable hidden in the case, there is no hindrance to the product’s beautiful looks. It also does the main task perfectly well with a 3800 mAh battery present for charging your watch 6 times.

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#5. Archeer

Archeer Apple Watch Power Bank

With this Archeer product, you get an Apple Watch Power Bank for 38 MM and 42 MM that is simple yet secure along with a magnetic charging cable. Made with weighted zinc alloy with a non-slip silicone base, it anchors your watch and cable neatly in place avoiding any falls while charging. The magnetic cable fits perfectly around the winder increasing its style quotient. This charger is well compatible with all 38mm and 42mm apple watch models and most strap styles.

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#6. Oittm

Oittm Apple Watch Power Bank

Oittm’s Apple Watch Portable Charger delivers an extremely safe and easy wireless performance as far as charging your watch is concerned. All you need to do is to drop your Apple Watch on the charging pad and witness the charge growing flawlessly. With a very compact form factor, you can take it anywhere you go without being burdened. The stylish form factor comes in a keychain design and gives a unique vibe while getting job done well.

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#7. Upow

Upow Apple Watch Power Bank

This is a very efficient Apple Watch Portable Travel Charger that also works with Series 2. It helps charge your watch while grasping it safely in a proper position. With a 4000 mAh Grade-A Lithium Polymer Battery, you definitely won’t have to bother about your watch dying on you while traveling. The charging and discharging process is shown by a LED indicator and there is a spool design beneath the shell for keeping the long watch charging cable without cluttering.

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#8. Ozzie

Ozzie Apple Watch Power Bank

This is one of the best Apple Watch Power bank by Ozzie in the form of Apple Watch charger case. With its universal compatibility and Apple MFI certification, this charger case easily charges Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2, Nike+, 42mm and 38mm, iPhone 7/7 Plus/ 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5s Plus, iPad 4/3/2, and iPod. This charger case is made of high quality aluminium material, and therefore, it is ultra-light. At first look, the case can impress you with its classic and elegant body. It can be the best gift to someone you love.

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FLAGPOWER Apple Watch Power Bank

This is a touch based wireless charging power bank for your Apple Watch where you just place your Apple watch on the white magnetic set to get started with the charging. The design is patented and is made of ABS and metal shell for great appearance and haptic feedback. Keychain design makes it stand out from the crowd and it very light weight and compact size makes it a breeze to travel with.

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Do you like this list of best Apple Watch Power Bank? Portable Power Banks for Apple Watch are smart and handy accessories that offer you the necessary additional battery backup for your smart watch while on the go. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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