Mass production of Apple Watch charging docks is followed by the first release of iWatch back in 2015, and subsequent editions. Accessory makers have made a massive progress and now they have come up with a variety of best Apple Watch Series 3 charging docks.

The docking station serves an appealing holder for your Apple Watch Series 3 and ensure a stable charging connection overnight. These stands come in a variety of designs ranging from handcrafted wooden scheme to expensive leather finish, and all these alternatives to match your personality. Take your pick from the list of the best Apple Watch chargers and stands for Series 3.

We have sorted some the top-rated charging stands for iWatch available in flexible price segments. Read the features below to know which will be suitable for your pick.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Docks

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Docks

Apple Watch Series 3 Docking Station

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#1. YoFeW

YoFew Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods Charging Dock

Apart from charging your Apple Watch, this YoFeW charging dock can power up your iPhone and AirPods also. With easy installation of your devices, you can instantly begin to use this product once you unpack it. YoFeW offers anti-scratch rubber and TPU back for Apple Watch and iPhone respectively; the two materials prevent scratching of your devices. Along with this charging dock, you will get two gift charging cables. The aluminum finish of this dock imparts an excellent look, which surely embellishes your workstation.

Price: $39.99
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#2. ONE Dock BEAT Power Station

PressPlay Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Dock

Want to charge your Apple Watch rapidly? Bring home this ONE Dock charging stand from Press Play. If you ask me to highlight any one feature of this product, I would suggest its ability to give perfect viewing angle. Once you install your devices (including iPad and iPhone), you can manage the angle by tilting your devices back and forth. This provides you greater comfort while you are reading eBooks or watching movies on your iPad. For better cable management, simply coil up the cable into a loop beneath the charging dock.

Price: $61.75
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XUNMEJ Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Dock

Unlike above two charging stands, XUNMEJ has kept the design simple, probably to save you from coiling up your charging cable. But this can be a drawback for users as the Apple Watch charging cable will remain dangling. The simple design makes it easy for you to use this charging dock; place your iWatch and iPhone quickly on the dock. This charging station is made of high quality aluminum, which gives superb finish; moreover, the silicone pad provides strong protection to your watch against scratches.

Price: $11.99
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#4. iVAPO

iVAPO Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone Charging Dock

Place this shining charging dock on your workstation and let some eyes get dazzled by its beauty. iVAPO presents a dock that only fits the original lightning cable and Apple Watch magnetic charger. However, its installation is a bit tough task as you have to open the screws with the help of a screwdriver. If you are using any charging dock for the first time, iVAPO gives you a user guide for easy installation. Note that you can charge your iPhone with thin cases on.

Price: $37.99
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#5. Belkin PowerHouse

Belkin Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Dock

Belkin is undoubtedly a renowned brand when it comes to iOS chargers; this charging dock is part of Belkin’s series of iOS charging solutions. This high-end charging stand simultaneously charges your iPhone and iWatch. Its simple design will surely grab your attention; unlike other docks, Belkin has provided a built-in magnetic charger, so just put your watch on the magnetic charger and it will be charged overnight. A single lightning cable can charge two of your most important iOS devices at home or in the office.

Price: $99.95
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DHOUEA Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Dock

Have you got two Apple Watches? If yes, this DHOUEA 2-in-1 charging dock is your perfect pick-up. Along with your iWatch, this power station can also charge your AirPods. Please do not try to put your iPhone or iPad on the lightning cable as there is no support or back to rest your iOS device. The simple design of this charging dock allows you to manage your cables easily.

Price: $22.89
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#7. Satechi

Satechi Apple Watch Series 3 Charging Dock

Satechi presents a charging stand exclusively for Apple Watch. There is no scope left for charging your iPhone, iPad or AirPods on this docking station. This single-pillar stand is an extraordinary piece of decoration to decorate your workstation. The stand firmly stands on any surface as it boasts metal grip providing it stability. You can easily charge your Apple Watch Series 1, 2, and 3 on this charging dock.

Price: $24.99
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#8. elago W2 Stand

Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone Charging Dock

Elago brings uniqueness in the design of charging docks. In fact, this is something really very special or unusual I have seen. Though it seems unusual, it captures my attention; the minimalist design of this stand makes it highly appreciable. At first glance, this dock looks like a paperweight; in fact, you can use it as a paperweight in your office. With this docking station, you can use Nightstand Mode on your Apple Watch Series 3 as you have to place your watch horizontally.

Price: $8.99
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UMTELE Apple Watch, iPhone and. AirPods Charging Dock

UMTELE believes that there is science behind every cool product. While buying a charging dock for your iWatch, you may think of viewing angle. Well, UMTELE considers this and therefore, created this charging stand that offers optimal viewing and easy access to your watch and your iPhone. When you put your devices on a charge, you get the best viewing angle even as you are sitting on a chair or sleeping on your bed. The sturdy aluminum product ensures that it doesn’t break if fallen from a certain height.

Price: $35.90
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JoYeKY Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Dock

JOYKEY brings real joy in your life. This is probably the first charging dock in the list that thinks of your music also, apart from charging your Apple Watch and iPhone. Apparently, there is no connection between the product and your listening to music. But if you look at those holders on that column, you will realize that you can hang your Bluetooth headphones or headsets from those holders. You can install three holders to hang different accessories there; maybe you like to coil up your iPhone or Apple Watch charging cable there.

Price: $42.99
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#11. OLEBR

OLEBR Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Stand

Unlike Elago, OLEBR thinks a step ahead and brings the same design with a twist. While elago’s dock gives little space to put only the watch, OLEBR’s offers more room to accommodate your iPhone also. You can install your cables quickly and start using the dock immediately after unpacking the box. One of the best things about OLEBR’s stand is you can use it to FaceTime on your iPhone while your watch is charged simultaneously.

Price: $19.99
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