Best Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Bands : Great Accessories for the Sports & Fitness Aficionados

The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and GPS + Cellular Model is among the most popular gadgets on the minds of tech fans these days. Along with its multitudes of features, the Apple Watch is also a high-tech fashion accessory and a symbol of style. It is for these reasons that a number of different third-party bands are available for the Apple Watch to spruce up the style quotient. For sports lovers, they can easily pick up a best Apple Watch Series 3 Sports bands compatible with 38mm and 42mm size to match up with their active lifestyle.

The Apple Watch wristbands vary in design and utility and range from simple alternative options to intricately designed chic ones. A typical top quality third Party Apple Watch Sports Band not only captures the refined appearance of the iWatch but also lends incredible flexibility to withstand the dynamic workouts and sports movements seamlessly. We have selected some of the finest Apple Watch 3 Sports bands for you.

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Bands

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Sports Bands [Fits Apple Watch 1 and Series 2 too]

#1. Apple Sport Band

Apple Sport Band for Apple Watch

Before diving into the third-party bands, let us look at Apple’s own offering. The official Apple band is made with smooth and thick material that wraps around your wrist in a convenient manner. There is an efficient pin-and-tuck closure for a proper fit. Due to the high-quality fluoroelastomer material used, the band is robust and strong while being soft at the same time. The best part is that you can choose from six attractive colors to match different occasions and needs.

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#2. EloBeth

Elobeth Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

This replacement sports band will perfectly fit on your wrist and the size of this strap can be adjusted as per the requirement of various wrist sizes with a range of 14cm-20cm. The band is made with flexible and long-lasting Silica gel material and comes with a stainless-steel buckle. This buckle makes it easy for you to lock the band as well as remove it. This band is sweat and water resistant and hence very much suited to workouts and sports sessions.

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#3. Alritz

Alrtiz Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

The Alritz Sports Strap for Apple Watch is a dual tone black and red band that fits the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch 3 series flawlessly. This Apple Watch Silicone Band is built using high-grade silicone designed for durability and strength without compromising on skin comfortability and softness. This band comes with self-designed air holes for wonderful breathability. There is an electroplated stainless-steel buckle for ensuring that the band drapes securely and smartly onto your wrist.

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OLUOQI Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

This is one of the finest sports band for Apple Watch that suits your sporting needs. The silicon strap comes with Lugs on both ends which enable you to lock onto Apple Watch accurately and firmly. It is extremely easy to wear and to take off. This band aptly fits the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch and is suitable for wrists of different sizes from 6.3 inches to 8.3 inches. The material used is of high grade, soft and long lasting with a comfortable texture.

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JakPas Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

Yet another top-notch sport band on this list, the Jakpas strap is neatly compatible with the 42mm and 38mm iWatch and offers a perfect fit. The use of strong, lasting and soft material makes the band look and function in a premium manner. The comfort level is quite high and with the pin-and-tuck closure, it is also very secure. The metal parts are made with hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel and come with lugs on both sides for a precise lock onto the watch.

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#6. Carterjett

Cartejett Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

The Carterjett Apple Watch Nylon Band is made using some of the finest grade woven nylon for attaining a soft, flexible and durable product. The band is waterproof and very comfortable to wear. To add to it, the watch is fashionably designed so that it fits a number of occasions right from hard workout sessions to a dinner date. There well-made adapters that come with the band so that it is firmly attached to the band without the need for any special tools.

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#7. BRG

Cartejett Apple Watch Series 3 Sport Band

The BRG lays claim to being a best Apple Watch sports band because of the extensive attention to detail that has gone into its making. This band is made with flexible and long-lasting elastomer material that made this a great product for different needs right from sporting activities to daily wear. The band also comes with a soft TPU case which you can use to protect your watch. The sports band is perforated and has a novel pin-and-tuck closure for a secure fit. The band is water resistant and brilliantly attractive with multiple color options.

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#8. iBazal

The iBazal watchband comes with a beautifully finished cow leather top layer that looks regal and sits on your wrist with perfection. The stainless-steel buckle is accurately polished and offers a tight fit. The metal adapter is user-friendly and assists you to change the watch band very easily. The leather band has multiple holes for accommodating different length adjustments.

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This Umtele strap is a minimalistic mono-color band that looks simple yet classy. This band can transform your Apple Watch into a traditional retro fashion accessory. It is made using robust and lightweight materials for comfortable wearing. The buckle clasp is made using stainless steel with a well-polished surface. This buckle clasp helps you adjust the length for a secure and flexible fit.

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