Apple created a whole lot of hue and cry with their recent decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. With scores of Apple followers having and using their favorite old headphones, this was a decision that needed some strong convincing by Apple. They even launched a pair of wireless headphones as consolation, the AirPods. These also faced intense criticism because of their design and price initially, but have slowly begun to grow on Apple fans.

There are even accessories like Spigen AirPod Straps and Yikeshu Apple AirPods related to AirPods in the market. However, did you know that there are other interesting best AirPods alternatives for iPhone out there? You can also check out Wireless Headphones for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The AirPods certainly offer some nice features, especially the ability to trigger Siri by tapping a bud, and the option to automatically pause audio if the bud gets removed from your ear. But despite these, most users are not too keen to spend a load of bucks for these. Like we mentioned above, there are some excellent alternatives to these AirPods that offer you more bang for your buck while not missing out on any of the important features.

Here is our list of the best AirPods Alternatives for iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6s, 6s Plus.

Best Apple Wireless Airpods Alternatives

Best AirPods Alternatives for iPhone


EARIN Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

EARIN is designed and built for the wireless era. With an extremely lightweight form factor and among the best sounding headphones in the market, these are probably one of the best pair of headphones for you audiophiles. The earbuds are designed to produce the most immersive sound that you can conceive. The acoustic detail is fabulous due to the high-precision armature speakers used. The EARIN capsule stores and recharges the earbuds when out of use. This capsule is made from a single block of aluminum and is great for a portable lifestyle.

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#2. Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear IconX Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

The Samsung headphones have been constructed with fitness enthusiasts in mind and it works great as a nice workout companion for the active listener. The headphones act very well as Apple wireless AirPods alternatives with a superior audio output in a completely cable-less package that provides stabilizing, ear gels that are wing tipped, a feather-light design and a handy, comfortable charging case. With a 4GB on-board storage you can now store about 1000 songs directly on the headset for phone-free listening. It also has added coating for splash and sweat resistance making it great for dynamic activities.

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#3. Motorola

Motorola Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

Motorola’s Verve Ones+ are a modern breed of totally wireless earbuds that offer simply stunning sound. These buds fit securely inside your ears and let you listen without any distractions. With IP57 waterproof protection, these earbuds are resistant towards sweat, moisture and also accidental dips in a water-puddle therefore, making them perfect travel partners. You get around 12 hours of playtime with the charge case included.

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#4. Erato Audio

Erato Audio Headphone -Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

Erato Audio offers you some remarkable Apple AirPods Alternatives with genuine wireless technology for tangle-free sound. These headphones have even received the popular Red Dot award for exceptional design. With ultra-light styling weighing just about 4 grams and very low power usage, these headphones offer great value. You also get the single touch multifunction with just a one button power on and off along with taking calls, playing music, etc. You can also access Siri by tapping and holding or by double tapping this single button.

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#5. Gosnare

Gosnare Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

A heavenly sound creating headset with advanced Bluetooth connectivity for superb stereo sound and thundering bass, the Gosnare model is another winning alternative to the AirPod. With the inbuilt mic, you can accept phone calls and there is no need to plug in to your phone for listening to music. With simple buttons that let you play, skip and pause your audio tracks, you can enjoy total wireless access up to 30ft of Bluetooth range.

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#6. Jabra

Jabra Headphone -Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

If you are looking for bass enriched sound for both your music and calls, then this Jabra product just might be the one for you. With a cutting-edge four-microphone call technology, you can go fully wireless using these headphones. Additionally, these come with IP67 waterproof rating, making them perfectly suitable for your workouts and other athletic activities. There is also an advanced, personalized fitness analysis feature with an accurate heart rate monitor and an integrated app that tests and analyses your fitness with recovery advice.

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#7. Bragi

Bragi Headphone -Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

With an onboard music player that comes with 4GB or about 1000 songs of storage, you can now play music directly from the headset or comfortably stream music from your phone using Bluetooth. There is a sophisticated integrated sensor technology that tracks your workouts and provides live feedbacks during fitness activities with information such as your heart rate, steps taken, duration, etc. This information is relayed from the onboard Dash or the free Bragi app. With the unique PerfectFit design, the headphones stay secure and comfortable for hours together.

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#8. Lesoom

Lesoom Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

Looking for amazing sound output with clear high and low volume? This Lesoom set may fulfill your desires with aplomb with fantastic microphone quality and a larger Bluetooth range of up to 60ft distance. Easily usable technology with voice notification of incoming calls and phone numbers makes these headphones a great option. These headphones are optimized for extra comfort and compact fit. The design stops the problem of popping out and the bud material is soft enough to protect the ears.

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#9. Syllable

Syllable Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

Syllable’s state of the art headphone design helps you enjoy your audio under most relaxing conditions during exercises, running, walking and other dynamic activities. Featuring path breaking noise cancelling technology with ultimate noise reduction and a two power audio driver delivers crystal clear sound with deep bass. With an ergonomic design, you get a fulfilling listening experience.

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OLLIVAN Headphone -Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

Coming with a 65mAh Lithium polymer battery, these headphones let you enjoy music or videos for a longer time. You get a sweat proof construction that is apt for sports and athletic activities. You can separately pair with the same mobile or the left and right can work at the same time as well. These headphones give you an amazingly rich streaming sound, hands-free convenience and a well thought out intuitive design. You also get a single multi-function button that helps initiate device pairing, plays and pauses music and also lets you accept incoming calls with ease.

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Check out these cheap AirPods alternatives and select the suitable one for your new iPhone device. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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