Best Digital Signing Apps for iPhone and Android

In the modern information age, the need for documents to digitized and exchanged has become the norm. Such an electronic exchange of documents saves time and is far more convenient than conventional, physical movement of actual documents. To have a properly signed digital document, digital signatures are mandatory. With apps being available for almost any task, can digital signing also have some apps? Yes, most definitely.

Top digital signature apps offer much more than just the signature as some also let you send and track the document’s progress from a single all-in-one dashboard. The best apps make it quite easy for you to create and store your signature for use on documents. It is also worth noting that the popular digital signing apps are far more secure and keep tabs on the document for any attempt to alter the signature. Let us take a look at some of the best digital signing apps available on the market.

Best Digital Signing Apps for iPhone and Android

1) HelloSign

hellosign App for Signing Digital DocumentsHelloSign is probably one of the simplest digital signing apps for individual who just wish to digitally sign their documents and don’t want anything fancy due to technical and/or budgetary constraints. You can easily sign documents or collect signatures on iOS and Android devices on the go. Using its browser extension you can also sign documents in Gmail. The saved signatures feature is a wonderful timesaver or you can also fill out a form with the text editing capability. You can also send a document to another person right from the app itself to collect their signature.

Download HelloSign on iPhone | Download HelloSign on Android

2) SignNow (formerly CudaSign)

SignNow App for Signing Digital DocumentsSignNow is another very effective digital signing app used widely. You just have to import the file that you wish to sign, be it a PDF, DOCX or any other image file, draw your signature or upload a scanned image of your signature and that’s it. SignNow has both web apps and mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Working on the mobile apps is quite a breeze as there is almost no lag. Another advantage is that signing on your touchscreen device much easier and more accurate.

Download SignNow on iPhone | Download SignNow on Android

3) DocuSign

DocuSign App for Signing Digital DocumentsDocuSign is one of the most popular digital signing apps and there is good reason for that. This app simplifies digital transaction management into three steps i.e. send, sign and manage. The sending step involves uploading the document in a common format such as PDF, DOCX, etc. from your computer or from online storage. The next step of signing involves just opening the email, clicking the link and going ahead with the instructions. The managing step involves tracking, storing and protecting your documents. This is done with the help of user interfaces, algorithms and policy-based features.

Download DocuSign on iPhone | Download DocuSign on Android

4) SignEasy

SignEasy App for Signing Digital DocumentsSignEasy is great for business people letting them execute a contract right from their mobile device. It simplifies the process of receiving the document, filling it out with text, signing and subsequently emailing it back using the app itself. You have to set up your signature profile by signing the device using touch input. You can also go ahead and put in other information such as initials, full name etc. Once this is done, all you have to do is to import the document either from email or from within the device and then add the saved signature at the appropriate spot. With an upgraded version you get access to unlimited docs, cloud storage integration and offline signing.

Download SignEasy on iPhone | Download SignEasy on Android

5) SigningHub

SigningHub App for Signing Digital DocumentsSigningHub is another nifty app that lets you digitally sign business documents with advance long-term digital signatures. To add to this, it also offers flexible document workflow and approval and status tracking. SigningHub goes an extra mile by optimizing how businesses send, evaluate, approve and sign documents. In fact, every SigningHub digital sign is legally binding and is compliant with international regulatory bodies. It uses strong document security with the implementation of AES 256-bit encryption over TLS/SSL.

Download SigningHub on iPhone | Download SigningHub on Android

6) Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe Fill & Sign App for Signing Digital DocumentsWhen it comes to digital documents, Adobe will always be a formidable force to reckon with. Adobe’s Fill & Sign app lets you fill forms on your smartphones and tablets digitally eliminating the need to print those documents and fill them manually. You can use your mobile device’s camera to take a shot of a document and the app will help out by cropping and sharpening the image for filling and signing. Create your signature using touch or stylus and then add it to the document.

Download Adobe Fill & Sign on iPhone | Download Adobe Fill & Sign on Android

7) CoSign

CoSign App for Signing Digital DocumentsCoSign is a popular digital signature app for adding secure digital signatures to your digital documents quickly. You just need to open the document that needs signing from the CoSign app. This document can be opened from cloud storage or email or from within the mobile device. Then add your digital signature which is legally binding to the document. After that simply share this signed version of the document with any mobile app that accepts PDF files. You can create your graphical signature by sketching it on screen by hand or with a stylus. You can also type it in text or upload it via an image file.

Download CoSign on iPhone | Download CoSign on Android

8) SignMyPad

SignMyPad App for Signing Digital DocumentsAutriv’s SignMyPad functions across a number of operating systems including the iOS and Android. With this app you can import the PDFs directly from email or cloud storage or from local storage. Once loaded, you can add text, date and your digital sign onto the document before emailing it back from within the app. You can also add geo-tagging to your signature if needed. Filling out a PDF from within this app is very convenient.

Download SignMyPad on iPhone | Download SignMyPad on Android

9) PandaDoc

PandaDoc App for Signing Digital DocumentsPandaDoc is another document signing app that enables you to apply signatures along with checkboxes, notes, and other stuff which you can then sign and authorize digitally. This app lets you integrate with popular online storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., letting you save and load documents. A nice feature offered by this app is the real time commenting and collaboration facility that helps you share and leave feedback across multiple persons or teams.

Download PandaDoc on iPhone | Download PandaDoc on Android

10) Xodo PDF

Xodo PDF App for Signing Digital DocumentsXodo is like a Swiss army knife of PDF reading and editing. With this app you can read, make notes on, sign and share your PDF documents. You can also fill up PDF forms while also opening other formats like DocX, PptX etc. along with syncing properly with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. The PDF viewing and navigating is extremely fast and smooth. Filling out forms and adding digital signatures is very easy and accurate. It is completely compatible with Adobe Acrobat and other major PDF viewers.

Download Xodo PDF on iPhone | Download Xodo PDF on Android

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