If you are into SEO at any level, you should be more than aware that link building is one of the lifelines of SEO. Along with high quality content, a proper link building strategy can truly do wonders to your website. With the web changing every day, one can no longer just build a multitude of random links, mostly manipulative and expect a boost in the rankings. In fact, such backlinks may actually only cause more harm to your website.

Modern backlink building strategy involves a cohesive approach with your content along with dedicated research and outreach. To help you implement your backlink building process, there are some great tools that professionals use and benefit from through effective, positive results. These tools can be used by people employing different approaches towards trustworthy link building. The watchword for link building is to present your website as an authority on the subject matter and the following tools help you along in this seemingly complicated task.

Best Backlink Tools To Help You In Your Link Building Process

Best Link Building Tools

1) CheckMyLinks

One of the simplest tools to use for link building, CheckMyLinks is actually a Google Chrome extension that works by identifying broken links on other websites. The basic premise is quite simple as this tool looks out for broken links on other websites so that you can contact them and offer the suggestion that this broken link be replace by a link to your website. It lets you quickly analyse the link status of a page and displays the broken ones in red color. Broken link building is not used as widely as other methods but done the right way, it is just as effective and CheckMyLinks helps you do just that with relative ease.


2) Broken Link Builder

Sticking on with the broken link building strategy, if you are not enthused with the usage of a Google Chrome extension based tool, then you have another option in Broken Link Builder. Using this tool you can scour the web for broken links and aids you in finding broken links quickly. After having found suitable broken links, you can initiate the outreach to those websites and may be get them replace for a link to your site. Using this tool definitely saves you time and also uncover links that you may never have been aware of.

3) Linkbird

Linkbird is kind of a ‘Jack-of-many-trades’ tool for SEO. Most of its features are meant for link building however, it also helps you examine backlink profile, study site rankings and perform keyword research. Linkbird lets you quite easily blend link building with content making it almost seamless. This tool lets you find websites for quality backlinks, reveal your competing websites’ backlinks letting you target the same link profile, outreach using an integrated email system and collaborate team members for a more coherent process within a link building team or company.

4) LinkMiner Plugin

LinkMiner is a Chrome extension and it is like a better, more powerful version of CheckMyLinks and is one of the best tools for implementing the broken links approach. Quite easy to understand and use, this tool uncovers broken links and also shows the number of links the page with the broken link has pointing to it. It also shows the outbound links a page has on Google SERP and helps you target those pages with many outbound links.

5) Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a very powerful link prospecting tool that also lets you outreach efficiently. This tool automates most of the hard, time consuming tasks so that you can concentrate on developing better outreach person to person. Through outreach, you are able to uncover relevant link building opportunities that match your search preferences. It also provides you with the contact details and social profiles of each of these possible outreach targets. The best aspect of this tool is that it lets you automate the follow-up process and keeps you connected to your prospects.

6) Whitespark

SEO, as you may already know, is a never ending ocean of methods, strategies and techniques. Ranking for local search terms is such a unique approach. Whitespark helps you in this endeavour. This tool meant for local SEO helps you use its link prospector feature to locate possibilities for guest blog writing, niche based forums or directories, sponsored link pages etc. This tool helps cut short time in searching NAP citations and helps you fetch the information needed to rework your competitor’s citations.

7) Monitor Backlinks

This tool is not specifically a traditional link building tool, but it will help you greatly on regular usage. This tool provides you information on each new backlink and also related to keyword ranking and website speed. It also alerts you when your competition gets a new link so that you can work based on this data. You can understand your well performing competition’s link building approach and place your outreach approach based on that. It also offers detailed SEO metrics on different aspects of link building.

8) Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO has one of the biggest, updated indices and is among the best link analysis tools available. They also have proprietary metric terms such as “TrustFlow” and “CitationFlow” that establish the authority of the website from which you wish to get a link from. Creative features such as “Clique Hunter” let you discover new link building targets based on competition research.

9) Moz Toolbar

This is a useful toolbar available for both Chrome and Firefox showing you important information such as Page Authority and Domain Authority of the page you are on. With Moz Pro you can also get to know the PA and DA of the page you are presently on. Such information available on fingertips makes it easy for you to judge the first page competition and know the authority of the present page.

10) GroupHigh

GroupHigh helps you find the best influencers letting you develop outreach with them. This tool is not as simple as some of the other ones, but that is because of the many great features present. You can get started by using a few keywords related to your niche and this tool returns with results that can then be filtered by domain authority and last post’s date. The beauty of this is that you will only be reaching out to active blogs with good reputation. You can also track your results from the dashboard and adjust your approach accordingly.

11) BuzzStream

Buzzstream reorganizes the outreach process especially the task of email outreach. You can manage your link building projects, tracking them and checking the status of each campaign. This helps you understand the progress of your link building outreach process and make necessary changes when and where needed.

12) Linkody

Linkody provides with a range of tools that help you understand your backlinks. It lets you study your competition and also enables you to setup an email when your competitor gains a new backlink. This helps you stay on top of the competition. You get a vast array of information regarding backlinks such as the number of links, when the links were found, the source of the URL, anchor text, authority ratings, etc. These metrics help you better plan and execute your link building approach.

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