Best Bike Mount for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus : Mount Your iPhone on Bike Efficiently

Our smartphones have become an irreplaceable part of our day to day life. Even while doing exercise or going places, our phones can show us the distance we travel as well as direction to places. For that reason, here we have listed some of the best Bike Mount for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Using a bicycle mount will give you hands-free access to your iPhone and all the features. It will be same as mounting your phone on your car while you’re driving.

Best Bike Mount for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Best Bike Mount for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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#1. Spigen

Starting off our list of the Bike Mount for your iPhone we have a magnetic mount from Spigen. It comes with a Strong and tight bar grip and a secure phone holder made of silicon padding. It can easily attach to the handle of your bicycle, motorcycle or stroller. The mounting clamp is adjustable and can be configured to diameters of 0.71 inches to 1.57 inches.

Your phone will be held in a magnetic frame which is super easy to attach and detach. Also, the frame can be rotated 360 degrees to get the perfect viewing angle.

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#2. Macally

Macally Bike Mount for iPhone

Macally bike phone mount comes with a knob tightened vice-like grip to mount your phone. It is super secure thanks to the double-sided opening mechanism for maximum grasp. For attachment to the bike handlebar, it has a mounting clamp which can perfectly fit any width between 0.88 inches to 1.25 inches.

The phone holder itself is rotatable in all 360 degrees, so you can choose how you want to orient your phone while riding your bike.

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#3. Vibrelli

Vibrelli offers an iPhone Bike Mount, which is also compatible with all type of phones. Any devices with a maximum width of 3.7 inches can comfortably fit in. It has strong adjustable clamps with silicone band grips to hold your device firmly in place. There is also a special ball and socket design which you can use to rotate and adjust your device to any angle or position. As far as the handle bar clamp is concerned, it can easily attach itself to anything with a diameter in the range of 0.9 inches to 1.3 inches.

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#4. Ptuna

Ptuna bike mount for your phone is very versatile and can fit in any handlebar between the 0.6 inches and 1.4 inches diameter. Besides being compatible with a broad set of bicycles and motorbikes, the mount is also compatible with a huge collection of phones as well. Anything that is within 3.7 inches width limit can slide right into its grip.

And speaking of grip, the mount securely holds your phone from all four corners and has a safety rubber belt. It also uses an anti-slip silicone lining on the clamps for added security. Also, much like the other mounts this too has a 360-degree rotatable holder.

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#5. CAW.CAR Accessories

Cawcar Bike Mount for iPhone

Up next is the CAW.CAR universal Bike Mount for your iPhone. It can be fixed to any handlebar that has a diameter in the range of 0.2 inches to 1.6 inches making it one of the most versatile holders. Also, the grip of the mount on your phone is substantial, making it ideal for bumpy rides like mountain biking.

It uses rubberized clips with the silicone belt to provide a firm and secure grip. And to hold your phone bands are used to wrap around all four corners of your device. The base of the mount is also 360 degrees rotatable.

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#6. GreatShield Clip-Grip Handlebar Bicycle Mount Holder

GreatShield Bike Mount for iPhone

GreatShield comes with an easy clip grip mounting system that will securely hold your iPhone in place. It is also compatible with many other smartphones, but given the bike handlebars, it can mount to a maximum bar diameter of 1 inch.

While mounting your phone, you place it in a holder and then have to fasten it from 4 corners with a rubber strap. This gives it a secure lock over your phone.

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#7. Arkon Bike Handlebar Phone Mount

Arkon Bike Mount for iPhone

The Arkon Bike Handlebar is a patented product that can hold your iPhone as well as 8-inch screen devices. However, it can only be used to mount to handlebars that are up to 1.2 inches in diameter. While mounting it on your bike or cycle, you can orient the device in portrait or landscape mode, and it will stay that way. An elastic strap is used to wrap around your phone and keep it fixed in position. Though the design is pretty basic, the mount has an excellent grip, and you can rest assured that your phone will not fall off or dismount.

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#8. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Mount Universal Phone Holder

The iOttie universal mount can be used to hold all types of phones and devices ranging from 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. Accordingly, your iPhone will follow. It can fit any phone between the ranges of 0.8 inches and 1.3 inches.

The mount comes with a patented one-touch lock and releases mechanism, which will securely hold onto your phone making it the perfect Road Bike Mount. The mount can also rotate freely at 360 degrees, so you can have it oriented accordingly.

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#9. Sbode

The Sbode mount for your iPhone provides an ultra-secure tight grip to make sure your phone stays in its grip during the entire ride. It comes with four non slip silicon bands which secure the phone from the four corners. Then there are 2 Ultra Anti-Slip Pads on the bike mount to protect it from slipping off effectively.

The clamp can be fitted to any handlebar with a diameter of between 0.6 inches to 1.8 inches. There is also a swivel ball head at the base of the holder which allows for 360-degree rotation of your phone while it is mounted.

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#10. CAW.CAR Accessories

CAW Bike Mount for iPhone

Here is another Motorcycle Mount from CAW.CAR Accessories, designed to offer the best secure grip on your phone irrespective of the extremity of the ride. For regular rides, it has a rubberized clip grip over your phone. But during those rough road trips, there are silicone belts which will wrap around four corners of your phone to provide a better grip.

Now coming to the handlebar clamp, it can grip onto anything with a diameter ranging from 0.6 inches to 1.8 inches. It is also made of pure metal and is practically unbreakable.

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#11. Gear Beast Waterproof Case Bike Phone Mount

Gear Beast Waterproof Bicycle Mount for iPhone

Finally, to end our list of the Bike Mount, we have a waterproof model. It seamlessly attaches to any handlebar between 0.6 inches and 1.4 inches in diameter. The mounting brackets have turn-lock knob to clasps onto your bike handle tight. There is no chance of falling off in that regards.

Now to house your phone, the mount has a zip lock pouch. Not only does it secure your phone from weather, but it also makes it impossible to fall off. The phone cradle can also rotate in 360 degrees.

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