A Bitcoin wallet is quite similar to your bank account which enables you to send, receive and store money through a faster, cheaper, and an absolute secured platform. There are different kinds of Bitcoin wallets, hence the choice of an appropriate wallet depends on the purpose you use it for. If you use your wallet for small transactions, online wallet could be right option; however, you can also use desktop wallet, paper wallet or preferably a hardware wallet which is the most secured and best Bitcoin wallet apps for iPhone and Android right now.

There are many companies who have introduced their Bitcoin wallets, however, to decide the best suitable wallet for you, it’s important to review some of the basic features of a company like its reputation, security controls, back features and platform availability. To make it easy for your, we have listed down 10 best Bitcoin wallet which will be an amalgamation of all the right features.

Best Bitcoin Wallets

Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps for iPhone and Android in 2018

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Blockchain.info Breadwallet
Copay Coinbase
Trezor Armory
Ledger Wallet AirBitz
Mycelium MultiBit

#1. Blockchain.info


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Blockchain is one of the best Bitcoin wallet for Android and iPhone, primarily for its easy, safe and secure platform if you are looking for an online wallet for smaller transactions. With more than 20 currency conversion rates and 25 languages, you can use Blockchain globally. Your private keys are stored with third party servers and you can also use TOR network for additional anonymity. It is not only available for Android and iOS but also for Windows and macOS system.

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#2. Copay


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Copay’s Bitcoin wallet for iPhone and Android is a secured platform to transact your personal funds. You can put security controls as opposed to third party servers. One of its unique features is that you can have multiple users and the authority to approve transactions lie with all the members in a group. It supports Bitcoin Payment Protocol which verifies that your payment reaches is destination through a secured channel.

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#3. Trezor


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Trezor is a hardware wallet, hence you can buy it online by following the given link and connect with your desktop, Android or iOS device. It also features an OLED display. Since it is an external device which you connect with your phone, Bitcoins are stored offline and absolutely safe from online hackers. You can easily make a transaction to software wallets by simply clicking on the message appearing on OLED display. It is available in three colors including black, white and grey.

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#4. Ledger Wallet


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Ledger wallet is also a hardware wallet which you can buy through its official website link mentioned below. However, there are Android and iOS apps available to authentic the wallet on your device. There are series of ledger wallets available like Ledger Nano, Ledger Blue and Nano S. All the wallets offer a secured channel for your transactions but has unique features like Bluetooth pairing, multi-currency, varied touchscreen size, etc.

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#5. Mycelium


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Mycelium is one of the popular Bitcoin wallet apps for Android users. It has advanced features like support other wallets like Trezor & Ledger, cold storage spending and network. You can create a backup as well create a PIN to further in addition to the encrypted network to offer the strongest secured channel for your wallet. It is available for iOS as well, however, if you are looking for desktop version, you may have to skip this one.

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#6. Breadwallet


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Breadwallet is available for both Android and iOS versions, however it is more popular as a Bitcoin wallet app for iPhone. If you are new to Bitcoin, this app would help you to understand the application in no time. There is no limitation of the amount which you can transact through Breadwallet with complete financial security and no hidden cost. It’s an open source where anyone can view the bar code and verify the code through secured network. You can create a backup in case of any damage to your device.

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#7. Coinbase


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Earlier known as Coinbase, this is one of the first Bitcoin wallet app for Android. You can send bitcoins to your friends and colleagues or simply shop through the outlets who accept Bitcoins. It provides full access to the transaction details, balance amount among other features. To make it user friendly, you can further buy or sell Bitcoins by simply connecting the account with your bank account. It allows you to manage your private keys and supports multi-user which you can share up to 5 users in a group.

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#8. Armory


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One of the primary features of Armory is cold storage Bitcoin Wallet which manages offline wallets efficiently. Its advanced wallet encryption makes it highly secured and effective in terms of creating private keys. It is open source and supports multi-users, back up tool as well as TOR network for making transactions convenient for you. It is also available for Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu.

#9. AirBitz


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Its client-side encryption ensures protection from any malware. You can make Bluetooth, NFC payments and tag transactions to multiple accounts as per your convenience. It has connectivity with other Bitcoin wallets as well, ensuring that your wallet is accessible even if the AirBitz networks are not down. You don’t need to synchronize your account every time you use it; the app recognizes your username and password automatically post your first time login.

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#10. MultiBit


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MultiBit is easy to install and a user manual makes it even simpler to set up the app on your device. It has a global network which supports 40 languages and can support other Bitcoin Wallets like Trezor and KeepKey. Although it is more popular for its desktop version, however, iOS and Android versions have started keeping the pace now. It connects directly with the Bitcoin server and doesn’t support multisig.

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Hope the given list of best Bitcoin wallet apps for iPhone and Android gives a much clearer perspective in terms of which Bitcoin wallet you should go for. Enjoy hassle free services though Bitcoin wallets! Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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