Best Bluetooth Headphones for Apple Watch: Enjoy Music With Complete Privacy

Among various utilities provided by Apple Watch, listening to music directly from your watch is certainly a big one. If you want to enjoy your music straight from your watch in total privacy, you need one of the latest Bluetooth headphones for Apple Watch to do that. They are one of the most important accessories for Apple Watch just like the Bluetooth headphones for iPhone in the case of iPhones. Also, this is particularly suitable to a device like the Apple Watch, which is an entirely wireless gadget with no accessible ports for accessories. This gives space for more wireless accessories like the Bluetooth headset too. If you are interested in wireless accessories for iPhone check out Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone and Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone.

The absence of a headphone port is no big disadvantage as it wouldn’t be feasible with the watch being worn around your wrist. Getting one of the top Bluetooth Headphones for Apple Watch can liberate you to keep doing your regular activities including workouts while not missing out on your favorite music. Given below are some of the best headphones for Apple Watch Series 3,2 or 1.

Though the headphones work well with Apple Watch Series 3, we have curated a fresh list of best headphones for Apple Watch 3.

Best Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch Enjoy Music With Complete Privacy

Best Apple Watch Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Beats Powerbeats2

Beats Powerbeats2 Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

Beats is a known name to all audio enthusiasts. This Powerbeats wireless headphone is made keeping in mind athletic endeavors. It is remarkably lightweight while being designed with the potency of dual-driver aural schema.

These enable the headphones to be quite portable, but with the ability to provide top notch sound. It is also sweat and water resistant with IPX4 rating and gives a comfortable yet secure fit. You can also accept hands-free calls and control music with the no-slip-grip RemoteTalk control.

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#2. Plantronics

Plantronics Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

The Backbeat Go 2 is one of the best designed headphones for Apple Watch Series 3 and 2. These are amazingly tiny and extremely light headphones. Due to these features, these headphones are inconspicuous, but the sound is ultimately fantastic and durable.

The earbuds are protected with the P2i military-grade nano-coating that gives shielding against sweat, moisture and splashes. You get inline controls that allow you to accept calls, control tracks and change volume.

As the form factor is very compact, you can simply carry it in your pocket without worrying about wire clutter. You get three eartip sizes and along with stabilizers, wearing them becomes customized and convenient.

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#3. SONY

SONY Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

These are custom designed noise cancelling headphones that features AI based noise canceling. You can also simply be charge it connecting with your PC through a USB cable. Using these headphones, you can pair it with multiple devices alongside your Apple Watch.

These MDR-EX31BN earbuds are stylish and comfortable at the same time. You also get high-sensitivity drivers to let you enjoy your favorite music with no hindrance. There is an inline remote microphone that makes taking calls a breeze. The earbuds are made with silicone and fit in a secure manner.

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#4. Bose

Bose Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

Bose is a force to reckon with in the audio universe. With these Bose wireless headphones you gain incredible independence and comfort. You get clear, intense, and immersive sound at any level of volume. You get clear calls at both the ends and also it is probably among the very best sounding wireless headphones on the market. With TriPort technology and Active EQ provides sharp sound and is very strong at almost every volume level.

These headphones are designed with materials that are resistant to impact and drops. Another neat little advantage is the trendy protective case that you get for your headphones.

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#5. Beats Solo2

Beats Solo2 Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

This is another Beats Bluetooth headphone that overcomes the restrictions of wired listening. You can simply pair it with your Apple Watch and get crystal clear wireless audio. You get around 12-hour rechargeable battery to have a very active day without worrying about your Watch running out of power. You get an illuminated LED fuel gauge right on the headphone to help you be aware of the charge remaining.

This Wireless headphone for Apple Watch gives you what the makers can call an emotional aural experience. It has a very dynamic and expansive range of sound with consistent clarity. The external noise is kept out due to the ear cup padding. With the robust housing and foldable design enable it to be an ideal portable companion.

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#6. Kinivo

Kinivo Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

These Kinivo headphones come with stereo Bluetooth connectivity and are well compatible with the Apple Watch. You get to control your music player straightaway from the headset with available functions including adjusting the volume.

The headphones are very sleek, convenient for regular usage in a dynamic life and equally lightweight and provides you about 10 hours of music.

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#7. Jabra

Jabra Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

Jabra provides you mind-blowing sound as a result of having been created by a team of global audio experts.

The Jabra Move is a top quality wireless headphone with its trademark DSP offering a sharp digital sound with a deep and clear impression. Along with the streamlined design for portability, you can see that it is a powerhouse of style and functionality. The headphones are robust enough to be long-lasting and very comfortable for regular usage.

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#8. Sennheiser

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

Sennheiser’s Momentum 2.0 is the new version of the Momentum headset family and it has the trademark NoiseGard hybrid active noise cancellation along with the Bluetooth technology. This noise cancellation process removes almost all unnecessary atmospheric sound giving an enhanced sound output.

The ear cups are ergonomically engineered along with leather covered memory foam cushions for maximum comfort for long hours for listening. There is a folding headband that has hidden hinges for better portability.

This headset allows you to experience crystal-clear Momentum sound in a wireless manner. With a 22-hour battery life you can get really long listening sessions.

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#9. Jaybird

Jaybird Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

This is a premium Bluetooth headset for your Apple Watch for an athletic or outdoor based lifestyle. You get 8 hours of music and calls along with comprehensive remote controlled features. You get a secure and safe over or under ear fit choices. You get covered with a lifelong warranty against sweat and moisture.

Wearing these headphones is quite comforting with the bundled premium sport memory foam ear tips. You also get trademark secure-fit ear fins for usage during extremely dynamic activities. You are offered a friction-fit silicone sport carrying case for better portability.

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#10. SoundPEATS

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphone for Apple Watch

SoundPEATS is one of the most popular headsets to enjoy music while doing workouts or simply for leisure as it comes with so many functions that can fulfill all your requirements. It is one of the best Bluetooth Headphones for Nike + Apple Watch.

This headphone comprises of CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology that eliminates background noise while giving you stunning sound quality with deep bass and clear treble. You can control the playing of the music and adjust volume simply from the headset itself. You get three different sizes of earbuds and earhooks to provide you a convenient and secure fit during any kind of activities.

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Do not miss out on these powerful Bluetooth headphones for Apple Watch that help you maximize your usage of the Apple Smartwatch without constraints. Buy your suitable one from our list and let us know. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.