Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

As an Apple TV user, you should probably be aware that you can use a Bluetooth keyboard with your TV. Using such a wireless keyboard can help your utility tasks be done without any needless wires lying around you causing clutter. Using a good Apple TV keyboard, you can access your TV to search, navigate menus and do other such tasks.

However, before choosing the best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV, you should get to know the different options available in the market. Just like the MacBook Pro keyboards, each keyboard is different and with a range of options available, you have to choose the one that is designed to match your needs and suitability. To help you make a decision, we have put together a list of the top Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation keyboards as follows.

Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation

1. iPazzPort

iPazzPort Apple TV Remote Keyboard

This remote keyboard for Apple TV is a great Bluetooth accessory for 4th generation Apple TV. This keyboard has 82 keys, page up and down exclusive buttons and scrolling. You also get a 90 degree orientation flip for flexible positioning and multimedia controls right on the keyboard itself. You get up to a 33 feet range with this keyboard’s Bluetooth connectivity.

Price: $21.99
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2. Inepo

Inepo Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV

One of the best Bluetooth foldable keyboards available, this Inepo product has a metal case and weighs just about 150g. Its form factor is also quiet compact and streamlined.

This keyboard uses the Broadcom Bluetooth 4.2 chip which consumes very less power. It has an intelligent inductive switch that automatically recognizes the keyboard mode being used.

This way you won’t lose power when it’s not in use. In addition, you get stand full size keys and with the right spacing, the error rate of wrong typing is reduced.

Price: $19.99
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3. TNP Products

TNP Products Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

This keyboard works very well with your Apple TV and has all the standard features offers in a premium Bluetooth keyboard. This is a great companion for browsing the web and due to being a nifty little device it occupies very less desk space.

The keyboard pairs directly with your TV and provides you with neat interface to enter text from a traditional QWERTY layout. You can also flip it over for a comfortable use of the usual Apple TV functions of your already present remote control.

Price: $24.99
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4. Megadream

Megadream Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

This Apple TV USB keyboard has a multifunctional F10 remote control, a dedicated multi-media remote control, fly mouse functionality and is plug & play ready. It provides you a great user experience with 6-axis gyro sensor and an automatic 360 degree action for convenient usage.

The inbuilt lithium battery gives you a standby time of over 200 days and the signal stability is fantastic without breaks. This keyboard is ideal for enjoying entertainment on your Apple TV with flawless mouse control and great multimedia control capabilities.

Price: $36.99
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MANTISTEK Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

This keyboard has fast and accurate Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair it to your Apple TV in a jiffy. The wireless connection obtained is also proper and the keyboard perfect “key process” is designed to efficiently cut down input errors.

The body design is quite slim and both the ends of the keys distribution are flexible and user-friendly. What’s more, you also get a touchpad that makes the whole input operation a whole lot smoother.

Price: $13.50
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6. iPazzPort Backlit

iPazzPort Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV

This is a backlit keyboard apt for night time usage or for using in a dark room. You get a silicone sleeve that protects the keyboard from damage. This keyboard lets you do all the input without issues thereby reducing the need to have the other remote.

Bluetooth connectivity is provided through Internet Bluetooth that has a range of 26 feet with stable connection. Additionally, you get all the primary features needs in a top –level wireless keyboard for a complete input session.

Price: $21.99
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Go ahead and get these Wireless Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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