Best Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8: Keep Your Note 8 Stable on Unfriendly Roads

Car mount is something very essential for those who drive long distances; to navigate through unknown terrains, drivers use Google Maps. And to keep their eyes on Maps app on their smartphones, they need a car mount. On rare occasions, drivers use car mounts to make and receive calls; for this, they can always use Bluetooth headphones. For your Galaxy Note 8, we have listed some car mounts made by popular brands. Browse this list of best car mounts for Galaxy Note 8 and choose one.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 car mount enables you to install your phablet easily; moreover, the mount should not come in the way of driver and his vision. A magnetic phone mount for car is a preferred choice, but the magnet should be strong enough to hold your Note 8 for long time. If your car mount shakes or gets uprooted, it may damage your brand new Note 8. Hence, you need to choose the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 car holder for comfortable and uninterrupted journey.

Best Car Mounts for Galaxy Note 8

#1. Anker

Anker Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8

Anker brings a universal car holder; however, it can be one of the best Galaxy Note 8 car holder for you. Care should be taken that you fix this mount on a flat dashboard; and before you fix, wipe out the surface with an alcohol pad. Anker uses 3M adhesive technology that sticks fast and provides strong hold. Since it is a universal mount, you can put other Samsung phones on the mount. The ball-joint rotation helps you achieve perfect viewing angle of Note 8; you can easily move your phablet horizontally and vertically.

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#2. iOttie

Whether it is your desk or dashboard of your car, this Galaxy Note 8 Holder for Car from iOttie will deliver excellent results. This car mound boasts Qi standard wireless charging for all Qi enabled devices. You can use its effortless one-touch lock and release mounting system that fixes your Note 8 into the holder with a single push of your finger. This car holder comes with a micro USB charging cable to power up your Note 8 while you are driving long distances. Users need to ensure not to leave this mount in the sun for long time if not in use.

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#3. Nite Ize

Nite Ize Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8

Magnet based car mount is the safest way to hold your Note 8 in front of your eyes while you are driving. Nite Ize Magnetic Phone Mount for Car securely docks your Note 8 into the AC vents of your car; once you install the phone on the mount, you can use your phone in the most hassle-free manner. The package comes with a magnetic phone socket with 3M adhesive pad, a ball mount with vent clips, an alcohol prep pad and instructions to follow. Once your Note 8 is fixed on the car mount, you can enjoy your ride no matter how many speed bumps and potholes the roads have.

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#4. Spigen

Spigen presents the best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Car Holder with magnetic air vent that provides your phone superior protection. Enjoy 360-angle adjustment while you are driving. Unlike other car mounts, Spigen’s car holder comes with rubberized material, which is scratch and sticky free. Its two size slits help you mount in simplicity. Spigen offers circular and rectangle metal plate that firmly sticks on the magnetic car mount.

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#5. EnergyPal

EnergyPal Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8

EnergyPal brings a 3-in-1 product for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This is not just an ordinary car mount; it is your FM transmitter, 3.1 AMP car charger, and Galaxy Note 8 holder for car. The goose neck is something noticeable here; this feature helps you customize the angle of your Note 8. Moreover, the goose neck is highly flexible and you can turn it into 360 degrees.

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#6. Maxboost

Maxboost Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8

Maxboost is one of the most popular brands of car mounts. Simplicity is a trademark of Maxboost, and this car mount showcases simple design to make it more functional. The roads may be uninviting and offer you bumpy rides; in this situation, Maxboost’s best car mount for your Galaxy Note 8 offers strong grip and therefore, you phone doesn’t shake while you are driving. Since it is a universal mount, you can use other Galaxy smartphones apart from your luxurious Note 8.

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#7. Mpow

Mpow Car Mount for Galaxy Note 8

Mpow is known for manufacturing Bluetooth headphones and armbands; but you can trust other products manufactured by Mpow. This is the best Car Mount for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Mpow, which brings a CD mounted phone holder. This Galaxy Note 8 Holder for Car may cover the face of the stereo when you install it. Your Note 8 will be tightly held by Mpow’s three side grips design; this will give you an easy access to the touch screen of your Note 8 and you can conveniently use your phone while driving.

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#8. WizGear

WizGear offers three magnets along with its best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 car mount. Two magnets are rectangle and one is circular; simply put the magnet between your Note 8 and the case, and place the phone on the vent mount. The prongs on the vent mount can easily be fixed on different AC vents in your car. Simply insert the mount and it will hold your Note 8 safely and securely during your long journey. The magnet allows you to attach and remove your phone conveniently.

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