PlayStation VR provides you with a plethora of wonderful games and videos for wholesome enjoyment. The fun part is that you can travel with your system to use it on the move or to make your friends jealous whenever you visit them with it. best cases for PlayStation VR headset helps you out by keeping your set safe while you are mobile.

These cases, along with offering protection, also work great as a deserving resting place for your VR set when not in use. Usually made with durable materials, these cases tolerate impacts and accidents that are often out of your control. Go ahead and get one of these best PSVR Carrying Cases and don’t let your travel come in between you and your playful companion. Here’s our list to help you pick out the best one.

Best Carrying Cases for Playstation VR headset (PSVR)

Best Carrying Cases for Playstation VR (PSVR)

#1. RDS Industries

RDS Industries Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

This is one of the best cases for PlayStation VR and it is officially licensed by Sony. There are individual segments in this case for the headset with cable, the processor unit and the AC adaptor with its cable. There is a removable mesh pocket where the VR headset connection cable can be placed along with the HDMI and USB cables. The outer hard shell offers ultimate protection making a great PSVR carry case when you are travelling.

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EDUDEMON Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

Eudemon delivers a PSVR carrying case made of waterproof nylon material that keeps it safe from dirt, nicks and dents. This case has a dual compartment space with separate space for the VR headset and for the accessories. It is extremely comfortable to carry with a convenient hand strap and a metal buckle to withstand load. The interior is soft to make sure that your set and cables are safe and there is an additional layer of shockproof cotton for lowering the force in case of an impact. If you are looking for buying one among the best carrying cases for PlayStation VR, then this is certainly an option that fits the bill for you.

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#3. Hermitshell

Hermitshell Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

Hermitshell offers you a best PSVR case in the form of a hard travel storage carrying bag. It helps to keep your PlayStation VR launch bundle and the PS4 pro console almost completely safe from dirt, harmful radiation, fluids, bumps, scrapes and dents. EVA along with Nylon fabric is the build material that makes this kind of protection possible. There are inbuilt straps to secure the headset and five removable dividers to hold the Move controllers, the two game controllers and other accessories. Overall, this is among the top PSVR hard cases available in the market.

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#4. BD&A

USA Gear Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

BD&A fits your PSVR headset perfectly and keeps is safe effectively. This PlayStation VR storage case is built with robust materials and hence the case enables the headset to tolerate accidents and impacts that are often out of your control. There is an internal mesh pocket for extra storage space. This pocket lets you store any wires or small accessories that are needed during your travel. The zipper is sturdy and the lightweight handle allows for incredible portability.

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#5. Khanka

Khanka Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

Khanka’s PS4 VR case is constructed using top grade tough EVA case that shields and holds your VR headset, the PS4 camera and the PlayStation Move Motion controller that accompanies your device. This is certainly one of the best PSVR travel cases, and it gives you an added compartment mesh pocket for the camera and the controller. The hand strap helps to further secure your devices and is quite lightweight.

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#6. USA Gear

USA Gear Carrying Cases for Playstation VR

USA GEAR S7 PlayStation VR Headset Carrying Case is just perfect for your travelling or when you are just going to your friend’s place for a little gaming challenge. This case ensures proper safety and storage for your headset. This bag has a FlexWall structure feature that is flexible and removable for reconfiguration according to your storage and travel needs for your headset and accessories. The case is made with a weatherproof base and RipStop Nylon. There is an interior mesh pocket available for your chargers, cables, backup batteries and other accessories. The inner lining is soft and resistant to scratches that helps in shielding from regular wear and tear.

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Best cases for PlayStation VR are all you need to keep your gaming device secure with necessary protection wherever you carry it. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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