Christmas is just around the corner and most of us are rummaging all around for the right Christmas gift ideas to get this winter. The pressure to find that perfect gift for your family or close friends will definitely weigh on your mind for the next couple of weeks. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful exercise or a pain-filled weekend roaming around your local high street or shopping center, making way through the crowds. There are much smarter ways of shopping for gifts.

Instead, you can pick up some of the choicest gifts one right from top tech gifts to more generic items. With a number of major retailers now providing gift wrapping and delivery on your chosen day, or the option to collect from store, this has now become a hassle free gift-shopping experience. To make it easier for you, we have selected a wide range of gift items right from Best Christmas Gadget Gifts to Christmas gift ideas for mom.

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas 2017

#1. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo Dot

One of the swankiest tech Christmas gift ideas for 2017, the Amazon Echo Dot’s 2nd generation offering is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that utilizes Alexa to do a range of activities from playing music to setting alarms. It connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to speakers or headphones to let you play your favorite music from various platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. What’s more, you can use this to control lights, fans and other items with compatible connected devices from notable brands. With 7 far-field microphones for hands-free control, even in noisy environments the device hears you from across the room.

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#2. Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung’s Gear S3 Smartwatch is one of the best tech Christmas gifts that you can get for your friend or family member. With numerous features, a built-in speaker and Android platform, you get a mini tech universe right on your wrist. This Smartwatch adds an extra dimension to your daily productivity and also becomes a fantastic companion during your fitness activities. You can also make or take calls right away without having to remove your phone from your pocket.

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#3. Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

Was there ever any doubt regarding the iPhone 7 making the most desirable gifts for Christmas? The latest iteration of Apple’s flagship device dramatically improves on the vital components of the iPhone and iOS experience. With an exhaustive list of amazing features such as a super-charged A10 chip, bright & colorful display, splash and water resistance, 3D touch, optical image stabilization, and others, the iPhone 7 is certainly a no-brainer gift to pick this Christmas, whether be it for your girlfriend or as one of the most suitable tech Christmas gift ideas for dad.

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#4. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate

If you have fitness freaks or exercise-friendly people amongst your family and friends, then look no further than the FitBit charge 2 heart rate trackers. This is a PurePulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking that measures calorie burn all day in a better way. This is extremely beneficial for fitness lovers as they can maximize their workouts using simplified hart rate zones. Also, it helps to track all-day activity and gives you a more thorough understanding of your fitness level and improvement over time. With Connected GPS during run mode, you can see real-time stats like pace of your run and distance immediately displayed on your wrist. With great, cutting-edge features in a compact package, this can be among the most ideal Christmas gift ideas for women.

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HTC VIVE is designed from the scratch for an immersive, room-scale virtual reality. With Christmas being a season of wonders and miracles, Vive teleports you into new, unimaginable worlds right from your living thanks to game-changing technology and unbeatable premium content. You will no-doubt be visually, physically and emotionally be awestruck by the characters, visuals and sounds. This can be a remarkable gift for your loved ones no matter what their interest area is as content ranging from games to education is available.

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#6. Xbox One S

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is one of the most impeccable Christmas gift ideas for men. It provides you with a 500GB console and the full game download of Battlefield 1. You also get one moth of EA Access, Xbox wireless controller and HDMI cable with 4K capability. This is among the most powerful gaming consoles in the world. If any of your friends or family is into gaming, then look no further and snap up this console for them. With the chance to experience richer, more luminous colors in games and video with HDR, you get to vividly discover epic games of various genres in their full glory.

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#7. Samsung Gear IconX Cordfree Fitness Earbuds

Samsung Gear IconX Headphone - Apple Wireless Airpods Alternative

The Gear IconX cordfree earbuds fit your ears in a snug manner with utmost comfort. No matter whether you run or jump, these earbuds stay in place without falling out. You can mix and match eartips and wingtips for just the right fit. These earbuds monitor your progress during walking or running and offers you constant updates on vital information right from speed, distance and duration to heart rate and calories burnt through a voice guide. With these helpful features and with a lovely design, these become excellent gifts for the more dynamic individuals among your close ones.

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#8. Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO

The regular usage of personal transporters seems to be an idea that is straight out of a futuristic movie. Not anymore, as Segway’s miniPRO is the next evolutionary step of two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporters. With precision sensors, the miniPRO automatically reacts to the rider’s movements and sustains stability over a range of different surfaces. The knee control bar provides innovative steering precision that allows you to maneuver more effectively than two-wheel hover boards. With certified safety standards and user-friendly operability, miniPRO offers a unique and exciting ride experience for recreational, outdoor, and on-the-go consumer lifestyles, making it just the perfect gift for Christmas.

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#9. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera

Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera

In a discussion of Christmas gifts, can there be no cameras? Of course not and so, here we bring you the brilliant Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera. You can capture ultra HD 4K video and 13MP photos with this neatly designed camera, made for maximum convenience and comfort. The Breeze is controlled by your iOS or Android smartphone with the Breeze Cam app and weighs juts within a pound. With the camera being very easy to use thanks to the five automated flight modes, this can apt even for an amateur photographer. If you are looking for a special gift for your girlfriend or wife, this can be one of the most creative Christmas gift ideas for her. This is a safe to fly camera with auto-landing and automatic return to home with just the touch of a button. No flight experience is needed.

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#10. iRobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house during and after Christmas time can be a chore especially with the visiting family and friends making it that much more chaotic. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can gift cleanliness as gift to your family and friends? Well, the next best thing to cleanliness is a robotic vacuum cleaner. The iRobot robotic vacuum cleaner seamlessly navigates from room to room to clean an entire level of your home before recharging and continuing till the task is done and the home is clean. It is app-enabled and features the revolutionary AeroForce Cleaning System, delivering up to five times the air power and needs very less maintenance. It also features the iAdapt camera, which helps Roomba 960 continually build and update its map of rooms within a home. This is a gift for which your relatives and friends will be certainly grateful to you.

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#11. olloclip CORE LENS SET

olloclip CORE LENS SET

This latest Core Lens set offers unbelievable image quality, user experience and flexibility with enhanced optics. If any of your friends or family members is into photography using iPhone, then you will just become his or her favourite person with the gifting of this lens set. You can also check out the best camera lens for iPhone and compare this product with the other ones in the list. However, the olloclip lens set stands out from the rest. Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro15x lenses are blended to provide a wide range of choice letting you capture what you want, whenever you want with your iPhone. Additionally, you get the CONNECT interchangeable lens system that now equips the lens system to quickly configure with other iPhone 7 Connect lenses.

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#12. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird Bluetooth Headset Best Christmas Gifts 2015

Jaybird X2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a beautifully designed sport headphones for hands-free lovers. It functions to give you high-quality audio via Bluetooth, mainly for skip-free music outdoors. You get to store up to 8 hours of music plus calls, all of which you can control using a remote. This headphone consists of a secure over/under ear fit options and comes with a sweat proof warranty for a lifetime. Jaybird offers a whole lot of accessories with this headphone such as the patented Secure-Fit ear fins, charging cable & cord management clips, Friction-Fit silicone sport carrying case, Comply premium sport memory foam ear tips and silicone ear tips.

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#13. Tile (Gen 2) – Phone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder

Tile (Gen 2) - Phone Finder. Key Finder. Item Finder: Best Christmas Gifts 2015

Tile is a Bluetooth tracker and a user-friendly app that helps you find important things that you don’t intend to lose, such as phone, keys, wallet, luggage, tablets, cameras, etc. This app does its function in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is attach a tile to any of your item and locate it with sound, by seeing its last known location on a map. You can also mark it as “lost” and receive an alert when the item is found. With Tile you can make your lost phone ring even if it is on silent. It is durable and comes with a sealed, water-resistant case, protecting it even on the worst rainy day. It features small speakers that deliver a 90 decibel sound. This makes it clearly audible even when it is a couple of rooms away or placed under a pile of things.

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#14. JAM HX-P930 Trance plus Wireless Light Show Speaker

JAM HX-P930 Trance Plus Wireless Light Show Speaker

Answer your calls directly from your Trance plus Wireless Light Show Speaker with the speakerphone feature, by connecting it wirelessly with any Bluetooth device in a 30-foot range. It is rechargeable, offering you up to 10 hours of play time if you charge for 3 hours. There is a Light Show option that allows you to select from 36 LED light party programs syncing with your music. It has a voice prompt feature that conveys you its function like connecting, powering on, etc. It is a device made for on the go usage hence the speaker’s outer structure is rubberized for protection. The JAM Trance Plus is durable and very much portable.

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#15. iHome iBN43BC Bluetooth Stereo

iHome iBN43BC Bluetooth Stereo: Best Christmas Gifts 2015

Connect your Bluetooth compatible device to iBN43BC and stream wireless digital music. iHome iBN43BC Bluetooth Stereo is a comprehensively made bedside audio system for high-quality audio. It comes with twin speakers to deliver clear sound. You can set the streaming audio as alarm with this device to wake or sleep. It features FM stereo radio with premium audio with adjustable treble, balance and bass controls. You can pair the iHome iBN43BC Bluetooth Stereo with any device that has NFC technology. You can have crystal clear hands-free conversations with speakerphone that features echo cancelation. You can also connect devices that are not Bluetooth compatible with the help of auxiliary input jack. It has a USB port that facilitates your mobile to be charged while playing.

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#16. Kindle

Kindle 6: Best Christmas Gifts 2015

The all new Kindle 6” comes with a seamless touchscreen display that sheds glare due to sunlight and makes it easy for your eyes to read. You can charge it just once and use it for weeks as it has high battery life. It is lighter than a paperback and can store thousands of books.

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