Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android in 2018

Chromecast has become an essential replacement for the smart TV and popular game consoles like Xbox. Whether you are wondering to access Youtube or Netflix or like to play some game, the Chromecast gives the best solution because of its flexible nature.

Below mentioned are 10 best Chromecast apps for iPhone and Android, which are must-have and are listed as your favorite too.

Besides, from all the apps that we are going to talk about, Google Home is an essential app for new Chromecast users as it helps in discovering a number of things, from initial setup to the easy download of the app. However, you can remove it once you become familiar with the popular ones.

Best Chromecast Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Chromecast Apps for Android and iOS

#1 Solid Explorer

Solid ExplorerJust like life has become tough without the mobile phones, it is equally difficult without the laptop. So, the Solid Explorer app brings the great feature of a file manager and has the complete support in the Chromecast. FTP and SFTP support, CIFS and SMB support, featuring the file browsing, copy, paste, and cut, compressing to zip and RAR file – every facility is available. It also supports the G drive, Dropbox and One Drive like file hosting services are available, which makes easy browsing and file supporting facility.

Get Solid Explorer for iOS | Get Solid Explorer for Android

#2 YouTube

YouTubeYouTube needs no introduction; the app is pre-installed as a Google service and it is a perfect mobile app which everyone owns. YouTube gives smoothest experience to all users. It is a great replacement for the cable TV. The best part of it is the offline feature, which allows users to make a quick playlist and enjoy with the friends/family. It is also a great source to find DIY and How-to like questions.

Get YouTube for iOS | Get YouTube for Android

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#3 Spotify

SpotifySpotify is a perfect video streaming app to keep a million songs from retro, classics and latest hits. It is one app that offers premium sound quality and lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere. The easily categorized music collection as per the celebrities, or artists, makes it is easy to browse app. Whatever the moment is, enjoy the party to relax your nerves.

Download Spotify for iOS | Download Spotify for Android

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#4 Netflix

NetflixWith an excellent usability feature and a collection of all the TV episodes and great films, Netflix is another must-have Chromecast application which keeps you hooked up for the entire season. The SD card support makes it free for the users to download and save as per the choice. Pricing is the chief concern which makes it addictive after taking the subscription.

Download Netflix for iOS | Download Netflix for Android

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#5 Just Dance Now

Just Dance NowThese days Google is the best teacher and the new generation is dancing to its tune. Just Dance Now is the popular dance video that gives the easy functionality and gives the complete control to track the movement.

Unlike other players, Just Dance Now gives you free songs and online playing feature; this feature helps to collect the coins and purchase the new songs from it.

Get Just Dance Now for iOS | Get Just Dance Now for Android

#6 Now TV

Now TVGet the complete package according to your choice which suits you. Whether it’s the Game of Thrones or the other trending blockbuster movies, all the latest picks are available on Now TV. The trending sports and hidden games all are available to you on the big screen with the help of the Chromecast service.

Get Now TV for iOS | Get Now TV for Android

#7 TED

TEDIf you are a talk show lover or like to see the stage programs, TED app is a must-have for you. It gives a platform to the peoples to learn out new things and increase their knowledge. It also builds an enthusiasm and makes people smart by looking to the different visionaries and learn new ideas. Chromecast supported, it is an entirely free video app is loved by plenty of users.

Download TED for iOS | Download TED for Android

#8 Big web Quiz

Big web QuizIt’s not just about games, music, radio or file storage, but about much more than you can think about. Chromecast supported Big Web Quiz app offers a cross-platform fun quiz game which can be connected to 6 devices; the best part is everyone can watch the screen and answer the question easily.

Get Big web Quiz for iOS | Get Big web Quiz for Android

#9 Tricky Titans

Tricky TitansSince childhood, we loved to play the video games, similarly Tricky Titans has been a must-have application for Chromecast. Enjoy the fun with your group of friends or siblings; it’s a game where 5 players can play at a time. The real game is full of action where one player can attack other can defend and next, could power up depending upon the action one perfect in as if you make a wrong choice your titan’s hill may drop (sentence is not clear). It’s a fun game that makes the highest standing last Titan as the winner. So, it’s a complete right choice to have it.

Get Tricky Titans for iOS | Get Tricky Titans for Android

#10 iHeartRadio

iHeartRadioBringing a complete set of fun from movies to games and TV series of drama Chromecast apps make it must have a device in everyone house – sentence is not clear. But, one thing that you might have forgotten is the Radio. Yeah, the iHeartRadio offers great radio stations to tune in. You no more need an FM transmitter; simply install this app and listen wherever, whenever you need to. Only thing you need to have is the data to enjoy uninterrupted music service.

It has become a popular streaming app which is fun for all the events. Get the complete fire on your big screen now with the Chromecast supported iHeartRadio app.

Get iHeartRadio for iOS | GetiHeartRadio for Android


Besides above mentioned Chromecast apps, there are many more apps available, and it is tough to make a choice. If we have missed any of your favorite app, feel free to make comment because now Chromecast has become the primary source of entertainment and it has all the apps filtered according to the age group.

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