Content is king. So goes the adage in social media marketing domain today. Experts of online marketing are always concerned about the content creation and distribution of that content on different channels. Articles, videos, audios, graphics, animation and lot more – online marketing team is always hungry for content. Reason is simple: they want to engage the potential consumers with the brands they are running marketing campaigns for.

Content marketing tools and websites come very handy for any digital marketing professional or blogger, who has to create and disseminate content every day. The tools listed here have different characteristics. As a matter of fact, we have presented a potpourri of websites that engage consumers in diverse ways. For example, Twitter is a social medium, where people come together to share links, videos, audios and micro blog of less than 140 characters; while Quora gives users the best answers to their questions.

By exploring each content marketing tool or website, professionals can plan their social marketing strategy. Go ahead, check the list now.

Best Content Marketing Tools and Websites

As an avid reader, you must have read many digital marketing blogs and marketing books to enhance your knowledge. But, unlike those knowledge sharing blogs and books, this list offers you practical experience you can enjoy every second.

#1. Quora

Quora has fast emerged as a platform, where users get the best answers of their questions as promised by Quora itself. Marketers, however, can make the most of this forum to check the latest trends in diverse markets. From the popular debates, they can easily decipher what people are looking for. Thus, they can craft their marketing communications in a manner that appeals target group.

#2. Twitter

Another cool content marketing tool that gives top ten trends nationally and internationally. Just select your location and it will list down the top trends to create content on. Use hash tags and include social media influencer to strengthen the reach of your content marketing efforts. Twitter gives you quick results as links can be spread quickly on this micro blogging website.

#3. Reddit

The conversation starts on Reddit. Earlier people used to visit this site only to entertain their senses. Now, Reddit is a colossal community, where millions of visitors are engaged in serious discussions. Remember, if there is some fun, there must be a serious reason behind that. Marketers have to ensure that they come up with right subject matter and a targeted strategy.

#4. Alltop

Bloggers should visit this Alltop every day as the website supplies rich fodder to content-hungry writers and bloggers. In a very simple user interface, Alltop caters what is popular at the moment. The website gives you stories that are making rounds online; these stories are picked up from different popular media like Mashable, TechCrunch, New York Times, MacRumors, Lifehacker etc.

#5. SocialPilot

SocialPilot has recently been launched online but has garnered lot of attention with its extraordinary features and facilities. One of the striking features of this social media scheduling tool is one interface for all social channels. Use its unified interface to post content on different social media platforms.

#6. Buffer

Buffer helps you distribute your content on social media. When you are facing time crunch, Buffer helps you schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. You can also check analytics, insights, most popular and least popular posts you have uploaded.

#7. Hootsuite

What is more efficient – delivering content on 35 social media platforms individually or in one single attempt? Your obvious choice is the latter. And yes, you were not surprised by the mention of 35 social media platforms. As a matter of fact, you should be flabbergasted by now. Hootsuite is used by more than 10 million professionals worldwide.

#8. SlideShare

PowerPoint presentation is not dead yet. This powerful tool helps you create brand awareness especially when you are launching any new product or service in the market. You can share high quality content with rich visual impact; create impressive slides and upload on SlideShare.

#9. PRWeb

PRWeb is undisputed leader in online press release services. Like SlideShare, this website can help you spread your word when you are coming up with any new idea, service or product in the market. With the right package, you can reach out to more than 25000 journalists and 250, 000 email subscribers of PRWeb.

#10. Klout

Create and share best content online. That is Klout for you. Klout suggests you the best content your target audience has yet to notice. In the process, you can also improve your Klout Score, which helps create your personal brand as social media influencer.

#11. Storify

In a cluttered market place, your urgent need is to stand out of the crowd. Every day, there are millions of people sharing their thoughts or ideas on different platforms. Storify helps you identify, collect and share what others said. In this process, you can create something unique, which will have great viral value. Create a unique story and share it online. To make your life easy, Storify has built-in tools to disseminate your content.

#12. Renderforest

Renderforest offers free online video editor for people and brands. Even if user doesn’t have any knowledge of creating videos or video editing, they can make videos with Renderforest templates and make videos online and publish the same in a single click. Renderforest has more than 300 templates that help you create videos for your personal, educational, and business use. You can use Renderforest for creating intro videos, advertising videos, presentation maker, mobile application promotion, corporate presentation, cartoon, website presentation, logo animation, slideshow videos and more.

#13. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best writing tools that gives you a neat and clean copy. Language hygiene (spelling mistakes, incorrect usage, punctuation et al) is a major challenge for social media marketers, who regularly have to post content online. Sometimes, they commit mistakes and then they have to regret at leisure. With Grammarly, they can easily avoid basic mistakes in their writings.


Want to become a top digital marketing professional? Log on to, which works as Reddit for all inbound professionals worldwide. You can share your ideas, run discussion on popular trends, leave feedback for others, and establish authority. Like Quora, you can give your answers to any current thread or create your own posts following a question or any content piece.


An infographic is a great way to share information, which also includes graphic. Thus, it is a graphical presentation of information. But how to create that infographic? You need a designer, who can design infographic. Not anymore. takes your pain of designing the information. Just assign this task to the third party and set yourself on content marketing techniques.

#16. MailChimp

No, there is no monkey business. There are 10+ million users, who can vouch for the effectiveness of this email marketing tool. Every day, 600 million mails are sent by the users. There are so many cool features of this tool that it requires a dedicated 2000-word article, but there is one feature that requires special mention. It’s flexibility of this tool. MailChimp helps you send better mails to any industry, size or style.

#17. gives you millions of online sources of newspaper and newsletters. This means you have access to unique content every moment. Explore variety of engaging content on newspapers of your choice.

There are many other free online marketing tools, but you are not supposed to employ all. We have created a list of marketing tools that are important for you. Remember, these are online marketing tools, hence check your internet connection before you start using any from this marketing tools list.

Once you use any of the best content marketing websites and tools listed here, share your feedback with us. Connect with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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