Health and fitness are a major concern these days and therefore, people are looking for the best apps to monitor diet for weight loss or bodybuilding. Everyone today keeps a check on their food intake and make sure to take only required number of calories that one should take. What kind of exercises required is also the main concern. So this list of best diet Apps for Android and iPhone will help you out.

Time is a major concern when you have to visit your dietitians and specialist for the same. Here comes the best way. You can have the best and easiest way to do this by using the best and most amazing nutrition apps. There are many food tracking apps for Android and iPhone users. Have a look at our list below of top rated diet tracker apps for iPhone and Android.

Best Diet Apps for iPhone & Android

Best Diet Apps for iPhone and Android

#1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPalIt is important to keep a check and track in your daily diet, writing down everything might not be possible so tools that you can use on your iPhone and Android phones make it much easier. It helps you to stay diet conscious while you are on the go. You may be traveling or you may be at home, MyFitnessPal will guide you the right way with the ingredients or food available. All you need to do is enter the food details and you will get details of calories and other nutritional benefits the food has. On this app, there are active members who also like to share their recipes, meals and their stories of making it possible to follow the instructions on the app and getting the desired results. This app is free to use and can be synced with most of the external activity trackers such as Fitbit, Smart Scale and lot more.

Get MyFitnessPal on iPhone | Get MyFitnessPal on Android

#2. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiaryMyNetDiary is the answer to have a personal dietician or nutritionist. This app will give you the exact calorie count of anything you eat as it has a food catalog of almost 677,000 food items. Punch in the food you eat and get the exact calorie count. In any case, if you come across a food that is not in the database, don’t panic, take a picture, upload it on the app and the app team will add this with all the nutritional benefits and calorie details within 24 hours. You can also add the weight you target to lose and the app will suggest you the foods to achieve your target.

Get MyNetDiary on iPhone | Get MyNetDiary on Android

#3. LoseIt

LoseItOne of the best food and activity trackers for those who really want to make the best with what they eat and how much they need to work out. It is a great app to use on iPhone and Android phone as it also scans the barcode on food items and scans the food and servings of your daily food intake. It also allows you to add custom recipes and the personal foods that you take so you don’t have to keep entering the details every time. It also syncs with a number of external trackers such as Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and lot more. You can also track your exercise and weight loss targets in this app and lot more.

Download LoseIt on iPhone | Download LoseIt on Android

#4. SparkPeople

SparkPeopleThis is actually a network of different sites that help you to look after your health and fitness. Each site in this is dedicated to various aspects of your and your family’s fitness.

Get SparkPeople on iPhone | Get SparkPeople on Android

#5. ShopWell

ShopWellShopWell is your personal nutritionist that you can carry with you while you are shopping for groceries. When you plan to diet, you can just use this app to buy the correct grocery from the store. It has food scanner that gives you details of the food you buy and benefits of eating them. It also gives you tips, recipes, and new foods list that you must explore. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. This app is completely free to use and very handy while shopping.

Download ShopWell on iPhone | Download ShopWell on Android

#6. HealthyOut

HealthyOutThe main concern for people who are diet conscious is what to eat when they are out. If this is one of your concerns then HealthyOut will be your answer to it. It helps you to find the best and healthy dishes in the restaurant you can visit close to you when you are out. It covers a huge list of best diet and nutrition filters. This app makes it easy for you to eat outside and still keep a track of your diet and food.

Get HealthyOut on iPhone | Get HealthyOut on Android

#7. CarbsControl

CarbsControlThis is the perfect app for those people who are on a low-carb diet or have diabetes. This app helps to keep your carbs in control. This app works great with Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, the Zone Diet, and many other low-carb diet plans. It keeps a track of your daily carb intake per meal and in the entire day. It helps you to adjust the serving size to make sure to don’t eat extra carbs. This app does not require an internet connection for use.

Get CarbsControl on iPhone | Get CarbsControl on Android

#8. Food Intolerances

Food IntolerancesThis app is perfect for those who are intolerant or allergic to some food types. This app has the list of those foods you must avoid and even the detail of ingredients of the food. It will tell you what is recommended and not recommended for you to eat. You can customize this app as per your needs and requirement. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android Phones.

Get Food Intolerances on iOS | Get Food Intolerances on Android

#9. Cronometer

CronometerIt is a simple tool that allows you to track your daily diet. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android-based phones. It breaks down your daily food intake into various nutrition and calories that you intake. It can also keep a track of your exercises and daily activities. This app is much simpler than other apps but it helps in getting the information you require.

Get Cronometer on iPhone | Get Cronometer on Android

#10. Calorie Counter

Calorie CounterCalorie Counter is one of the easiest apps to use to keep a check on your calorie count and diet tracking for daily use. It is absolutely free and is compatible with iPhone and Android both. It keeps a track of your food, weight, and exercise as it has access to the world’s best food database. It is an intuitive food diary that plans and tracks what you eat. It allows sharing and interactions with professional you wish to. It also has an exercise tracker that tracks the number of calories you burn daily. Its weight tracker and journal keep a record of your daily progress in food and exercise.

Get Calorie Counter on iPhone | Get Calorie Counter on Android

It is not enough to do exercise and workout; it is equally important to track how many calories you burn and how much weight you lose.

The apps listed above help you track your calorie intake and fitness regimen, and therefore they are worth downloading on your iPhone and Android smartphone. After using the best diet apps on iPhone and Android, share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.


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