Like many interesting tech advancements in today’s world, drone aerial photography is also growing in relevance for practical purposes. This kind of photography is increasingly being put into use for fun, to create an aerial service business, or to link up UAS (Unmanned Aerial Service) into an already functioning business. Be it any of those uses or something else totally different, you certainly require the knowledge about the presently available best Drones with camera.

There are a number of decent remote control drones out there therefore you should do a little bit of research and planning regarding which kind of sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) will suit your specific needs. You should look at different aspects such as the price, camera specs, flight software, battery life, etc. To help you out with this analysis, we have come up with a list of the best flying camera for photography that you can use a reference when making your purchase.

Best Drone With Camera for Photography and Video Recording

Best Drones With Camera 2017

#1. GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

Your adventure trip can take you anywhere, even at the top of a mountain or deep down the bottom of a valley. In such extreme situations, you can make your adventurous moments memorable with GoPro Karma. This drone with camera can shoot amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air. You can also mount the camera on your body or on any vehicle you drive. While you are on the ground, use its hand-held feature to take photos and shoot videos of your kids. With Karma Stabiliser, you can take shake-free videos in the air and on the ground.


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#2. DJI


This is one of the best drones with camera by DJI Mavic Pro which can be folded into a small bottle-like compartment. Yes, it is so small that you can take this drone camera everywhere during your pleasure trip. Packed with OcuSync system, DJI Mavic Pro offers up to 4.3 miles (almost 7km) of transmission range. This makes it perfect for shooting objects or persons in motion. You can fly this camera at up to 40mph (64kmh) for as long as 27 minutes. While shooting videos, you can get stabilised 4K footage. Its obstacle avoidance technology makes you worry-free as its sensor redundancy increases flight safety.

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#3. USA Toyz

USA Toyz Drone With Camera for Photography

With this USA Toyz product, you get a headless mode that gets rid of the difference in the drone’s direction, making it similar to that of your transmitter. This is an excellent feature for the beginners. Due to this feature, you don’t need to adjust the aircraft position before it taking off and therefore makes ways for a great and simple learning experience. There is a multi-axis gyro that provides additional stability for easier handling and for doing 360 degree flips. You have a HD camera with micro SD storage for capturing high resolution images.

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#4. Cheerwing

Cheerwing Drone With Camera for Photography

This is yet another headless functionality based drone with the forward direction of an in-flight multi-rotor having nothing to do with the nose direction. This makes the whole setup easier to grasp and lets the pilot enjoy the flight while understanding each particular orientation of the quad copter. You get a HD camera to capture photos and shoot videos while in flight. Additionally, with the Wi-Fi FPV you can check out your photos and videos while the drone is flying.

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#5. Top Race

Top Race Drone With Camera for Photography

The Top Race TR-Q511 Quad Cam is a sophisticated package with a 4-channel quad copter drone along with a HD camera and video recorder. With the presence of one key return option and headless mode operation, you can control the drone’s flight quite easily. It also has a 2.4 GHz transmitter along with comprehensive movement in all the directions including rotations, drifts and flips. The video recording and photo capturing is also a one-button operation for the sake of simplicity.

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#6. Holy Stone HS110

Holy Stone Drone With Camera for Photography

This drone comprises of a HD First Person View 720p real-time video camera that lets you take amazing aerial videos and photos. It can be termed as a best Android and iOS compatible drone with camera. This drone has a potent air pressure hold functionality that lets you release the throttle stick and the drone remains hovering at the present flying height. You can use the associated app to activate different functions like Gravity SENSOR mode that lets the user to manage the flight by holding and shifting the phone according to the movement needed. You can also use the camera functionality and flight using the App interface.

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#7. Syma

SYMA Drone With Camera for Photography

This Syma X5C is a camera drone that is just perfect for beginners and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The drone is capable of doing flips, taking videos or photos with just the push of a single button. This drone utilizes spread spectrum technology for additional remote distance and anti-interference capacity. The flips performed by this drone can be with 360 degree eversion while being resistant to wind. You get about 7 minutes of flight time and a 100 minute charging time. You can even use this at night time as there is colorful flashing light as guidance in the dark.

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#8. Holy Stone HS170

Holy Stone HS170 Drone With Camera for Photography

Apart from standard features such as the headless mode and 6-axis gyro technology, this drone gives you three varied speed modes right from beginners to advanced pilots. You get the super-fast mode which is the highest such speed for a micro quad copter. With 2.4GHz technology adopted for anti-interference you get great remote control range with good receptivity. The drone has reliable wind resistance control range of about 50 meters, making for a stable flying experience. Additionally, there are colorful LED lights that let you identify the front and back quite easily during dark visibility or night times.

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#9. Eachine

Eachine Drone With Camera for Photography

This drone has almost all of the important features needed in a premium camera drone. It has a HD 2.0MP inbuilt camera for taking photos and videos, there is Headless mode for easy learning, One key return function for quick and simple way for drone to fly back home and a 6-axis gyro system for multifaceted control. There is also a 4-channel digital proportional RC system. The drone is lightweight with just the right airframe, but with good durability.

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#10. DJI

DJI Drone With Camera for Photography

The DJI Phantom 3 is an advanced flying drone with camera that is engineered to precision. This drone is very easy to fly and with the available Automatic Flight Assistant, you can fly this drone with total independence and poise. The Phantom 3 can easily called back home with just the push of a button. You can view the HD video feed directly on your mobile device when the drone is in flight. With potent, responsive motors, you can quickly let the Phantom 3 fly onto the desired path of flight and control it with assurance using the purpose-built remote. In addition, the associated mobile app lets you take photos or videos with just a tap, acting like a remote camera controller. Furthermore, you get a whopping 25 minutes of flying time with the smart battery present within.

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#11. UDI RC

UDI RC Drone With Camera for Photography

This is yet another best drone with camera for the novice. It is straightaway ready to fly out of the box. Coming with a comfortable battery and easy-to-use remote, you can get started in a jiffy. Performing 360 degree flips & rolls, taking photos and capturing videos are all just a breeze with the push of a button. The camera is 640×480 pixels and can take photos and videos. The 4-CHANNEL functionality offers stable flying and easier operation. The battery provided is of high capacity and in tandem with the powerful motors you can have the drone fly much longer and more efficiently. Due to the design being modular, repairs can be easily done on the drone.

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If you are looking to get a drone-camera for your business or the passion of aerial photography/videography, choose from our list of multi-featured drones with camera. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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