Facebook has become a part of everyone’s life and its profile cover page is often conceived as the initial impressions of someone’s personality. Be a self-equipped designer to create ideal impressions demonstrating your personality, attitude, thoughts and feelings through Facebook cover photo maker apps for iPhone and Android phones.

Creativity has reached its new levels with so many Facebook cover photo creator apps. Simply, download an appropriate app and start using it for beautiful cover photos. These apps generally give you numerous landscape as well as photographic features which you can edit and use the way you want. Given are some of the best options for Facebook cover creator apps for iOS and Android devices.

Best Facebook Cover Creator Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Facebook Cover Photo Maker Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creator Apps for iOS

#1. Cover Canvas

Cover CanvasCover Canvas app for Facebook cover photo collage gives more than 100 templates which you can use to create beautiful cover photos. It is easy to use; simply select the template you like, personalize it and post it directly on Facebook or a Twitter profile. You can personalize photos ether directly taken from phone’s camera or from the photo gallery. There is an option to save your collages in the Drafts folder for you to pick up later on. To add on, you can add or edit text and the creators are adding new templates every week!

Download Cover Canvas on iOS

#2. Cover Photo Maker

Cover Photo MakerOne of the simplest configured apps, this Facebook cover creator app offers an exhaustive repository of inspirational quotes which can be used to create a cover photo which describes your personality. The available templates have different themes like family, travel and many more. We can also call it a Facebook timeline cover photo app since it lets you create a timeline for yourself. You can customize the background of the photo to any color, add stickers and banners, if you like. There are features like improving the picture resolution which makes the cover photo more appealing.

Download Cover Photo Maker on iOS

#3. VanillaPen

VanillaPenVanillaPen offers multiple features like creating cover photos for Facebook, designing a poster, making special notes for special occasions and many more. It has more than 200 templates of posters which can further be customized to easy and creative posters. With its custom tool, you can add a background, and even save your favorites for creating canvas like images. Some of its other features include more than 80 fonts in 6 different categories like bold, decorative & script. It also gives options to add badges, borders, icons, etc. which enhances the posters further.

Download VanillaPen on iOS

#4. Poster Creator

Poster CreatorPoster Creator app lets you create your unique poster in which you can add text and share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are numerous templates available supported by different stylish fonts which enables to you make your cover photo more stylish and appealing. You can add a suitable quote through its search option and customize the text. To make it fun for you, you can choose a sticker as well from the wide range of options given in the app itself.

Download Poster Creator on iOS

#5. Cover Photo Maker & Creator

Cover Photo Maker & CreatorCover Photo Maker & Creator by Pixel Sheep Studios has glass distortion effects which makes it highly rated amongst other Facebook cover creator apps. It also features theatrical light leaks, outstanding borders, texts and stunning filters which further enhances the look of your cover photo and makes it expressive enough to reflect your personality. You can use its text tools to add slogans & quotations as well as to add animation or opaqueness to the photos.

Download Cover Photo Maker & Creator on iOS

Now, let’s look at some of the amazing options for Android devices:

Best Facebook Cover Photo Creator Apps for Android

#6. Photo Editor

Photo EditorPhoto Editor app assist you in creating stylish images and displaying memories through various photo filters, stickers, banners, textures and what not. You can combine your cover photo with your profile image as well. There are mixed reviews from the end users about its current version 1.1. However, the developers aim at improvisation it further by working on its technical features as well as adding more options for templates.

Download Photo Editor on Android

#7. Cover Photo Creator

Cover Photo CreatorWith Facebook moving to creating timeline cover photos, the Cover Photo Creator app lets you take full control over your timeline photos. You can select your favorite template amongst the various options available and can design a compatible frame which matches your images. Your unfinished work gets automatically saved in the Drafts, for you to come back and complete it later. Although it is not that popular, however the users who have used it have shared encouraging reviews.

Download Cover Photo Creator on Android

#8. Cover Photo Maker & Designer

Cover Photo Maker & DesignerCover photo maker app for Android, it exposes you to the world of art collection. It is easy to use which allows you select the background whether a specific color or one of the available templates or your own discovery. You can adjust the size of the images as well as crop the content to an extent you like. There is an option to add stickers, striking effects, photo filters and many more to design the most stylish cover photo for your profile.

Download Cover Photo Maker & Designer on Android

#9. CoverPro

CoverPro design cover photoFacebook cover photo maker app, CoverPro designs your cover photo to enhance its look and add content to it. There are more than 40 filters including textures and templates which provides sufficient options to match your style. You can customize text and images and can also fill vibrant colors in the background. Easy to use, simply pick images from the phone gallery or click from your camera to start designing a beautiful cover.

Download CoverPro on Android

#10. Cover Maker

Cover MakerIf you wish to change your cover photo frequently, then Cover maker could just be the right app for you. You can adjust the size of the cover photo and use it on multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can use different effects, types of cover including auto, shape, text & online as well as creative font styles and background color which would complete your cover photo with all the effects.

Download Cover Maker on Android

Hope the given list has given you sufficient insight of the wide range apps available. However, in case you are looking for more, Facebook Timeline Covers by D33P is one of the newest apps in transition which converts 2D to 3D images which will be out soon!

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