Best Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Docks: Enjoy Uninterrupted Fitness Regimen

Fitbit Charge 2 has long battery life of approximately 5 days. A fitness freak would always love to track his/her fitness activities, and therefore, after every five days, Fitbit Charge 2 battery needs charging. Given your hectic lifestyle, an ordinary charging dock or stand would be a no for you. A Fitbit Charge 2 docking station is smart choice for discerning customers. This list of best Fitbit Charge 2 charging docks includes best charging stands.

Fitbit Charge 2 charging stands listed here are made by popular brands, and hence, you get the best solutions to charge your Fitbit Charge 2. Note that you can use Fitbit Charge 2 charging docks as your phone stand as well. Fitian and Xiemin Fitbit Charge 2 charging stands boast a unique feature of checking charging status of your Fitbit device. There is a small button on the silicone base of the charging docks; simply press the button to check the charging status.

Best Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Docks/Stands

Best Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Docks


XIEMIN Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

XIEMIN Fitbit Charge 2 charging dock perfectly defines a charging stand with its shape and features. The figure looks like a trophy or a statue that somebody receives at award ceremonies. Apart from its aesthetic elements, this charging dock ranks high on stability measure. Its silicone base firmly stands on a flat surface. You can easily keep this FitBit Charge 2 Docking Station at your office desk or may be on the night stand near your bed.

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#2. Bluelove

Bluelove Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

Take your Fitbit Charge 2 stand to places. Bluelove brings a versatile charging stand for your Fitbit Charge 2; its stronger design allows you to connect the stand with your car charger, wall charger, and USB. Bluelove charging dock can be used as a stand for your iPhone as well. The charging stand is so compact and convenient that it becomes an instant hit among travellers and business users.

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#3. Aresh

Aresh Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

Aresh brings a Bluelove lookalike for you. This FitBit Charge 2 Docking Station boasts similar features as you found in Bluelove’s. But price can swing the balance in consumers’ favour. Users need to be careful while placing their Fitbit Charge 2; if it is not placed properly, your tracker will not be charged.

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#4. Fitian

Fitian Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

There is barely any difference between FitBit Charge 2 Charging Docks made by Fitian and XIEMIN. The two products are available at the same price, but Fitian has an edge over XIEMIN as the former offers protection against the perils of over-current. Thanks to voltage regulator (PTC) that protects your Fitbit Charge 2 from being damaged by over-current.

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#5. BoxWave

BoxWave Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

There is nothing jazzy about BoxWave’s FitBit Charge 2 Stand, but its beauty lies in its simplicity and great functionality. The designer must have derived inspiration from a shoeshine stand; you just enlarge the image and you will get the idea. In addition to charge your Fitbit Charge 2, this charging stand supports high speed USB 2.0 data transfers.

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#6. GOOQ

GOOQ Fitbit Charge 2 Charging Stand

GOOQ’s FitBit Charge 2 Stand is a decorative piece that can embellish your work station at home or office. The product is the best give you can give it to someone you love. This charging dock offers two charging ports, so that you can choose any one side to put your fitness tracker. Place it firmly on a flat surface and the silicone anti-slip base will ensure that your Fitbit Charge 2 is secure.

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