Gone are the days of basic workout techniques. With the rapid evolution of technology, the health and fitness industry has been seeing an infinite stream of tech gadgets launched every year to assist in keeping us healthy and fit. If you are one of those regular gym-goers, you may be familiar with many health and fitness apps for your smartphones, which monitor your vital signs and workouts. But, off-late, there are plenty of advanced and; innovative gadgets that work in tandem with your smartphones. The main motive behind designing these devices is to help you stay in track with your health and fitness regimen.

The new breed of modern fitness devices let you know how well you do your regular physical exercise and achieve your fitness goals. There are different types of gadgets with diverse features and functionalities like for instance, there are devices to monitor your food intake, correct your posture, monitor your heart rate, track your activity and much more.

All these gadgets give you that additional motivation required to push you to follow your routine. To have an enhanced experience of physical exercise you need to unite these gadgets with your fitness routine. Here are some intelligent and cool health and fitness gadgets that drive you to the best of your potential.

Best Fitness Gadgets for 2017

1) iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter

iSpO2 Pulse Oximeter


This is an oximeter device that tracks and trends your pulse rate, perfusion index and blood oxygenation levels when plugged into your iOS device. It is one of the best devices for athletes and sports team, especially comes in handy while they travel for playing. Though the name of the gadget may seem like a medical device, it is more of a tool ideal for aviation tracking and people in sports. As a sports person you can export the data and keep in your history for yourself or your trainer’s future reference.

Price: $249.00
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2) Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Lumo Lift Posture Coach

Will you be surprised to know if there is a device to right your posture? Yes there is. Lumo Lift Posture Coach is a small yet effective device that pushes you to correct your posture and stand up straight. It determines your body’s stance and the moment you begin to slouch, the device vibrates and insists you to alter your posture. You can embrace the Lumo Lift to your collar, bra strap or undershirt. It comes in different colors.

Price : $99.99 [$79.99 while writing this on Amazon.com]
Purchase it from Amazon.com

3) Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

Smart Weigh Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

If you wish to upgrade to an advanced weighing scale from a standard scale, then Smart Weigh Digital Scale is the right device for you. This is an advanced weighing device featuring latest technology to provide you vital information about your body. It helps in knowing your body’s muscle, mass, bone mass, body water and body fat. These important details about your body can help you take the necessary steps towards keeping up your health and staying fit. This digital scale and body analyzer is designed contemporarily and consists of a durable tempered glass with a reflective outer surface. It comes with a whole lot of advanced features and can recognize up to 8 users with the help of BIA technology.

Price: $99.99 [$31.99 while writing this on Amazon.com]
Shop it from Amazon.com

4) Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse The Brain Sensing Headband

The Muse is an innovative device crafted to calm your mind. This brain sensing headband features a series of soothing exercises that calm your mind in just a few minutes. But, what makes it special is that the effects of what you get in a few minutes can be on par with the effects of a 20 to 30-minute yoga session. The device’s primary motive is to train your breathing by syncing with the app. It comes in handy as you get to unwind from anywhere, whether you are at one place or travelling.

Price: $299.00 [$257.99 while writing this on Amazon.com]
Order Online from Amazon.com

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5) Mark One Pryme Vessyl

Mark One Pryme Vessyl

Pryme Vessyl is an experimental device that monitors your hydration. According to the makers, an optimal hydration leads to more energy, mental balance and physical endurance. The smart cup syncs with the Pryme app to provide real-time customized notifications and insights. It can hold both cold and hot beverages. It is made with all premium and durable materials. This is an experimental smart cup for people who are keen on measuring your hydration levels now and then.

Price: $99.00
Buy it from Amazon.com

6) Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports and Fitness

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports and Fitness

For all the fitness junkies out there, here is a smart eyewear that projects an array of statistics on a live display. The Recon Jet Smart Eyewear displays information such as duration, pace, location and all the fitness data that you have stored in your smartphone. The primary advantage of this smart piece of device is that you don’t have to cut your run to know all the information. It also alerts you with text messages and social media updates.

Price: $499.00
Shop it from Amazon.com

7) HAPI SmartFork


HAPI SmartFork helps you eat slowly, if you are guilty of eating your meal way too fast. This is a smart gadget that tracks the duration you take to have your meal. It does that by counting the amount of “fork servings” and the intervals between “fork servings”. If you are stuffing a dish in your mouth too quickly with this smart fork, it will vibrate and let you know that you have to slow down. This device helps in a way to avoid the weight gain problems and digestive issues. It can be wirelessly connected to your smart devices.

Price:  $99.99 [$79.82 while writing this on Amazon.com]
Purchase it from Amazon.com

8) HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

HappyLight Liberty 10,000 LUX Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp is a portable light therapy device that you can use at home, office and other places. It lets out balanced, natural spectrum daylight to improve your focus, mood, productivity and energy. This spectrum daylight can be customized. This modern device will help you the most during winters.

Price: $99.95
Shop it from Amazon.com

9) WiTouch Wireless TENS OTC Green

WiTouch Wireless TENS OTC Green

If you want a drug-free treatment for your back pains, then WiTouch Wireless Back Massager is the device for you. This smart gadget is designed to cure and relief your back pains when you are active. You can use this massager while performing any activity at anytime and at any place. It is a thin and lightweight device with advanced technology for maximizing the treatment and effect. You can wear it discreetly under your clothes. You can fasten this device with the gel pads to your back and let the device do the rest. It is a hassle-free device that can provide effective treatment.

Price: $149.99 [$69.00 while writing this on Amazon.com]
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10) RooSport Magnetic Pocket

RooSport Magnetic Pocket

If you are having trouble with the small pockets of your jogging pants, RooSport Magnetic Pocket is a solution for you. It attaches to your clothes with a magnetic clip inside which you can keep your keys, protein bars and phone. It does not bounce as it rides inside your waistband. Additionally, with the help of the clip it holds firmly and hence you don’t need a belt to hold the pocket.

Price: $26.99
Buy it from Amazon.com

11) VERT Wearable Jump Monitor

VERT Wearable Jump Monitor

You would have come across plethora of wearable gadgets that track your running, but here is an interesting tracker made to monitor how high you jump. Vert Jump monitor uses gyrometers and accelerometers to gauge the total acceleration of your body through intense or surge events, especially jumping. It uses your body dynamics and the rate of change of acceleration to track if you are performing optimally. It relays results in real-time that syncs with the app for analysis. This tracker is primarily targeted and tuned for athletes.

Price: $124.99
Purchase it from Amazon.com

12) Quell – Wearable Pain Relief

Quell - Wearable Pain Relief

Are you one among those millions of people living with chronic pain? Quell is a device designed to help you manage your chronic pain. You can wear this device by wrapping it to your legs with a disposable electrode. Quell uses natural pain relievers by electrical stimulation to diminish the chronic pain. You just have to attune and calibrate this device once to your physiology, and it works automatically. The Quell is not targeted at any specific audience, rather at all the people suffering from general chronic pain.

Price: $249.00
Order it from Amazon.com

13) GymWatch Sensor

GymWatch Sensor

GymWatch is a fitness tracker and a wearable device designed to accurately measure the complete range of motion and strength used in every exercise that you carry out in the gym. You can strap this device to your arms or legs to track your movement. This smart sensor determines the performance of your exercise in terms of form and function and displays the report to its supportive app for observation.  Recently the GymWatch announced its integration with Apple Watch app.

Price: $149.00
Shop it from Amazon.com

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