You got the best fitness gadgets for you to stay in shape. Now is the time to get the best fitness tracker to check your fitness activities. For your health and fitness, we have sourced some of the best fitness trackers for you. If you wonder what these fitness bands do, let me tell you that it does a simple job of tracking or monitoring your fitness activities like running, walking, swimming and more.

This list also includes the best wearable fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. Note that the products listed here incorporate fitness tracker for kids, fitness tracker for women, waterproof fitness tracker, fitness tracker watch etc.

Moreover, we have also compiled fitness tracker compatible with iPhone and fitness tracker compatible with Android smartphones. To pair your tracker with your smartphone, the list also contains Bluetooth fitness tracker. If you buy the best fitness tracker with GPS, you can get more out of your fitness schedule.

Best Fitness Trackers 2017

Best Fitness Trackers of 2017

1. Fitbit Charge 2

fitbit charge 2

Like your smartphones, your fitness trackers should also boast a robust battery. Providing you the best solution in tracking your fitness, Fitbit has introduced Fitbit Charge 2. If you wonder what is so special about this fitness tracker, let me tell you that it has got a strong battery life.

You can use this best fitness tracker for five consecutive days, and its battery will not drain. Second glaring feature of this product is that it is among the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

During your workout sessions, this tracker keeps watch on your heart rate, which is an important feature to measure your fitness. Moreover, Fitbit Charge 2 boasts features like multisport tracking & connected GPS, call, text & calendar alerts, guided breathing sessions, reminders to move etc. If you are fascinated by this product, you can buy it and then personalize it with your Fitbit Charge 2 bands!

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2. Teslasz

Teslasz Bluetooth Fitness Activity Trackers

Wear Teslasz on your wrist and use its VeryFit 2.0 app on your iOS or Android phone. This super fitness tracker watch helps you measure distance in your daily fitness activity – either you walk or run. Supported by Bluetooth 4.0, this fitness tracker also manages your calorie consumption.

Keep a check on your diet by calculating consumption of calorie and recording the daily burned calorie. Apart from tracking fitness activities, this smart device can check the calls without pulling out your smartphone. This smart tracker is packed with time clock, pedometer, calories counter, distance counter, sleep monitor, alarm alert and call reminder.

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3. Garmin

Garmin Fitness Activity Trackring Band

Garmin fitness tracker brings an innovative move bar that inspires you to do some activity. This Move Bar actually shows a red bar that motivates you to do some physical activity if you have been idle for more than an hour.

You can wear this best wearable fitness tracker all day, all week as it is stylish, comfortable and water resistant. Long battery life is another good feature as you can use this band for a year with a single battery.

Its amazing display gives you stress-free viewing angles. The Vivofit smart technology intelligently learns your activities and gives you personalized goals every morning.

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4. Fitbit

Fitbit Fitness Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit presents one of the top fitness trackers that continuously measures your wrist-based heart rate. This obviously measures your calorie burning activity in a better way. Use its simple heart rate zones and adjust your workout sessions at home, gym or outdoor.

Moreover, its OLED display shows calls, texts and calendar notifications. Sound sleep is also an integral part of your fitness, and therefore, Fitbit has a silent vibrating alarm to measure how long and how well you sleep and wake. Keep an eye on Fitbit’s Cardio Fitness Score to have a better understanding of your fitness program.

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5. Vcall

Vcall Fitness Activity GPS Tracker

Vcall can be included in the best fitness tracker 2017. This fitness tracker enables you to pair two devices on Zeroner, which makes the pairing hassle-free. This device measures steps taken by you, track walking distance, consumption of calorie and sleep quality every day.

When you receive any notification on the connected iPhone or Android smartphone, Vcall gently sends a reminder with a vibration. This ensures that you don’t miss any call while you are following your fitness activity.

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6. Jawbone

Jawbone Fitness Activity Tracker

This is the best fitness tracker for women as it looks like a silver bracelet; it is a lightweight fitness tracker from Jawbone. Available in five different colours, Jawbone’s tracker measures you physical activities with personalized guidance from Smart Coach. You can pair this device wirelessly with your iPhone or Android phone; its long-lasting battery life gives you 10-day long service.

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7. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta GPS Fitness Activity Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit Alta is made to gel well with your personal style. This means you can customize this most accurate fitness tracker according to your lifestyle. All day, this tracker keeps you motivated by tracking steps, distance, calories burned and your active minutes. Moreover, you will get credit for your fitness activities with its Smart Track automatic exercise recognition technology.

During night, this device can track your sleep; you can set an alarm to wake you up. Wherever you go, you can read your goals on its OLED screen with essential statistics, time and call or text notifications. Once you buy this tracker, you can personalize it with the best Fitbit Alta bands.

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8. Polar

Polar Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

This is the best health tracker for people who worship indolence in their life. Its advanced technology sends you vibrating inactivity alerts to get up and go. This waterproof fitness tracker measures your sleep time automatically; also measures the quality of sleep and your sleep patterns.

The device is compatible with H7 heart rate sensor for uninterrupted and precise heart rate monitoring. You can customize this tracking device with different wrist bands available in yellow, pink, white, and black.

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9. BlueWeigh

BlueWeigh Bluetooth Fitness Activity Tracker for Swimming and Yoga

BlueWeigh Bluetooth 4.0 fitness tracker watch measures your workout, active minutes and steps. One of the glaring features of this device is anti-lost alert; this feature alerts you when you are out of Bluetooth range.

Moreover, its Find Phone feature lets you spot your mobile phone within Bluetooth range. Users can set time and date from the connected phone; moreover, you can also adjust alarm clock, inactivity reminder etc. Get statistics wirelessly on your iPhone or Android smartphones. Its OLED display consumes low battery, and therefore, you can use this device for long time.

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10. Toprime

Toprime Waterproof Fitness Activity Tracker

You can continue your fitness activity even if you are sweating or walking in the rain. Toprime uses IP65 TPU waterproof material; therefore, you don’t have to worry about washing hands or doing household chores.

This best wearable fitness tracker is compatible with your Android 4.4 or above and iOS 7.0 and later versions; connect your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or above technology. Note that you need to use an app Zeroner Health from App Store or Google Play Store. Toprime boasts maximum wearable length of 7.6 inches; you can adjust this device on your wrist accordingly.

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11. Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Activity Tracker

One of the top fitness trackers, Samsung Gear Fit presents a 24/7 wearable tracker. It remains ON always and keeps tracking your activities all day. You can take this device to anywhere; if you are adventurous by nature, Samsung Gear Fit can be your companion on rough terrains laced with dust and water.

Samsung Gear Fit offers you a very simple interaction to control your basic functions like reject calls with messages, quick reply to messages and control your alarms.

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