Selecting fonts is a designer’s biggest dilemma. With repertoire of options, selection of the right fonts is the biggest challenge designers face every day. But why should designers exert their brains over the selection of those shapes, which sometimes hardly convey any message?

Well, fonts do communicate a marketing message to potential target group. For every creative communication, fonts play a vital role in delivering the right message to the right kind of audience. And a smart designer knows the value of those shapes, which might look demure to some unappreciative eyes.

With the proliferation of web media, people have started expressing their thoughts and emotions through a flourishing medium – blog.

Design comes in picture here; since most of the blogs are operated by writers, a need of a practical guide on how to select the best fonts for blogs or websites arises.

Not all writers are designers; they may not think visually. For such writers, copywriters, bloggers and all…this infographic serves a good solution.

After going through this infographic, you should be able to pick up the perfect fonts for the headlines and body content of your blog or for your website, you can easily decide what fonts to use for creating header and footer.

Select Best Fonts for Blog, Website, and Print

How to Choose Perfect Fonts For Blog Post and Website

Best Fonts for Blog, Website, and Print


  1. This is a great guide. Very useful. I do ok at putting the words on the page.. The design and look of the page is still a work in progress. This will be very helpful.. Thanks 🙂


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