Best Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Cases: Protect Your Note 8 with Style and Strength

Wallet cases have always been my personal favourite. I have always preferred this protective case for all my smartphones, including the latest Note 8. With wallet case, users enjoy full protection, style, and utility. Since wallet cases are made either or of genuine leather or of robust materials, they provide the best protective cover. Leather creates style; and the slots on the wallet case offer utility to store credit/debit cards, and currency. For your Note 8, you can buy the best Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases.

The list of best wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes products made of known brands, including Samsung itself, which manufactures high quality accessories for its own line of devices. Spigen and VRSDESIGN are other two popular names, especially for cases and covers. You will get the best products from this list of wallet cases for Galaxy Note 8. Now check this collection of card holder cases for Galaxy Note 8.

Best Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Cases

#1. Samsung LED VIEW CASE

Samsung LED VIEW CASE for Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has made truly a revolutionary wallet case for its Note 8. Without opening the cover, you can view/receive LED notifications. You don’t need to open the case to check alarms, incoming calls, incoming and unread messages, battery status, and music control; you can take instant action on incoming calls and alarms by swiping. Moreover, if you designate specific LED caller ID icons, you will get to know who is calling you.

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#2. Spigen

Spigen is a leading brand of Best Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Cases and other smartphone accessories. This is one of the best Galaxy Note 8 Card Holder Cases. Two features of this case are noteworthy: foldable cover and kickstand. In the foldable cover, you can easily keep three credit/debit cards; and below this pocket, there is room for currency notes. However, if you have setup Samsung Pay on your Note 8, you don’t need to carry currency notes. The kickstand allows you to watch videos and movies comfortably on the larger screen of Note 8.

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#3. Spigen Slim Armor

If your traditional wallet case creates extra bulk in your pockets, you can check this Spigen slim armor wallet case. This wallet case is equipped with a sliding compartment, which can store two credit/debit cards inside. One of the biggest advantages of this slim armor wallet case is that it doesn’t add bulk or weight to your pockets, and hence, you can keep your Note 8 in your pockets. Moreover, the wallet case is compatible with Spigen’s NeoFlex screen protectors.

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VRSDESIGN has achieved great expertise in crafting wallet cases for smartphones. This is one of the best Galaxy Note 8 wallet cases from VRSDESIGN’s Layered Dandy series. Its subtle elegance is hard to notice, but a discerning customer like you will surely check carefully designed wallet case. The brand has taken great care in crafting slots and pockets, so that you can easily carry your cards and cash. Thanks to its premium PU leather finish and detailed stitching, the case looks immensely stylish.

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#5. Snugg

This leather flip case from Snugg is a perfect partner of your Galaxy Note 8. The shape, colour and design of this wallet case will capture attention of top executives, who want to protect their Note 8 from everyday damage. Moreover, its slim and lightweight design allows you to hold your Note 8 all day. Its perfectly cut out openings give you access to essential controls and ports on Note 8. You can easily convert this wallet case into a kickstand to watch your favourite movies, videos, slideshows, or pictures.

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#6. Maxboost

Maxboost Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Case

Enjoy protection and style in Maxboost’s best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Cases. Check the premium PU leather case that boasts multiple colour options and protection from all sides and corners. Firmly sticking to the definition of multi-functional, this case is the best choice for on-the-go use; so if you have to travel extensively, you can keep your Note 8 protected inside this wallet case that has 3 card slots, a side pocket for money and extra cards. Don’t miss its magnetic lock design.

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#7. Ringke

Ringke Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Case

Ringke has crafted this wallet case from hard PC material to protect your Galaxy Note 8. Though the case is made robust to secure the phone, it flaunts a slim profile. Moreover, Ringke has successfully included other features like card slots into this slim case. You can store two cards of ID in the slots; the premium polycarbonate coverage ensures your Note 8 is secure always. Forget those scratches and nicks on surface as the case is highly durable edge-to-edge.

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#8. Tauri

Tauri is one of the most stylish wallet cases for Galaxy Note 8. This wallet case has a wonderful, dynamic outlook and gives out uncompromising details. Made from premium leather, this wallet case pampers your fingers with soft touch. Use its built-in card pockets and sleeve to keep your ID, cash, and credit/debit cards. Its kickstand support gives you convenience while you are watching videos, reading books, or engaged in FaceTime calls. Though the case has smooth leather finish, it surely prevents damage from dust, dirt and scratches.

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#9. Poetic

Poetic Galaxy Note 8 Wallet Case

Give your Note 8 a poetic expression by this wallet case made by Poetic. One of the glaring features of this wallet case is its pull-tab at the back of the case. You can easily insert your credit card there and use that pull-tab to bring the card out. With its slim design, you can easily carry your phablet in your bags or pockets. Note that you are supposed to store cards behind the pull-tab for proper use of this feature.

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