Galaxy S8 is your prized possession, and you would go extra mile to protect its awesomeness. Before you think of any other accessories to protect your S8 smartphone, you must think of waterproof cases for Galaxy S8. Why waterproof cases? Well, a waterproof case plays multiple role; it not only protects your phone from water but also from other hazards like drops, shocks, and bumps. Some waterproof cases are snowproof also, and therefore, you can use them during winter. Here, we have listed the best Galaxy S8 waterproof cases for you.

The waterproof cases allow you to indulge in all your adventurous activities. These cases are exclusively made for users who have itchy feet. During your excursion, you may wander anywhere with sheer disregard for vagaries of climate. Before bad weather takes its toll on your brand new phone, you should buy the best waterproof covers for Galaxy S8.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Best Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases – Quick Links
JAITY Meritcase
Lifeproof Bolkin
UBeesize Spigen

JAITY Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Take your Galaxy S8 covered with Jaity’s waterproof case, dive 19 feet deep into a pool or a river and come out with your drenched body – not your Galaxy S8. Jaity brings perfect waterproof cases for Galaxy S8. You can easily access all features like Touch ID, speaker, buttons, sensors, and cameras while the phone is nicely guarded inside the waterproof case. Thanks to its IP68 standard, Jaity’s case protects your phone from every peril that water can cause. This makes the case popular among users, who regularly go to swimming at pool or ocean.

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#2. LifeProof

Lifeproof Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Whether you are on earth, water, or ice, LifeProof is with you to protect your Galaxy S8 phone. The brand knows you don’t like to sit idle, especially when there are barriers to break. When you plan to do something exciting, LifeProof is by your side. It is your constant companion to help you endure water, earth, and ice. It is waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and dropproof. While protecting your smart Galaxy S8, it allows you to access essential features of your device.

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#3. UBeesize

UBeesize Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

UBeesize believes in going the extra mile to convince Galaxy S8 users in buying this nicely crafted waterproof case. But what did UBeesize do? Well, they tested the case for at least 1000 times to check its strength to resist water. The IP68 certified waterproof case can sit under water for 30 long minutes; go down 19 feet under water with your Galaxy S8 and you can be rest assured that your phone will not be damaged by water. Even when you are under water, you won’t stop admiring your phone’s real beauty that gushed out of the transparent front and back of this case.

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#4. Temdan

Temdan Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Probably for the first time a brand has produced impeccable waterproof cases for Galaxy S8. So what is so impeccable about these Temdan Galaxy S8 waterproof cases? This case is equipped with four useful accessories viz. wrist strap, kick stand, headphone jack adapter, and floating strap. Of all the four accessories, I particularly like floating strap. For a waterproof case, a floating strap is the most reliable friend. While you are under water, there are all chances that your smartphone sinks in the water. To prevent such accident, a floating strip is must.

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#5. Meritcase

meritcase Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Swim, surf or dive while keeping your dear Galaxy S8 with you. Meritcase brings meritorious waterproof cases for Galaxy S8 with excellent features. You can dive deep into 33 feet and stay there for two hours with your Galaxy S8 device. It comes with a unique screen protector that protects your phone’s screen from scratches without sacrificing the sensitivity and clarity. The case is designed to give you the most amount of screen.

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#6. Bolkin

Bolkin Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Your passion for photography takes you places – sometimes above the water and sometimes under the water. To capture aqua life on your Galaxy S8 phone, you need the best Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof cases. Bolkin brings a perfect waterproof case for Galaxy S8 to take photos underwater. Now you can click beautiful photos of marine splendour on Samsung Galaxy S8 covered in Bolkin waterproof case. This shockproof and dustproof case can protect your phone against shocks and dust. It comes with a superior quality screen protector, which is touch sensitive.

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#7. Spigen

Spigen Galaxy S8 Waterproof Cases

Spigen is arguably the best brand in smartphone accessories. This is not just a case but a pouch, a dry bag for smartphones up to 6 inches in length. This means you can easily slip your Galaxy S8 into this pouch and stay worry-free while having fun 25 meter underwater. The waterproof case offers extra grip with its adjustable lanyard, which can extend up to 22 inches. Like Temdan’s waterproof case, Spigen’s too stops your phone from sinking. Put the lanyard around your wrist and you can swim like a fish.

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Waterproof cases are need of the hours. Though the cases don’t let you make or receive calls, they can surely help you protect your phone from water, splashes or rain drops.

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